The battle for the soul of Africa’s most populous country

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala runs the Nigerian Economy

One of the fundamental lessons I have learnt from my study of religious books around the world is the principle of the fall of man, which provides an insight into the fall of nations, ideologies and groups. From the world’s religious scriptures, I have learnt that angels were created as“ministering” spirits while human beings were blessed with the mandate to among others have dominion over all things. Hence, while angels are ministering spirits, human beings have the mandate to preside over all people and their creation.

When we examine very carefully the process of the fall of the human ancestors described in the Holy Bible as Adam and Eve, we will realize that the collapse of the first human family of Adam and Eve began when the leader of the angels and coordinating ministering spirit guided the presiding human beings to act contrary to their mandate and original will of God given to them. As soon as the coordinating ministering spirit became the director of the presiding human beings, Adam and Eve fell away from powers that gave them the mandate. Consequently, the children they raised outside the garden could not realize that they were elder and young brothers, who should be each other’s keepers. They rather became the killers of each other and until this day, Adam and Eve were unable to preside over the world while the ministering spirit became the enemy of the people.

President Jonathan: Many believe his presidency has been hijacked by another cabal

From this understanding, it is very easy to decipher where Nigeria as a nation is headed toward at this time in our providential history. The present government emerged with the mandate to “Transform Nigeria” that was not formed well by Lord Lugard when he emerged as Governor General in 1911. By 1914, he illicitly amalgamated the regions of North and South while ignoring the need for the harmony of Islam and Christianity. This nation has passed through unimaginable challenges because of the faulty foundation and when President Obasanjo emerged in 1999 with the proclamation of National Rebirth and establishment of National Interreligious Council, I hoped that Nigeria’s renewal was on its way.

The miraculous emergence of President Jonathan with the National Transformation slogan in 2011 like Lord Lugard in 1911 gave me hope that by 2014, we shall grow from amalgamated Nigeria to a unified Nigeria. Yet again, my religious studies lesson of the fall of man shows clearly that we are in the last days of the Nigeria nation. The “Fall of Nigeria” is here before our own eyes and whether we admit this reality or not, only time shall tell.

Goodluck Jonathan received the mandate to serve as the President of Nigeria from 2011 to 2015 and with a constitutional opportunity to continue until 2019 like Lugard remained until 1919. At the threshold of setting his agenda for the nation, series of Ministers in the position of ministering spirits were appointed while he was elected. The climax of the appointments was the emergence of Mrs. Ngozi Okonji-Iweala as Coordinating Minister or leader of the Ministers. In a way, even though Nigeria runs an American like Presidential system of democracy, we are witnessing the emergence of a “Prime Minister” and a President. While Ngozi serves as “Prime Minister” or Minister of Ministers, the President is the elected leader with the Vice President. As far as the Federal Executive Council is concerned, only the President and Vice President are duly elected by the people and have the mandate to preside over Nigeria. Unfortunately, the current policy that the Federal Executive Council is dragging down forcefully on Nigerians is not coming from the elected President and the Vice President but from the “Prime Minister” and other Ministers in the angelic position of ministering spirits.

It may interest all to know that Nigeria was colonized by the British which operates a Prime Ministership model but adopted after independence by the Americas which operates the Presidential model. Now, Nigeria is caught in the web of struggle between the vision of unelected Prime Minister and the elected President. Which way shall Nigeria take at the peak of this confusion? I have no doubt in my mind that as it was in the Garden of Eden, if the President submits to the dictates of the Prime Minister, the fall of the President and his entire family of 167 million Nigerians is eminent. President Jonathan MUST now assume full control of governance of Nigeria and never allow the ministering spirits who speak with two tongues to destroy his calling and mandate. I really may have nothing personal to lose if the fall of this administration takes place now but I have so much to gain if Nigeria is salvaged from the impending doom.

The fall of Nigeria will commence as soon as the Prime Minister of Nigeria takes over the policy formulation, direction and implementation from the President of Nigeria. The challenge is NOT more about the subsidy removal or not but most important is to understand that Prime Minister Iweala is supposed to be a ministering servant to President Jonathan who has the mandate to “have dominion” over all activities in Nigeria as Commander In Chief. A situation where the Commander In Chief is pushed to be indirectly “commanded” by the Prime Minister to insist on subsidy removal at all cost is a clear indication that the Fall of Nigeria is at our doorstep, knocking and we may soon open the door of anarchy. Rather than achieving the“Transformation of Nigeria”, we may be well on our way to the complete“Deformation of Nigeria” and when again shall we have the opportunity for the“Reformation of Nigeria”?

By Raphael Ogar Oko

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