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Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,South-West Nigeria.
My road trip with my wife of forty (40) years and three of our six grandchildren was finally over. I looked over at my wife in the passenger seat as she slept and snored lightly. In the back seat of our SUV were the grandchildren, all asleep. I smiled at myself and thought what a lucky man I am. As I was smiling, it dawned that I am not as lucky as my grandchildren. They are a part of this huge family and of course they are lucky to have been born at a time like this.
I changed the function of the sound system of the SUV from CD to radio and a classic song from Tuface, a member of the defunct Plantation Boiz and the first Nigerian to win a Grammy came on. My grandchildren call it old folks music. It is better than what they listen to today.
The song is cut short when an announcement from the Power Holding Corporation of Nigeria (PHCN) is read out by the radio presenter. It is to alert the residents of Lagos State of a 30 minute power outage tomorrow morning between 8am and 8:30am due to maintenance work. When I was growing up, having uninterrupted power supply for 6 hours was a miracle but just last month, Nigeria celebrated 3 years of uninterrupted power supply.
The siren of the police van behind startled me back to life. I remember years back, when Twitter was the social network to be on, my followers will tweet so many jokes at the Nigerian Police. These days,everyone is full of compliment for them. They recently solved the murder of an ordinary man who did not have money nor power. They are indeed our best friend.
One of my grandchildren woke up and told me he had to use the toilet. I asked him if he could wait for another five (5) minutes before we get to the nearest petrol station. He nodded his head. Crude oil our major source of income before our economy diversified and agriculture was encouraged. Even though we still make money from it, the economy of the nation is no longer solely dependent on the proceeds from the export of crude oil. Agriculture, according to the statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics contributed about 30% to our GDP. We have finally succeeded in eliminating the influence of the cabal on the price of petrol has we now have 6 world class refineries in the country and the price of petroleum products dropped drastically in the last 10 years.
We got to the petrol station, the attendant is an Hausa man. Seeing him reminded me of the menace of Boko Haram which we had to put up with for a while before God intervened. Today we no longer hear of bomb blast in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Peace and calm has been restored. I took my grandchild to use the toilet.
When I got back, my wife was awake. She got out of the car to stretch her legs. She asked me if I have used my medications. Oh my God! She worries so much. She is worse than my late mother. I had a heart bypass some few years back and I have been on medications since then. The whole operation was performed here in Nigeria by Nigerians. There was no complication during or after the operation. I used my medications just to get my wife to relax. I love her so much. She still looks as cute as she did when we met.
We got into the car and as I continued driving, I realized that Nigeria had come a long way and the only way we can is to move forward. Our economy which is one of the top ten in the world will keep growing. Our future is bright.
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