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Is that why we are here


When I heard the news about a certain Mr Fix it joining the ruling party, I immediately recognised it as a distraction among the “youths”, expectedly different subs have been flying around on twitter, and when 140characters suddenly became too small to contain the subs, the fight was literally taken to the “rings”-blogs.
At the moment, we’ve heard from  “Mr activist” and a swift rejoinder from, well, another  “activist”, and I can assure you that won’t be the last of it, but quite frankly, is that why we are here?
To sub ourselves? 
While we are busy “subbing” ourselves let’s not lose sight of the big picture- Nigeria.
I believe we all have one thing in common, our passion for this Nation.
We all have our dreams, and every individual has a right to “dream” their dreams the best way they can. Its an exclusive right of that individual. 
If Mr A and Mr B set towards a journey, both taking different path and still arriving at the same destination C, I don’t see why anyone of them should think He is superior to the other.
Here’s my point, one person thinks “NO, I’m disappointed in you for doing that, yes you could join a party, but that one is just too rotten for you,”. 
And the other one thinks, our leaders have been singing Chris Brown’s song for Us all along 
” I don’t see how you can hate from outside the club- you can’t even get in”
and he thinks getting in is his way of being the change he sought. 
I don’t see why either of them should be judges.
I believe actions are best judged according to your intentions, the question I ask myself when somebody does something is, what could be the motive? 
Is it sincere enough? 
Believe it or not, that’s what matters most, sincerity of purpose. if Mr Fix it had remain outside because he’s afraid of criticism, will that motive be sincere? Or if Mr activist rants just to grow his followership, can we say that motive is sincere enough?
I don’t see how, one of them becomes A “SMALL mind” and the other, A BIG MIND, who’s measuring those things please, what’s the scale? How did you grade it? 
I have to say this again, my dream is an exclusive right, whatever I do with it is no business of any individual, because I only aspire to become a modest doctor and touch few lives within my community doesn’t make YOUR dreams of becoming the world bank’s chairman superior to mine. 
If we both achieve our dreams we are both fulfilled.
It is what matters.
The mind however begins to shrink when you allow others make your decisions for you, and that’s the point we are missing here. Its not the fact that Mr Fix it did what he did or that Mr activist thought it bad, its the number of small minds who idolised either of them, those who take their words or action as the gospel, those people are the real small minds. The moment you lose control of your thoughts, believe me, you don’t even have a mind anymore, its neither small nor big, its plainly inexistent.
The challenge we are faced with is not to question our actions or the motives behind them, its to redeem those small minds from perishing, because they can’t understand what Mr A or Mr B’s dream is, let them start having dreams of their own, start determining their own rights and wrongs.
Its okay to have mentors, but not idols please, human beings are naturally fallible, we make mistakes, so your mentor makes mistakes too, lot of them, you become dogmatic the moment you make His mistakes your own. 
Let’s all have the Zuckerberg dream, but can we all follow the Zuckerberg’s path? He dropped out of school to pursue his dreams, should we all do that too? How many people have dropped out of school to pursue their dreams? How many Zucheberg has the world produced today? 
My point is, its the goal that really matters, not the path we choose to follow to them, Mr Fix something decides to be the one in a million, he (probably) decided to go into the rotten party to dare the millions of corrupt politicians, that to me is a Zucheberg dream, frankly it is.
It is simply seeing possibility where others see impossibilities. If he’s successful then he becomes a true hero, if not, he’ll be forgotten just like the rest of them.
Mr activist wants to stand out and effect change, well, he may succeed, after all, we don’t have to be on the inside to help Nigeria. There are so many others outside politics making Nigeria proud. If he succeeds he won’t be forgotten so soon, and if he doesn’t, well, the rest is history.
And you my friend, who idolised either of them will never succeed (at least, in the quest to ‘save Nigeria’) if you don’t groom your mind, because you are simply dreaming someone else’s dream, you are just another “small mind”.

Muhammad Dawodu

@reMOHdified on twitter

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