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An apology to Satan



Dear Sir/Ma,

With gallivanting bravery, I write this to you; tormentor of the world, for a coward dies many times before his death but the courageous one tastes death once.

Who is this Satan?…

You are known as a confusionist. Before now, your skin colour is not known by many until the white man succeeded in painting you with black colour. The white man is often joyous to see us. He came to our land with his Missionary, he brainwashed us, or sometimes forced us to accept his culture, he made our mother tongues appeared archaic, he embedded inferiority chromosomes in our mental structures, and he freely preached the gospel of his superiority. Today, it appears as if the blacks are ugly, offspring of Satan and are refugees on earth.

Who is this Satan?…

Sir/Ma, without any undertone of rudeness, your sheer callousness, the foolhardiness and psychosis assailing many a political rulers in Nigeria, has led to the killing of the Nigerian dream. Your unwholesome magnanimity has for long been giving us Sodomonic leaders. Nigeria now has a political party that is thoroughly hobbled and incapable of any brilliant socio-political programmes; it has elevated blasé slogans and vacuous rhetoric into state policy such astransformation agenda amongst many more irritating shindigsIt also prides itself as the largest political party of soulless gangsters in Africa, overseeing transition to the docile Insular of Katsina, then to the divisionist president from Otuoke.

Who is this Satan?…

It is kill-joy to note that you have done no good for this my crawling nationonly if any good can come from you. For instance from up north to down south, Nigerians who are truly and sincerely bothered about the static state of the Nigerian society and the searing stasis that this has brought the whole nation into are not oblivious of the excruciatingly painful fact that our beloved country is violently adrift in the precipice of retrogression.

Who is this Satan?…

Sir/Mathe lawmakers you supported through your almighty scientific rigging machineries are happily dancing to a new melodious song of jumbo pay.  Happy are thou Sir/Ma, to let you know that we now have unpatriotic, and benighted bipeds as Ministers, Directors-General, and Chairmen on the already sorely impoverished Nigerians. They are all products of the absurd ‘take-a-bow’ sing-song of our hallowed chambers in their rudderless cocoon. It is even an open secret that in post-colonial Nigeria, the iron-cast law of steady decline in good governance, moral ethics and values, and international relevance is now in unhampered swing.

Who is this Satan?…

Watching the punches gnawing greedily at the heart of the country, makes me feel that you havetortured us for too long and too much. Sir/Ma, we are on the verge of declaiming with hardihood that Nigeria will forever be lost in the woods of undiluted regression in all spheres if we continue to have spent men and women directing the most crucial affairs of our country. However, it seems that you are happy with this.

Who is this Satan?…

Pardon me, for I owe you an apology for not pre-emptying you before daring your evil deals. So today, I will dare your evil mind. Let it get to your skull, your days are numbered, for 2015 will define your end. You will be stoned out by our votes and condemned to the pit. But before then, you have the chance now to start recalling all your agents from the National Assembly, Federal Executive Council, and Governors’ Forum, for 2015 may be too late. This is the battle I have been waiting for, for thou shall perish in the irrecoverable abyss of your evil. I regret any inconvenience this might cause you.

Who is this Satan? It is every evil man/woman tormenting the Nigerian dream.

Yours unfaithfully,

By: Jonah Ayodele Obajeun


Twitter: @obajeun

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