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Lanre writes on the person of Dele Momodu

Bashorun Dele Momodu

On the 2nd day of March, 2012 in twitterville was a happy birthday trend following whitney’s death and davido’s sex scandal. This was a day that clicked “70 years old” for Pastor E. A Adeboye. A day he will live to remember as it bestowed gifts, praises and people’s blessings on him from over the world. On that day, an interesting story that revealed his personality and the fabulous life of daddy G.O was succinctly naratted by Dele Momodu.

The Ovation magazine’s chief who was a gypsy on a luxurious sea cruise with Pastor Adeboye and over other hundred travellers from Florida to Mexico, Cayman Islands and Jamaica – Who says men of God shouldn’t have La vida? Shared this story with humour, in his own words.

“My best moment was when I sailed on a luxury ship with daddy G.O from Florida to Mexico, Cayman Islands and Jamaica. Let me share a joke while at sea with Pastor Adeboye, we ate dinner with the man of God every evening.There were over hundred of us. The dinner was usually accompanied by the best of white and red wines, but members of the congregation couldn’t touch the wine because of G.O.

I was not ready to pretend to Pastor Adeboye that I don’t drink wines. Every evening, I drank a few glasses of red wine in his presence” He even went on to jocularly tell the aftermath, when he received a call from mummy G.O someday after the sea trip

“My heart was racing as I walked in to see mummy G.O that morning”

Laughs, why is He scared? He also said his friend “Afikuyomi” wished him well as he was going to meet her. “In those few seconds before she started speaking, I kept wondering why mummy G.O would invite me, thinking she wanted to talk to me about wine” Even though they discussed other things, it is logical to deduce the underlying personality trait of this media mogul and active statesman from the story. No wonder, Bashorun is doing great as a man of multiple professions, his ability to beat pretense before Pastor Adeboye showed him as “a man who is true to himself, one of integrity”

As simple as the live-drama seems, it happens to be a great one considering the height of pretense in our society. Pretense is a common trait in humans, we all are guilty of it at least for once in a lifetime, moreover, we should note that pretenders are people of low self esteem, and bad team players full of insincerity. They are people who prematurely get rid of sincerity as a virtue like teens imcompetently losing their virginities. This therefore makes for a lesson to learn from a man who is succeeding. Provided he his consistent with his ideals, he clearly wouldn’t pretend before OBJ or GEJ.

I think in this race for the next Nigeria’s leaders, Goodluck isn’t a determinant nor leaving our fates to time without conscious acts all in the name of patience. Men of integrity are highly needed, those who would have mastered the art of being true to themselves. This piece is to me, a posy in my hands been offered to Bashorun for his bravery to beat pretence. Call it an accolade for his morals!

@lanrebraveheart Lanrewaju Elufisan

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