A short message to those who won’t see it


The class of people described in this piece are not going to read this (except you read to them or send to their inbox). They are already writing their comments and cursing the writer and the topic. They are the ones that do not click on links or bother to imagine what an article’s title could be saying beyond the obvious. They just see a title and have a go apparently looking to add their voice to the discuss they most times know nothing about.

Most times I post articles on my Facebook timeline and in my cheeky usual style go with stylish headlines. These headlines are designed to spur more people to be interested in the content and credit to the smart ones many really do click and read the content. For those without time to read, they move on. There is though these really large number of Facebook illiterates. Illiterates because I hate to separate a man who cannot read from that who can read but does not read despite the ability. They are different branches of the same tree. They do likewise for all kinds of links not just those from Nigeria or this blog.

To this class, who make up a huge number of users on social media and the loudest barrels, you have to make the title of every piece say everything and where that is not possible as is often the case, you have to bear their ignorant rants as they savour their own mental shackles brought about by their own making.

This piece is dedicated to that class of learned illiterates. Who know how to read and are able to read but rather than read beyond headlines go ahead to create the content of most headlines based on the shackles of their own minds. If you read this, it is highly likely you do not belong to that class.

For the sake of those who belong to this unique class of educated illiterates, I’d ask that you share on your Facebook wall. May be, just may be, we will get some of them to read this. Those who do not know are those helping evil to prevail in our land. To save Nigeria, you first must know what needs to be known before you begin to act. How can you know if you do not read?

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