GRAND SLAM By Gbenga Fisher


Golden droplets of rain,
golden rays of sun,
Plate me all over, let me shine as d sun.
Dusk came,and it seem I’d just faded out,but then I came out, ??the star ,the darker the brighter.
The jockey I  am,the stallion I ride, the victory I take.
Like the liberty that escaped the chains of tyranny,I held her touch and I brought freedom.
I am the champion d wise men of Old talked about,
When I appear,mothers hasten their children to come see,
Stories of me travel before me,
envy of every lad, desire of every virgin,
the earth acknowledge my every step,
Nature pay homage in their accord,
the wind whistle to my song,
My victory song on every tongue,
Won, not by swiftness, neither by arrow nor spears.
Battle already won,victory only bestowed,
This is my trophy, but never my fight.

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