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The Fulfilled Sista (#TripleM Effect)

She looks at her past with a wide smile. She engages her future with a bubbly laugh.
Does she have some mistakes to her credit as penned down by her yesterday? YES!
This in no way means that her tomorrow is all roses and caviar.
She has pledged to always make her tomorrow a model for her yesterday.
How she does this is quite simple. She ensures that her yesterday is truly jealous of the achievements of today.
She loves God in a manner that can only be imagined.
She is totally crazy about her husband.
She dotes on her children like a mother hen.
Her marriage is sacred and she will always revel in the joy of marriage.
In the market Square, she showcases an astonishing level of expertise and commitment.
She is purpose driven.
She is a Sista.
She is a fulfilled Sista.
She has got the #TripleM effect

The above thoughts I can confidently state ‘trust me’ are the everyday wishes of the everyday Sista. 
Not to run at a risk of befuddling you, I will now unravel what the #TripleM effect is.

#TripleM => A straight to the point summary of the ever salient 3-pronged aspects of everyday life.
It basically consists of Ministry, Marriage and Market Square.
Could Ministry be assumed to be the most important of the three above? I doubt this.
Ministry explores the relationship with God and the accompanying joy one gets in the everyday faith walk. 
It is very key but must not be embraced at the expense of the other 2 M’s.

Marriage is an institution that holds a lot of sanctity.
In marriage, the fulfilled Sista is aware of the needs of her husband, the longings of her children, 
the excesses and demands of her in-laws and most importantly, the ‘me’ moments. Those rare but inspiring moments where she pampers herself to constantly be of extreme value add to the members of her nuclear cum extended family.

The Market Square is so broad. It encompasses all aspects of business. It ranges from trading, politics, entertainment, self realization, office politics, relationship with clients, customers and colleagues. Everyday transactions that rewards financially etc. The rules of dating, courtship, friendship and so much more.

I advocate a perfect blend of the #TripleM effect for every Sista.
My online mentor, Dr. Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili actually tweeted on the 18th of February, 2012 
“I preach balance. Only a flaky and vain woman would allow success in trade or profession, compromise their important role as wife and mother”
The above was in respect of a question posed at her on the effect of non-balancing leading tojuvenile delinquency. The tweet captures the critical mass of the #TripleM effect. 

I have no plans of rechanneling your thoughts in a way that would perfectly align with mine but I can assure
you albeit subtly that my life has been simplified ever since I summarized the essence of my fulfillment in just one word “#TripleM”
My decision making moments has become easy. I can undoubtedly say that my every day journey into fulfillment have been made simple as I consistently view life as one word.

You are a fulfilled Sista.
You are “YOU”nique.
You have got the #TripleM effect.

Take charge!

My name is Blossom of the blcompère brand. I am an unpublished Author, a certified Blogger and an amazing Compère… as simple as A. B. C.

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