First we have to apologise for the one week long unusual activities on the blog. Our previous host’s capacity could not accommodate the influx of new readers as the site went down three times in three days. We could not let that go on hence the need to move to a dedicated server to serve us exclusively.

That has been the process since last Thursday. As a result of our move, all the articles posted after last Thursday were not reflecting on the new site. If you were able to read our new articles like “The Last King Of Abuja” and Chief Femi Fani-Kayode’s article, you definitely read them via our former host. Those that could not access the former host were the ones that had issues reading those pieces. The instruction from our web masters was for us not to post new works until the move had been completed. Because we could not contemplate leaving you for that long, we defied that advice and went ahead to post.

No man is strong enough to have us remove any posts for whatever reasons. We are glad a lot of you were able to see the posts others could not see.

Now that our new host is fully ready, we are forced to repost the articles we posted while the move to a new server was on. In essence, you can see both articles mentioned above on this blog now.

We apologise for all the troubles and pains of not being able to read not just those posts but indeed new ones from us for a while.

We are back. The beauty of our return is that we are now hosted on a monthly paid platform that has unlimited capacity. You can invite a billion and one of your friends and the site would still be able to accommodate everyone. is the only addiction backed by law!

Thank you for your support. Watch out as we dish more of the best and stay through to our common quest of birthing the revolution of good governance in our country. Who is not glad WE ARE BACK?!


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