Jonathan is not to be trusted says Malam Elrufai

Former Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Nasir El-Rufai has been criticizing President Jonathan Government on twitter in the past few hours. Read below and you can follow him on twitter @elrufai for more .

Nasir El-Rufai – Those giving economic arguments for or against fuel subsidy withdrawal miss the point totally. It is not about economics. It is about TRUST!

Nasir El-Rufai – No Nigerian trusts GEJ’s administration to use any money for the benefit of the people. Funds are for pocketing by govt officials & friends!

Nasir El-Rufai – The spending pattern & priorities of GEJ since 2010 is evidence of who he cares for and what. Let us look at his budget record from 2010….

Nasir El-Rufai – Between 2010-2011, GEJ has spent N9.557 trillion. N4,427bn in 2010 budget, N645bn supplementary in 2010, N4,485bn in 2011. The results? ZERO

Nasir El-Rufai – Under his watch, we increased our debt stock by about $20bn, ran down excess crude from $6bn to zero, FX reserves from $45bn to $ 30bn…

Nasir El-Rufai – Under GEJ, Dollar exchange rate moved from >N140 to N160 today. Debt stock has doubled to higher than 2005 levels. Interest rates over 20%!

Nasir El-Rufai – And all this is while nearly 10 trillion Naira has been spent on government officials, trips abroad & perquisites/subsidies to politicians!

Nasir El-Rufai – Power supply improvement? Minimal. Jobs created? Zero. Transport Infrastructure? Zero. Agricultural output? Minimal. Private jets? Yes, lots

Nasir El-Rufai – Let us look at the 2012 Budget proposals in some details to see whether GEJ is willing to reduce the high lifestyle of those in power…..

Nasir El-Rufai – We will look at the budgets proposed for three Presidency MDAs – the State House where P & VP work, the Offices of the SGF & Head of Service

Nasir El-Rufai – The three MDAs intend to spend a total of N27bn as “overheads” for 2012. Nearly N2 bn will be spent traveling with N1.675bn in GEJ’s office!

Nasir El-Rufai – Stationery, refreshment & snacks in the Presidency will consume about N2bn, with N1.6bn spent by GEJ & his VP in 2012. Does that make sense?

Nasir El-Rufai – The President & VP intend to spent about N2.8bn to “maintain” their existing furniture, generators, etc, & N238m for fuel! Is this prudent?

Nasir El-Rufai – Miscellaneous spending by the Villa alone totals N1.7bn for food, honorarium & something called “welfare packages” – another security vote!

Nasir El-Rufai – The SGF & Head of Service have over N2.5bn for these “miscellaneous expenses” including nearly N300m for “welfare” & N270m “security vote”!

Nasir El-Rufai – Why can’t some of these areas of waste be cut to fund capital projects & others that benefit the populace like the fuel subsidy?

Nasir El-Rufai – In the 2012 budget, NASS intends to spend N150bn on itself, the same amount as in 2011 to pay those huge allowances. It has NOT been reduced

Nasir El-Rufai – So we will spend about N320m for every NASS member in 2012, as we did in 2011. Where is the shared sacrifice? Where is accountability?

Nasir El-Rufai – In 2012, FG will spend an average of N2.47m on every federal employee. It spent about N3.2 m on every ex-militant in 2011. What about us?

Nasir El-Rufai – We must resist the N8,000 tax being imposed on every man, woman & child to fund the fuel subsidy & insist that FG cuts its own wastefulness!

Nasir El-Rufai – I will tweet further details of the budget in due course….we must sensitize our NASS members to rise to the occasion & rewrite this budget

Nasir El-Rufai – The issue with GEJ is simply that of trust. He has wasted huge financial resources & put us in debt in the last 20 months. We must be wary!

Nasir El-Rufai – We cannot trust him with more money as he will only waste more of it. That is the issue & he can only earn that trust through small steps.

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