MY PRECIOUS GATES – THE IBORIGATE SAGA #SuperBloggers by @gbengaosowe

My Precious Gates- The Iborigate Saga








It does not matter if our citizens have no food

Nor does it matter that there is no healthcare

About lack of quality education, I do not care

I have my most treasured possession-golden gates


Should the people get angry and dangerous?

Or violent, destructive and riotous?

They can never come near me, I dare say

My gates of gold will keep them at bay.


As for those who criticize and malign me,

In newspapers and electronic media they say things about me

But come begging to share of the goodies

Their days of entrance at my gates shall soon cease.


But sir, what if they decide to probe you?

Or send their agents to investigate you?

Nothing will come out of that my dear friend.

I have my iron gates to secure me

My golden gate sure does a lot of things for me

It keeps out thieves and blood sucking human leeches,

Behind the gates my loots are secure in my castle

Oh my golden gates, precious and treasured golden gates.


And what about these horrible stories I hear,

This false news going about everywhere

Go and let them know I am going no where

Behind my golden gates I know no fear


On my side are men of timber and calibre

Men who can testify to my good character,

People who will let the world know I meant no harm

The money I “took” I used in building gates


Gates are in the stadia, gates on highways

In my houses in DUBAI, ABUJA and even LONDON there are gates

My dear friend JOHN will gladly say this in my defense

So that no evil might come across my gates


Alas! It has just happened

Damning evidence, did I just hear you say?

But with the right pay, can’t we have our way?

Gladly will I give them whatever they ask, all in order not to leave these gates!


Dear Chief Jimmy, this honourable court finds you guilty

Of wanton looting, large scale theft and money laundering

Nothing you say can save your face

A place is prepared for you behind OUR own GATES, our precious IRON BARS.


A poem based on imaginary reminiscence of one-upon-a-time Governor (The Sheikh)


Lagos, Nigeria

@gbengaosowe on twitter.

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