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I’m Turning Around

Job didn’t curse God, even when there seem to be no hope, he held unto his faith. And because he didn’t curse God, God gave him ten times what was taken from him.

In any critical situation you find yourself, don’t go back on your faith. Hold on to God because He carries us in the most turbulent times of our lives. When our soul is troubled, when we have no money, what to wear, drink or eat, we should always realise that God is always there. We have a living God.

God is ever so faithful and gracious, we should give our hearts to Him. If God is in your boat, He’s going to turn your situations around. All you need do is just to give Him a chance to sit in your boat. God’s methods might be confusing but His motives are always right. If it is God, impossibility is not tied to it. Rise up and say to yourself “I’m turning around.

If you were rejected in the past, you’ll be respected in the future. RememberGod is your voice in silence and your light in darkness.

By @debukunolami


Resentment is when you’re hurt by situations or people and you don’t come into terms with the person or that situation. Resentment eats deep into the heart, it kills both physically and spiritually. When we get hurt, we cover it with resentment because it sets us in a position that makes us think we are in control of situations. It is like sratching ourselves when we get an itch, the relief is pleasant but only an alternative to the irritation. Lingering resentment reduces us to sour, morose and damaged souls.

Resentment puts the whole physical and mental system to war. It makes one physically ill and tires one out. Most sick people are dying because of resentment, until they let go. They can’t get well. “A heart at peace gives life to the body but envy rots the bones”. This could also be said of resentment. Get rid of resentment before it gets rid of you.

Resentment may not be as a result of what you’re eating but what is eating you. No one can afford to carry resentment, it takes too much of a toll. You chew your tongue when you chew on resentment.

By @debukunolami

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