Short story


He walks by and sees her sitting quietly at the entrance to a house.
He stares and wonders why he cannot seem to stop staring,
He walks on and wonders if he will ever see her again.
She barely raises her head to acknowledge him.
There is music in the air ……………………
Now at a friend’s party he is all jived up and wants to have fun,
And right at the bar with friends, there she is merry making! He sees her laugh and he is mesmerized,
He must meet her this time, he tells himself. He walks straight to her and says ‘hi’
She guilelessly looks at him, smiles and says hello. And asked, ‘do I know you’?
No he says, but you are about to.
Stunned, her interest is piqued.
There is a rhythm here……………….
Can I have this dance, he asks.
Hmmmm, she says, why not .lets see how well you can dance, she challenges him.
Off to the dance floor they went.
They danced to the music, flowing with rhythm, so tuned to each other, there seems but an inch between them as they moved.
The tango begins……………
Suddenly, someone taps him, he looks back and realizes, all he had done so far is stare and smile at the lady in his thoughts……
And she is smiling back …
Let the real Tango begin…….

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