To cry or to dare


Over the years schooling has been a priority for everyone with the belief that its our only gateway of becoming rich. The phone call keeps ringing on our minds that we never noticed how it has changed from Nokia to BB and now tablets challenging our mentality of the whole process.

The world changes everyday and that’s a fact we never panel beat on our minds. At a time when Africa has been long under developed which many blamed on slavery and post independence war, as Nigerians, nature smiled on us as agriculture boomed to become the bedrock of our economy from cocoa in the west to groundnut in the north.

Our fathers might have enjoyed the luxury of going to school but instead of practising what they learnt, they decided to withdraw the benefits of their environments without giving back. Crude oil was discovered which earned us more revenues to develop our nation.

Prudent businessmen diversify their company once they get bigger but Nigeria went on celebrating FESTAC 77. The money is now controlled in politics rather than business. It is 35 years later and the aged complain to their kids to ‘do it better’ while passing on a torch that has no flame.

The kids were left with nothing and their illusion got clearer as they grew on and their population increased geometrically. It’s a fight between the supposed LANDLORD and TENANTS, a tug of war in the civilian government which has now turned a zoning affair.

The innocent ones didn’t understand this trend until they got older since they’ve been blinded by their father’s wealth thinking it’s automatic to be rich. The reality’s dawned and fathers boast to their kids on how they club everyday while the son struggles to feed his family. The rich steal from the treasury, middle class from the offices while the poor enjoy in their penury.

The universe’s passed the age of manufacturing to investment age yet we struggle to create industries that survive the test of time. The recent insurgence is a result of people’s frustration when their neighbors celebrate.

The government’s confused and while the citizens grow in anguish and wish for death rather than suffering.

Every year Otondos wear their caps but only look forward to jobs they can’t point to while their fathers enjoyed automatic employment and car. They wish for the best but settle for whatever life brings to them. A promise is now a cloud as the fulfillment is in the rain of success.

In our nation, it’s easier to walk on the broad way of poverty but sweet to live on the pathway of success. Job vacancy companies have now devised means of getting more certificates for graduates rather than helping them develop their skyscraper dreams. The animal is now after the hunter as the job is looking for people but they won’t see it.

Now we’ve been forced to accept menial jobs hoping for a dream job but the companies keep downsizing and literates ride Okada on the streets while others do recharge card business coming back to what they once brandished ‘rubbish’. If we can all see the bigger picture, we would be opening our mega companies that would meet the needs of our society. I’ve heard a million negative things that could happen but have you taken the first step. Hustling on the street won’t sustain men but for boys.

Our parents have worked and retired, don’t know if we saw the happiness on their faces as they await their pension. If you are happy for them continue on your journey, but if not change that story and make your kids proud by starting a dream they would be proud of by increasing your FAITH. Stop working for 8 hours and join the 24 hour train, I don’t work in the day alone but I dream at night about my vision, how about YOU?

Written by Ogunwale Oriyomi @prominem

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