Government clamps down on protesters when such protests are about the people and support those that are pro-government.

National Security Adviser Azazi

In January, the nation was rocked with widespread protests that resonated across the country. It was as a result of removal of fuel subsidy by the Goodluck Jonathan administration. The protests anchored under OCCUPYNIGERIA claimed more than twenty lives as reported by the mass media. The protests were unprecedented in the annals of Nigeria since it was led by young Nigerians with support from Labour Unions and other civil society groups. GANI FAWEHIMI PARK at OJOTA became a rallying point for thousands of protesters as it was with other major Nigerian cities.

The protest was a huge surprise and embarrassment to the presidency and the entire security establishment. Three months later, another protest is brewing, as a result of the findings and recommendations of FAROUK LAWAN fuel subsidy probe which revealed unrivalled and unparalleled scam by Nigerian government establishments and supervising ministries in collusion with oil marketers to the tune of over 1.7trillion naira. Since the release of the report, civil society groups and youth groups have started planning OCCUPYNIGRIA II and the security establishment are not taking the protest threat lying low.

A few days ago, the Office of the National Security Adviser sent a memo to all heads of security establishments advising them to ensure all forms of protests by any group of people are not held and to use all appropriate and necessary means to curtail any “fuel subsidy report” protests. This measure according to a security insider is premised on the theory that BOKO HARAM used the OCCUPYNIGERIA Banner to coordinate and plan attacks in KANO and other states immediately after NLC called off strike in January. So the NSA, in its “wisdom” does not want any such protest to repeat itself in order not to give the BOKO HARAM sect a shade to plan their evil acts.

This may have suggested the recent clamp down on some civil society activists and the deployment of security agents to GANI FAWEHIMI PARK.
At times we wonder whether this government is not sponsoring BOKO HARAM to hide under the franchise to commit acts of human right violations against the Nigerian people. Acts of injustice has been done against the Nigerian citizens especially with the revelations of Hon. Farouk Lawan fuel subsidy probe report. And since the government has a terrible record in reports implementation the citizens have now resolved to ensure that the government implements the report to its logical conclusion via the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC and suddenly the government of President Jonathan is jittery and in panic mode, with security meetings being held on how to CRUSH protesters under the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY. Such actions must be resisted by all patriotic and law abiding Nigerians.

PS: Meanwhile, a group of hired protesters marched against the Farouk Lawan report today with the full protection of the police and members of the SSS. If they were marching to support the findings of the report, they would be been dispersed and attacked by the same folks who protected the paid protesters mentioned above.

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