IMMINENT CONFUSION #SuperBloggers by @reMOHdified


I was consumed by the ambiguity of my dreams,
Consumed in the wilderness of reality,
Consumed in series of confusions,

Consumed in state of our living condition,

Conditions- apparent class distinction;

Confusion causing confused conclusions,

Conclusions resulting in pollution,

-Pollution to some ‘minds’- severing motivation,
Motivations to aid progression,
Progression of a ‘developmentally’ static nation,

-Pollution- fueling motivations,
To uphold ‘destructions’,
Destructions of lives, properties, only a few to mention,

more confusion!

Confused while penning this piece,
Confusingly piecing up the pieces-
Of pieces 
of little fragments found of the glory of our nation,
Glory stripped by the greed of our leaders,
Politicking on us,
Pocket-picking in public purse,
Lavishing the helpless’ lots;

many more confusion.

Confusion in our constitution,
Confusion in the legislators contributions,
Contributions? or lack of it,
made out of desperations,
To enslave us in our own nation,
Corruption in every institution,

Confused youths take up arms and cause harms,
Confusingly hurting the helpless they’d wanted to protect,
Confused brothers hurting one another in desperation
To join the ‘A-club’,
And cause more confusion,
Consumed in the act, ‘confused’ it is right!

more confusion.

Confusion in worship places,
More confusion in religious circles,
Confusion in our careless translations of Gods words,
Confusingly killing one another in ‘unholy’ conflicts,
Conflicts confused- misconstrued as holy,

More conflicts and many more confusion,

Conflicts attributed to mother tongue variation;
– inter-tribal wars, land division,

segregation,minority marginalisation-
Hmmmn…. More confusion.

Confused citizens use arms in place of brains,
Confused heads leading confused legs,
Confused leaders chairing a confused nation, 
While trying to make sense of my confused state(s),
I drifted and lie in many more confusion!

Mohammad Dawodu @reMOHdified

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