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How long will the stone in the air defy gravity?
How long will the sky hold on to a long due rain?
We shall be there to mock the bathroom
That dreamt of keeping fishes in custody
Crude joke of the trifling storm
That promised to collect water from the coconut
Or the trial of the bantam termite
That wanted to drill a tunnel through iron-ore
Preposterous as ridiculous
Is the passion of a rat that doles a hungry cat

How long will an impotent man keep a promiscuous wife?
How long will the clouds stop the sun from shining?
Despite the acrobatic stunt of fly
It landed on the ugly road’s stomach
Who will ride a tiger to his in-law’s birthday?
Either side, it shall definitely end somehow
The castle of ice when the sun is up
Or the arrogant flame of candle in the rain
All, All shall blunder in shame
And so shall we see the end
Of ill-gathered wealth as it crumbles one day

For how long will it survive?
A house of sand in the path of a tornado
A banana tree in the middle of the desert
Comprehensively will it be beaten
The frog that challenges a hare to race
Laughable as precarious
Is the visit of a deer to the lion’s den
The ant that blocks the path of an elephant
Is ready to see its intestines in the mud
Either side, it shall definitely end somehow
An inept cup of water trying to extinguish an inferno
Rio Ferdinand’s futile tackle against Lionel Messi
All, All shall bungle in defeat
And so shall we see the end
Of corrupt, sleazy, impervious despots

Ogunyemi Olaitan Bukola is a young Nigerian, driven to see the emergence of a new Nigeria where dreams come true and potentials are maximally utilized.

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