NANS as a shameless body is captured here

In 1978, the Supreme Military Council (SMC)  of the then head of states, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo increased the feeding fee of University students by 50kobo. This move by the military Government which came barely 8 years after the dust of the civil (Biafran) war settled, provoked the anger of the ever progressive NIGERIAN students across board.


The struggle which was tagged Ali-Must-Go was led by comrade Akogun, the National President of the then National Union of Nigerian Students (NUNS). Unilag, Unical, Uniben and ABU where engaged  in the first week of the struggle. He was able to mobilise students across the Nation by only GOD knows medium, because then, telephone was meant only for the upper most class amongst the government officials. And of course, there was no internet to access BBM, FB, TWITTER etc. Yet he was able to bring the attention of the Nation to their plight.


Coming home now to our contemporary reality, whosoever rates NANS bellow the words ‘SHAME and ‘DISGRACE’ is either a direct beneficiary of its Shameful acts, or, he is part of its Disgraceful compromises and national betrayals.


In 2007, when there was a deadlock between FG and ASUU which resulted to Nation wide industrial action, Olalekan Smart Edward the then NANS Senate President to Bashir Baballe was shown on National TV, presenting AWARD OF EXCELLENCE ON EDUCATION to the late President Umaru Musa while Nigerian students were seated at home for more than four (4) months, as a result of the inaction of the same Government. Is this not an animosity attitude?


During the January 1st inhumane announcement of the fuel subsidy removal, which sparked Nation wide protests and bitterness against the unpopular policy of Mr.President, NANS recorded yet another disgraceful outing by led by its President, DAUDA MUHAMMAD who was massively and Unanimously voted for as  a Unity president. He ended up throwing his integrity and reputation to the dogs, as he was reported to have endorsed and supported the removal of the fuel subsidy against the will and wishes of Nigerian students and the general public.


Comrade ABUBAKAR GAMBO MOH’D is presently a NANS executive at Zone A level. This fine and active comrade has been remanded in prison since January, for allegedly involved in the fuel subsidy protests in Niger state. NANS that is known for its active involvement in the protection of the rights and privileges of its members, could not do anything to bring out this activist, just because, it has compromised and rubbished itself before the same people it ought to stand against to bring out this poor man.


These have been the character of NANS, this ill character is to a large extent attributed to the movers and shakers of NANS who are Non students. Therefore, students must come up to redeem their image and take back NANS to itself.


We are resolute to fighting the fight of Nigeria. May ALLAH GOD bless our only country NIGERIA.


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