The power of the start

Never again in the shadows of my dream,
Never again with the wishing wand,
Never again with lamps and jinnis
I pack them all to the garage
I treat them as ??a clunker.
Stepping out into the light of day,
Fought through the night, breaking forth the raging and stormy waters,
I sail my own boat with help from above,
I sail it to the calmness of the day.
Let the shores taste your salt once more,
Let babies come forth,
Let the dreams grow flesh,
Let the flesh inhale and exhale,
I Want to walk on the waters but I see no paths, I look up to the sun and there my path lies.
I see no steps but I take them anyway,
I see no ladder but I climb anyway,
I see no reason but I believe anyway,
Meleé is now being aborted,
the falconer will now hear the falconess,
the bride will walk down the isle,
Its time to reach beyond my reach,
I looked, I shut the fear door,
I embraced faith,
I take a leap

Gbenga Fisher


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