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There’s one thing called conscience in our life,its divided into two the good and the bad we all have the two sounding in our head at all time,your attitude and character will be determined by which of the conscience you listen to either the good or bad.The conscience is like a tiny little voice in our head that tells us what to do that forbids you from listening to the other voice in our head that draw us toward all the bad things of life.If you have the grace of listening to the good conscience your intention will definetly be good and if you listen to the bad conscience you will be faced with the faith of having bad intentions.
Having this good conscience will make your life be in shape,that if you listen to what it tells you because our conscience communicates with us every moment of our life to guide us and help in making decisions.
But in the situation that I regard as incredible where a 10year old Gladys Chelagat from Kenya gave birth,wait did i just say 10year old OMG!!! could any right thinking and mentally stable person do something this outrageous,because I keep wondering what in heaven could this small girl have done to arouse this person sexually,the way I see it she is a small girl that has not yet started her life but now being subjected to what might likely be emotional or mental trauma.
If the person that did such thing to this innocent girl has a bit of conscience he might likely reconsider before carrying out such devilish act and imagine if she was to be his daughter,how he would feel and the great animosity he would have for the person involve.
Lets now think about her parent and her family members what could possibly be running through their minds because they’ve suffered a great blow with that incident,plus the little girl couldnt give birth to the baby herself so she had to undergo caeserian section,the baby who weighs 2.8kg at Kericho  district hospital in Kenya.
The girl who was a former pupil of Chemamul primary school,for you to know that she’s still a very small girl,but the unfortunate person that impregnate her didnt perceive her like that.But in my own opinion who would have done such evil deed to this innocent 10year old girl should be castrated with immediate effect because this little girl is not close to having what it takes to be a mother yet,now you see why conscience is important in our life even  if you are a pagan,just try and have the conscience because it will forbids you from doing bad things and hurting ur people.
By Oyekanmi x’ahid Ibadan.
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