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??Doctors always have that occasional patient that thinks he can take you for a fool or just sets out with the sole aim of deceiving you. There are also those who end up deceiving you by no fault of theirs.

An hilarious case in point retrospectively (though it wasn’t too funny at the time), was the ‘unconscious’ young lady who was brought into the Emergency room by her husband. History and preliminary examination proved nothing significant until the husband happened to step out of the room. It was then it occured, a ‘miracle’.

She who was hitherto in a ‘deep coma’, opened her eyes, looked furtively around and started to talk. She hurriedly told me that this was just a set up, she was only acting. She told me how uncaring and stingy her husband was and how she wanted to use this opportunity to milk him out of his money.

I was amazed at her skills, indeed Nollywood/ Hollywood was missing a potential star here. How she managed to keep a straight face while everyone around her was in complete chaos mode was beyond me, how did she keep from reacting when she was being moved, how had she managed to remain limp? Indeed, how did she remain perfectly still through all the checks on her?

I had a hard time convincing her this wasn’t exactly the reason the ER was set up(duh!)And why she had to come clean, also I couldn’t continue to spend anymore time ‘treating’ her.

I guess the husband would have eventually learned the lesson of the wrath of a woman scorned. But again, i guess not.

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