I beat with unrivalled passion, and when I sing

Heavens drop by to play the talking drums

The blood in my arteries is green and fire flows through my veins

I make my home with eagles and I only beat in the chest of the magnificent

I keep them proud and tall,

I make them walk where angels fear to tread,

I am never broken, I am never shaken.

My name is FEARLESS…I am a Nigerian heart!!!

By: Okang Ashiwel

©In His Steps Magazine, March/April 2011


The first day I read that poem, shivers went down my spine. It is so short and yet so deep. It strikes a chord in the heart of a true born Nigerian. If you have been around recently in the country, you will understand better. Make no mistake, I don’t mean to say that any Nigerian outside the country is not true born, but only those in the country might be able to relate better to what I am saying.

Reading through this wonderful poem, I ask myself this “what happened to the Nigerian heart?” What happened to the heart that protects values? What happened to the heart that cherishes life? Yes life!!! The Nigerian Heart I know cherishes life. It hungers and thirst after self-preservation. What happened?

I go to bed every night wondering; can we actually have a FEARLESS Nigerian heart? Can we have a heart with all the qualities stated out in this poem? Then my mind wanders off to the Nigerian national pledge. I wonder how many of you guys can still recite it. The words in it are not much but they are strong. The words are binding and deep. I wonder if we have ever taken time to meditate on it. These are words that meant to inform us on our role in building this great nation. Let’s take a look at some excerpts”… to be faithful, loyal and honest… to SERVE Nigeria with ALL my strength… to DEFEND her unity and UPHOLD her honour and glory”. When you serve, you lay down what your ambitions are and pick up the ambition of what will benefit the majority. With all your strength implies with everything you have. It means with all that’s within you. It implies selflessness to reach a common goal of Peace and progress. Now when we say to defend her unity, it means to fight against anything that will rip the core of the country apart. It includes fighting corruption and malpractices in our own little way. Charity begins at home they say, this means you need to have yourself informed and adopt the right mentality. You need to have the building called self renovated and maintain it. Free yourself from mental slavery, break from the norm, stand out and surpass (ok that was from Hip Hop world Award 2011 but you get the drift. It takes determination and the right frame of mind to make this work. It is a Fearless Nigerian heart that can only stand up for what is right and fight the corruption in high places sometimes at the risk of one’s life and freedom. The fearless Nigerian hear will with FAITH defend the UNITY of this country as we aim for PEACE and PROGRESS.

So I ask today where are the brave ones? Where are the ones who are ready to go all out for the Fatherland? Where are the people who refuse to let the labours of our heroes past be in vain? Where are the ones ready to yield to the call of Nigeria??


Okikiola R. Oladele

Ilorin, Nigeria.

Writes on

@DonOkizle on twitter


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