Dear me,

16 years old and all grown up!!!! Are you for real? Jamb is looming and you feel invincible but a re sit is inevitable. Why was it so important for you to go to that university at all cost? Just maybe you should have gone to its counterpart and study law but hey s**t happens…..
You will never have the luxury of just loitering around your Estate gisting about boys. Thinking you are way out of their league arrogant cow!!!! Hopelessly hooked to Hints magazine!!!!! Hey talking about Hints, no you never did work there or in the journalism industry as a whole. Let me shock you some more you didn’t get ANY job at all. It is not because you didn’t try hard enough or because you weren’t smart enough. Unbelievable? I know!!!! Let’s get this straight. Plan A was go to university, fall in love anywhere in between, get a job and get on with life. Plan B was eh…….NONE……..

Wait for this!!!! You won’t see most of your closest friends from secondary school for a very long time. To be candid some you might never see ever. Scary but factual!! Fast forward many years after school and bang lands social networking. It is really humongous…….Did I hear you say what’s that all about? It is a platform that focuses on building and reflecting on social relationship among people. It allows you to connect to old friends. There’s Facebook, twitter, yahoo, blackberry messenger, apple etc. And no they are NOT fruits cheeky monkey!!!! The world went ballistic with their arrival and you got absolutely obsessed with them; no change there!!!!! You can never imagine that you will speak to people you never saw in the last fifteen years or so. Imagine being good friends with strangers that you’ve never met. Sounds exciting and impossible at the same time right? It did happen!!!!! Social networking made the world even smaller. The world became a global village. Let me help you figure it out; think of pen pals but on a better and more graphic level.

Let’s talk about Maths; remember all the beatings??? Sheer wickedness and child abuse!!!! You still hate Maths, remember Calculus; no human being you know uses it in the adult world. Ok maybe you don’t know the smart ones. My point, you don’t need calculus to make it in life, yes really, your Maths teacher lied.
Moving on to boys….remember the first boy you kissed yes him and you thought you were hopelessly in love? You didn’t marry him; in fact you didn’t see him for FIFTEEN FREAKING YEARS!!!!! Guess what? It was never love, you saw him and it was emptiness, you felt nothing I kid you not. However, love came knocking in the university; more on that as we progress. Your brain Tope is a class act, you will remember bits and bobs about old friends like birthdays, information you’ve been told in passing etc without even trying. That is absolutely priceless. Not many people can pride themselves on that so hold your head high Miss encyclopaedia. On a serious note, you should have put your brain to better use by utilising its ability to retain information.

Let’s deviate a bit……Back to LOVE. You found love slowly, recklessly, totally and badly. End result; disastrous, burnt fingers, ripped heart, ever teary eyes and depressed state of mind. Soldier that you are, you marched on and found solid love…… Stick to wearing your heart on your sleeve. It will come handy later in life. It shows guts, strength and character. Advice for you: don’t be in a hurry to grow up…. You will wish you hadn’t wished so hard. Be more forceful with achieving your dreams, you lose nothing but you gain something by being persistent. Enjoy every phase of your life….it goes quicker than you can imagine.

I love you,
From you

Temitop Ajagbe @topeolowu

London, United Kingdom

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