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On the challenges the world must meet


It was just about time I go to sleep I whispered to myself, enough of all these thoughts and worries in my head, I was beginning to sail to sleep when I heard a distant cry of one in agony and pain that I thought must be excruciating, what is going on ? The cry seemed to get louder and quite terrible that I was scared to my teeth; my heart almost left me, when suddenly I awoke, whoa! I exhaled for this has been a familiar nightmare, but the puzzle that remained unsolved is that I still can’t tell if I was asleep or awake.

This is not just day dreaming for once I looked out of my window and I saw people more numerous than I could count, black, white, brown, all races, tribes, religion, indeed the world was represented in this mysterious view, though they were differentiated by color, belief and more, they were unified in pain, by agony and by the look of helplessness boldly written across their brows. I said to my self what sort of army could have defeated the human race, certainly not Greeks, for Greeks were there, not Spartans, for Spartans were there too, not American, nor British, not even Russian for all these nations were represented in this hoard of captives. Is the world coming to an end? I asked myself or could this be an invasion from mars, are aliens taking over our world? But I couldn’t see any green guy around so what could be amiss? I tried to listen closely to the sound of the wailing and travail but the sound from my heartbeat seemed to be louder than I could cope with kpum! kpum!! Kpum!!!

This pounding increased until I felt liquid substances on my upper abdomen, I thought my heart had burst, I opened my eyes and noticed I had been sweating, it’s my nightmare I eased silently, but the fears still gripped me like a hug from a strange old woman, I was more terrified than I could ever imagine.

This pseudo reality was taking a larger part of my life, it seemed more real to me than what I thought was my reality, I felt I was in Mordor were the wicked army of Sauron were penetrating with its orcs against middle earth. I knew it in my heart something is wrong with our dear world, I had a conversation with a Kenyan in July , as I listened to him my fear increased as he spoke about the death in his area, he talked about Uganda and its lonely streets. I felt in my heart that the world is being bitten by same serpent and the reaction is same, cries, death, if you would listen closely you would hear THE WORLD CRY.

A typical survey of the world news is characterized with gross destruction and loss of human lives either through natural disasters or human aided disasters in the likes of meaningless wars and most obvious the much talked about HIV, which has given the world a ceaseless attack from its genesis to this very point.

@PenMyVoice Kenna chikadibia

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