Government intends to kill at least one person tomorrow at the Abuja protests.

Abuja Eagle Square Protests: We have it on good authority from a very reliable source from one of the Nigerian security agencies that at least one person has to be killed amongst the protesters that would appear at the Eagle Square tomorrow to protest the petrol taxes. The top hierarchy of this service concluded that the best way to stop the protests is to kill at least one of the protesters.

On my honour and dignity I write these words, we have very credible and trusted information from one of the security agencies (we will not name names) that they should ensure that at least one protester gets killed tomorrow to scare the rest and other potential protesters from across the country. You would recall that protesters have been killed in Ilorin and Gusau. Is it impossible to have peaceful protests without casualties? Yes. Why do we have casualties during Nigerian protests? There you have it. It is intentional and premeditated.

You need to share this information with as many people as you know. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. Now that this information is out, we will make it difficult for them to go ahead with the planned killing(s) tomorrow. If they go ahead even after this, you can fairly conclude that your government has declared a war on you.

Please share! Thank God this information got out. Please never go to a protest without your cameras. Ensure that there are people at very good positions to take video recordings. It will help to convict the prospective murder(s).

If you ever wondered why your president remains mute about these protests and deaths, this is it.

PS: The Protest holds 10 am tomorrow at the Eagle Square. Fear died yesterday!

we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail!

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