A rejoinder more about the comments than the piece itself.

Kathleen Ndongmo

I read Kathleen Ndongmo’s piece on Ynaija Frontpage, a platform (not
unlike ThisDay Backpage) provided for selected young men and women to
articulate their perspective and contribute positively to the National
discourse. Her article was blunt and straight to the point. I think it
is a good write-up. It touches on how Nigerians are perceived by the
outside world and how we contribute to feeding this perception. I was
however rudely jolted by the ferocity of some of the comments which
followed. A number of commentators violently attacked the writer
mainly, in their own admission, because she is not Nigerian.
I looked closely into these uncouth, uncivilized, and indecorous
comments and I saw naked hypocrisy, crass jealousy, overt ignorance,
and shameless envy. I wish they could vent half of their misguided
anger on the successive clueless governments that have held Nigeria by
the jugular for so long, maybe then we won’t need ‘foreigners’ to do our
clean-up job for us.
I must point out though, that Ynaija Media needs to do more in
moderating the comments posted on its blog. I expect it to let readers
understand the standards of engagements required of them and the
disclaimer to this effect clearly spelt out. Readers need to know that
the Ynaija platform is a platform for civilized discourse and
cross-pollination of developmental ideas and not a pedestal for the
display of vile gutter language and ad hominem arguments bereft of
basic logic. It therefore should exercise its exclusive rights in
admitting or rejecting comments as it deems fit.
I salute Kathleen’s passion, courage, maturity, and her contribution
to the development of the Nigeria project, and I urge her not to be
cowed by a bunch of hypocritically misguided elements who are trying
desperately to be more catholic than the Pope, the sooner they are
ignored the better for us all.
By Isi Esene @iDova

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