A Paid Public Announcement

On 12th February, 2012 at about 4pm. I, Adigun Abraham Tope drove a Cherokee Jeep coming from Surulere heading towards Berger. On getting to 7’up around Toll gate – Lagos-Ibadan express way. Unfortunately, I got an Ambulance scratched when we were both dodging a trailer carrying a bent container. From that spot, myself and the driver who drove the Ambulance both agreed to meet with his boss (who stays in Ojodu estate) since it was a minor scratch, so as to get the issue resolved. 

On our way going, we stop at Berger and the driver of the Ambulance had a conversation with me when a lady got an idea of what happened. This lady joined me to plead with the boss of the Ambulance driver when we got to his house at Ojodu estate. One of this lady’s multifarious actions was her effort in getting an elder in the same estate to join the “cop a plea or entreaties”. And the boss of the Ambulance driver, myself and the elder in the estate agreed to get the issue resolved the second day while the Jeep remain with him.

To my surprised, this same lady in conjunction with a Major arranged some policemen after which I was called by the lady to meet them at Ojodu and making an allegation that a sum of Two hundred and fifty thousand naira was placed in the car in lieu of nothing. As this is not an excuse for me to stand akimbo and be used by some scandalmongers, sidewalker superintendents and busybodies to malevolently, traitorously and roguishly build something on nothing so as to achieve their dubious aim. 

Sad enough, my attention was called to once published article which I am very sure was instigated by either the Major or the Lady using my name as the begetter or architect of such crap and excrement. I felt I should make it known that such propaganda was and is baseless, barren of facts and has no iota of truth. Pa Yemi Odubela does NOT at anytime appeared in that falsely painted picture. 

I am using this medium to apologize to Pa Yemi Odubela whose image is of high pedigree and an embodiment of discipline to please discard such flimsy rumours.  

Thanks sir.

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