The report is out, the ball is now in our court

Fellow Nigerians,

You already know about the biggest heist in our corruption ridden history. The fuel subsidy probe (download report here >>>  FINAL SUBSIDY REPORT.  if you don’t have it yet) has revealed our worst fears. A privileged group of people simply looted about half of all the money Nigeria made as a country last year. I will not go into the details of how they did it because that was the reason I ensured we all got the report and I am excited by the sheer number of people who did.

Now let me address an age-long sickness amongst us Nigerians. Our lootocrats loot us dry and we accept our so called fate and say things like “we kuku know nothing will come out of it” and then we move on. This is not one of those we’d move on with. This is the time to decide whether you want your country on the path of development or you just do not care. Imagine what N2 trillion could do. It will fix our major Universities and raise the standard of education. It will feed all the children dying of hunger and leave them hale and hearty. N2 trillion if made available to some dying mothers last year would have prevented us from having to see them buried below the ground this year. 

There is just no infrastructural problem we have in this country today that that money cannot solve in most cases completely. This is not the time to switch to the frog mode where adjustment is the norm. This is the time to brace up for a real and may be long fight. #OccupyNigeria birth the Probe Panel, the Probe Panel has birth this report. By inference this report is our baby. To make it grow, we must make it useful. To make it useful, we must demand the justice the report set out to achieve.

This is not an article, this is to get us all ready because the time has come to stand up for the only country that is ours. Forget about 2015 because if we do not stand up now, we cannot stand up in 2015. We need opportunities like these to test our endurance, persistence and ability pre-2015 and other engagements that might arise.

So please get ready because #OccupyNigeria never ended. We always met after the streets and always kept our focus in board rooms, through emails, tweets, posts and phone calls. The time certainly is right to take the streets again. Everything is being put in place to make it more coordinated than it was in January. Justice does not happen, Justice is made to happen. Only Nigerians can make Nigeria work and Nigerian will not work without Justice. 

It is time to stand up and be counted. You need to read the report else you’d never understand what this is about. Download it here >>>>    FINAL SUBSIDY REPORT.

We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail!

to do nothing is to be crippled fast – Ola Rotimi (courtesy @id49ja)

To do nothing is to die early – my edited edition


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