A great motivation this superblogger is for me. I once used to write and I wonder where it all went awry. Anyways this is just another opportunity and am sure gonna take it. Thanks Omojuwa.
I was opportune to be one of the adhoc staff during the INEC registration for the presidential elections that took place in January 2011, and I am just gonna give a brief account of what my experience was.
I was a youth corps member at the time and it was just another phase in my life and not special at all. There was no thrill or excitement and i just wanted to get it over and done with. The then NYSC co-ordinator passed a directive to the corp members to all register online to be Adhoc staff for INEC and the first thing I asked my friend was IS IT COMPULSORY? And he answered in the affirmative. I was put off and didn’t pay much attention to it and forgot totally about it.
I travelled for the holidays and during that time various corps members kept asking about it and I just told a friend to sign up for my because Iwasn’t gonna do it. Eventually anyway I did I was picked out of all my other friends. I was not happy about that at all, they all said don’t worry just go, it will b fun and fun it wasn’t.
I got posted to Bwari an area council in Abuja. It is like a local government in other states.
Bwari to me then was entirely different, I didn’t feel like I was in Abuja anymore and so it started. We were allocated to the chief’s palace and it was a roller coaster all the way.
On the first day the ESU that’s the chief welcomed us and the first thing was “you people are going to register me, my family and council members 1st” and we agreed afterall he was the chief. We started they took like the whole day and we barely registered anyone else besides the ESu and his people. Lots of people where outside on queue and my heart skiped each time I took my eyes off the system to look around.
The next day we did and we did and for 3weeks. The RACO as we call her knew practically nothing about the computer and the systems of various units crashed at various times and we had to go to the INEC office in “town” to fix it each time without security and our own too.
So that brings me to the arrangements made and all. The Electoral officer when we needed something was never there and he didn’t provide what he was supposed to. We ran out of ink and had to register people and tell them to come back for their cards making us do more work. Corps members took bikes to their various station which was sometimes hours away into the jungle of Bwari which even INEC never knew existed and came back late and had to sleep on the floor with mats imagine mats and the electoral officer was like you just have to manage for a day or two. That day or two ran it to a week or two. So one fateful day my system broke down and my partner and I had to take it for repairs in town and we bumped into the EO and he was surprised at the outburst because I remember he had an earful and I remember him saying this was a gang up and he wasn’t going to have it. We made sure he had it and even took the matter to the appropriate authority.
All in all it was not a pleasant experience and things just went from bad to worse and I regret ever being on the wagon as did other corp members. Just a note for all no one really cares about you like You. Stand for yourself and what you believe in! Be heard.
Bimbola (@duchessbimzy)

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