HOME OF PEACE #SuperBloggers by @ecentricshemale


Home of Peace is where I reside
peace & calm’s been shoved aside
Deformed bodies littered the roadside
Fear gripped,panic curled my siblings at my bedside
Home of peace is what I know
Now I feel trapped with no where to go
Where did tranquility pack?
Who gave law & order the sack?
Home of peace oh home of peace
Who has laid upon you both curse and gift?
What is the offence,who’s being brought to book?
When the blood thirst become by hook or by crook?
Peace peace oh home of peace
What price must humanity pay
What happened to the legal system where all have a say
In the home of peace we’ve marked this day
Next time before the sun rises make your hay
War begins now without the sounds of the drums
Its so silent it starts with the click of the thumb
There were explosions from locally made bomb
Home of peace now hushed like an ancient tomb
Home of peace was it not?
Who thought?who bought?
Who fought? whose Fault?
Home of peace-yes hours ago
Now with wailing amariya’s and dead Ango’s
Home of peace peace peace
Torn piece by piece gradually to pieces
The death toll increases
We hope all the chaos seizes
Bullets flying into the night skies
Looking like harmless fireflies
All with a target, an intent to kill
How the same hand can make an ill & heal.
By Toyin Inniss-Agaja

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