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Mr Apampa is co-founder of the Integrity Organisation (1995). His involvement with Integrity designing, resourcing and supervising programme implementation has helped to make the strategy of “empowering people, their transactions, systems and institutions against corruption” relevant to Nigeria. At Integrity, he was one of the initiators of the Convention on Business Integrity (CBi), a project launched in Lagos in 1997 to promote ethical business practices, transparency, and fair competition in both the private and the public sectors. Today CBi is the representative and local implementation partner for Business Action Against Corruption (BAAC), which was inspired by the G8 Africa Commission’s Business Action for Africa as well as the Business Innovation Facility helping business to leverage core business activities for greater social impact. His working experience covers training, research, consulting and management in the private and public sectors, and civil society. He is a shareholder and director at Prominent Securities Ltd (A stockbroking firm in Lagos) and founder of RTA Intelligence Ltd. focusing on realtime technical architectures for business intelligence.
As a former Managing Director at SAP Nigeria Ltd, he is both articulate and persuasive. At SAP, Mr. Apampa championed the concept of ‘ICT supported public sector reforms’ which resulted in a €400,000 pilot project being implemented at the Ministry of Finance, Kigali, Rwanda with the Government of the Rhineland Palatinate acting as official sponsors of the project. Through his direct efforts, SAP Africa won an award for their role in the take off of the Information Society Partnership for Africa’s Development (ISPAD) an initiative of the NEPAD e-Africa Commission. Working in concert with a number of his colleagues in Walldorf, they succeeded in persuading the German Government to make an offer of Technical Assistance and ICTs to the EITI process of several countries, through the Gtz.
Mr. Apampa is well known to various development agencies in Nigeria and was the teamleader (international consultant) in 2006 for the World Bank on the review of the Abacha loot repatriated from Switzerland. In 2010 he supported the IATT in defining a process to kick off the development of a National Strategy to Combat Corruption. He has worked on very high profile, sensitive assignments for many years and is the author of several research reports on different aspects of governance. He was a consultant to the Governance and Institutions Policy Commission of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group. For the last 15 years he has designed and implemented anti-corruption initiatives in Africa. Mr. Apampa was appointed in May 2008 to the International Working Group of the UN Global Compact on the 10th Principle (anti-corruption). He was on the editorial board of the 2009 TI Global Corruption Report and was member of the Organizing Committee of the 12th International Anti-Corruption Conference which took place in Guatemala City, Guatemala. A 2008 Fellow of the Africa Leadership Initiative West Africa (of the Aspen Institute, Aspen, Colorado), Mr. Apampa was named Kuramo Advocate in 2011 on the Return of Stolen Wealth by the Kuramo Foundation. He is a leader of thought on the subject of ‘change and institutions’ and from day to day he continues to provide detailed political economy analyses, governance reviews and research for various development initiatives around the world.
“Soji,” as he prefers to be called, graduated with a B.Eng (Hons) in Civil & Structural Engineering (1987) from the University of Sheffield, UK and an MSc. in Governance & Finance in 2008 from the Liverpool John Moores University, UK.
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