The pains of ASUU strikes


All around it began to spread,
Have you read? Have you heard?
The velocity was intense,
Much more than burning incense.

All thought it was a rumour,
Even joked ’bout it with humour;
Never knew it’ll in the coming days,
Stare as a reality in my face.

Now that it came strong
Gathering from every nook &corn,momentum
The decision not to leave my ivory tower,
Was already beyond my grasp and power.

So straight-away I arrived
In a place I could refer to as mine;
Always wanted to be here
But this time,the reasons were not clear.

Had fun and moments in which I reveled,
Thinking to make the best before the hols ended;
Little did I know the strike was here to stay,
That it’ll not end in d soonest days.

My heart reeks of the words my pen speaks,
seems though there’s no way outta this disarray;
All efforts have not with yield come forth
So I ask,when would we in happiness bask?

Why on earth would a set of minds & hearts,
Ignore with tact the tomorrow’s leaders’ cries & pants?
Why would the future of THE FUTURE,
lie on d altar of strikes waiting to be ruptured?

Did our leaders not get a hint or lead?
No intel/inkling from those in power’s seat
Of the repercussion of these insensitive actions
that will suction the glory of the future of our nation?

Who will give an ordinance for our long anticipated deliverance?
Who will break the impasse and give us appropriate significance?
My heart’s heavy in no petty way,
I want to see with glee,my beloved Nigeria great again!

Written by Yemi Akinteye,19,300level
Bio-Chemistry student of Olabisi Onabanjo University

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