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Will The Social Media Win Election For the Right Candidate come 2015 ?
I will like for us as elites to ask ourselves if our various movements on social media pages can make Nigeria GREAT if restricted basically to people who are oppurtuned to have access to these pages or people who are learned enough to understand the importance of the Media as regards effecting change in a Nation? From the question above comes another question of, what are our aims and objectives ? If I should answer that correctly .. Our sole goal is to make sure good governance prevail in Nigeria by having the best Candidate emerge as the winner of various elections .. Now the major question is, can our campaign for good governance via the internet alone make the right candidate emerge as the winner ? the obvious answer is NO
Reasons ..
1. No stable power in Nigeria, a limitation of the Nigerian populace in accessing the Internet which is already more expensive than their daily meal
2. People in the rural areas of Nigeria who have no access to the Internet make up about 30-40% of the population of Nigeria as a whole .
3. The non-elite on the street of Nigeria are about 50-60% of the population if not more than that .
70% of Nigerians that follow up on these social media networks about Situation of Nigeria, that read the news online via the internet are in Diaspora and obviously they are never gonna have the opportunity to vote during an election while abroad. Atleast not now that we aint close to electronic voting yet, except we want a rigging jamboree .
Now my point is, we cant put up these movements for ourselves the elites alone .. we need to get the low-lower-lowest class of people in Nigeria involved. However, we should also understand the fact that the bad eggs in the government have been able to maneuver the non-elites with their money campaign strategy which have always been the means of crippling good governance in Nigeria since 1999. Hence, I think we really need to work on and not just the elite. We should also not forget that majority of the elites were somehow forced to register talkless of voting in previous elections .However, its obvious most of the elites are always scared of the violence that might break out at voting centers but the non elites aint scared and are very much ready to vote without the fear of violent outbreaks. The bitter truth is, the Mechanics, The Plumbers, The Conductors , The bus drivers, the farmers, the fishermen , The Market women etc have always been the ones choosing the leaders of this great Nation because they make up the larger percent of our population .We cant decide to send all of them to school so as to re-orientate them for election purpose but I believe we can enlighten them about whats right, why its right for them to vote rightly, why the 5000 Naira they collect from candidates during campaign wont justify the death of their sick child that passed away in the hospital due to lack of free health care. Why the cars they are been given by a candidate during campaign wont be worth it after driving it for 6months on a very bad road. Why its not meaningful for them to lure their children into voting for a candidate because they , the parent have been paid. Why its necessary for them to weigh the capabilities of all candidates before choosing the one they are going to entrust their vote to . Why its necessary for them to get close to the candidate’s CV in order to understand their potentials more. Why the Governorship and Presidential debates is a must watch for everyone of them since its a very good , unbias and an impartial avenue atleast rate the potentials of their candidates and decide whom to vote for .
We all want a great Nigeria , The question now is , Are we ready to do this ? Are we ready to ask the Government WHAT ABOUT US ? Who cant afford to fly abroad for Medicare ? , Who cant afford 97 Naira Per litre ? ,Who cant afford to send our children abroad for quality education ? ,Who cant get loans from the banks because our collateral aint so valuable to them ? ,Who live under 1$ daily ? Are we not Nigerians as well ? 2015 is almost here, its not too early for us to start correcting those mistakes we made prior 2011 election.
God bless us… God bless Nigeria … Proudly Naija .. We should start now
Ojuko Olalekan

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