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“It would be stupid to think that in a society based on the endless oppression and coarsening of the worker masses, religious prejudices could be dispelled by purely propaganda methods” – Lenin
The nation was taken aback in February when the Federal Government deliberated on the issue of amnesty for the terrorist group called Boko haram. Different reactions trailed the revelation; some people said that it was outrageous, how on earth could we negotiate with terrorists? Others agreed with the government, saying anything that could end the daily wastage of lives and property was a welcome idea. Negotiations started and things seemed to cool down a little. A devastating blow was however dealt to the negotiations when the terrorist group had to pull out of negotiations because the government couldn’t keep to the rules of negotiation. The government came out to say they had curbed Boko Haram and that they were winning the war on terrorism.
A month after, it has become crystal clear that all the information given to us by the FG are anything but true. On a day when Christians were supposed to celebrate the basis of their beliefs, the angels of death struck again. The president is visited Sokoto under the protection of over 5000 policemen. It then makes us ask, are we really winning the war on terrorism?
I will continue to say it that not until government stops playing politics with our lives, there’ll be no end to these disasters. They know these people, they know their families. Not only that, as citizens, we have a part to play. It is our duty to report suspicious people.
Nigeria started losing the war on terrorism right from the day we had to celebrate independence day under closed doors. We started losing since we proposed negotiations. We have conceded defeat, and to now say we are winning the war on terrorism is to be using propaganda that won’t work.
Nigerians have now realised that this government has failed so far in providing security for our lives and properties.
Everyone should find ways of protecting his/her family members. We should not fall prey to government’s political chicanery and evil machinations. Religious leaders should pay more attention to learning houses that kids are sent to (e.g. Islamic schools for Muslim children) to avoid breeding kids with dangerous ideologies. Royal leaders should put local security (e.g. vigilante, opc e.t.c) in place to patrol their villages or towns both day and night to curb the work of evil doers. Political leaders should stop using the lives of innocent citizens to score political goals. Boko haram should realize that the triumph of evil won’t be for long. They also have children, friends and relatives, whatever they turn Nigeria into will be what their children will have to live with.
Nigeria belongs to us all, the way we live will determine our future and our children’s.
Ogunjimi James Taiwo

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