President Jonathan must be a Nigerian, not a Niger-Deltan

President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria is at war. An unconventional, difficult to define war. But at war we have been. More disturbing is the prospect of this war persisting, mutating, escalating, leading to a breakup. Broken up, the new entities will still be at war, more within than without. Yet, together, this war will continue. Unless we replace it with peace.
And Peace, why should we work to bring peace?
Because peace engenders a norm called commerce.

War and commerce are the two great antagonistic principles which struggle for the mastery of the human race, the function of the one being to preserve, and that of the other to destroy. Commerce causes cities to be built and fields to be cultivated, and diffuses comfort and plenty, and all the blessings of industry and peace. It carries organization and order every where; it protects property and life; it disarms pestilence, and it prohibits famine. War, on the other hand, destroys. It disorganizes the social state. It ruins cities, depopulates fields, condemns men to idleness and want, and the only remedy it knows for the evils which it brings upon man is to shorten the miseries of its victims by giving pestilence and famine the most ample commission to destroy their lives. Thus war is the great enemy, while commerce is the great friend of humanity. They are antagonistic principles, contending continually for the mastery among all the organizations of men.”
– Jacob Abbott, in ‘Hannibal’ (1876).

To build peace, President Goodluck Jonathan must be a Nigerian, not a Niger Deltan. He must lead, not sleep

Courtesy Mouftah Baba Ahmed

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