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It is in the same “Giant of Africa” where three governors were arrested for over #101 billion fraud that over 71 percent survive on less than $1 daily. Interestingly,the Federal Government has completely shut its eyes to the paradox of  a worsening poverty among its citizens while boasting to a supposed economic growth every year.
        Its no news that Nigeria is sitting 20th among the world’s poorest countries. Children are not exempted from this burden of poverty as they have joined their parents in struggling to get their daily bread. One cannot help but notice children as young as 5 years of age hawking on the streets.
        This is a crying shame to a nation with such enormous resources and potentials. As the sixth largest oil producer in the world, it won’t be out of place to say that this Black Gold is indeed a curse.
        Even the elected leaders who used several promises to woo and deceive Nigerians into voting for them were  last heard of on the election day. 
       The rising poverty level is the result of corrupt levels,poor infrastructure,mass unemployment and high level of illiteracy. Several lives are lost daily as people suffer from malnutrition and other nutrition-related diseases. While majority of Nigerians continue to wallow in abject poverty, a few privileged live in affluence.
         Just as social services and infrastructure are non-existence in several rural areas,politicians are given entertainment,newspaper and recess allowance in the same country. The Wardrobe Allowance of these political leaders is enough to make significant changes in the lives of many Nigerians.
Indeed,poverty has become synonymous to Nigeria and poses a serious threat to the development of the so-called ‘Giant of Africa’. What will make the youths kidnap people and demand for the ransom of #1000 only? POVERTY.


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