”If politics, desire for popularity,politicians or their money are the reasons why I led civil protest against Fuel Subsidy…Let my name be removed from the book of Life.
BUT If national peace,steady and predictable progress …in Nigeria is the reason why I resisted the government ..then let those who rise against me be scattered and consumed!

**I was asked why I went to Ojota with my whole family…my response is this: It’s evil to ask other people and their children come out to protest while you hide your own. Leadership must be transparent

**FG through their agents..said to me…You are the one asking labour to insist on #65 per litre of fuel. For that, we will investigate your early years in legal practise and expose you. And I say to them…..THAT WHICH YOU WANT TO DO..DO IT QUICKLY! Go investigate, if you find anything,PUBLISH IT!

**My wife was called and told to inform me….DO NOT SLEEP AT HOME TONIGHT..we are coming for you. Odumakin also got the same text message….I got home that day,tired, ate my food and slept like a log of wood!

**Even if tomorrow never comes, I have great peace/joy that I have fought the good fight of faith..

**It will be foolish for anybody for anybody to ascribe the success of the rallies and protest in Ojota and other parts of the country to Save Nigeria Group and its allies..ONLY GOD COULD HAVE DONE THIS. There is a clear handwriting on the wall that God is at work in Nigeria.

**A Bishop sent me a text asking me to be careful of being ‘contaminated’ by my actions…and I replied and told him…Our high Priest,Jesus Christ can be touched with our infirmities. We must be ready to identify with the poor and depressed of the land”.

—-Tunde Bakare
Tomorrow. @ Ojota freedom park , we occupy Nigeria ! Arrest or Not !

#OccupyNigeria we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail

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