It is a SHOW DOWN in Nigeria

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We appreciate great youths of Ibadan City for supporting this cause. The Federal Government is getting frustrated but just pretending to be undaunted; we must keep it up. We must say that our grievances go beyond fuel subsidy removal; our struggle is aimed at restoring a government of sanity, civility and responsibility.
#IbadanYouthsHitTheStreet has been a success:
Tuesday, 3 rd January, 2012: We marched to the governor’s office with a petition and forced him out of office. We locked down roads leading to the State Secretariat. Governor Ajimobi signed, collected our petition, and promised to fulfil our requests (He must!). We presented a register to people on the streets and they appended their signatures in solidarity with the cause.
Wednesday, 4th January, 2012: The movement converged at Mokola, mobilized at Gate and occupied NTA to show our grievances against the compromising posture of government-owned media houses. We also used the avenue to enlightened people on the consequence of Fuel subsidy removal and how their participation in #OccupyNigeria Movement in Ibadan can upturn the anti-people reform.
Thursday, 5th January, 2012: Sango junction was occupied for hours and we had okada riders, commercial drivers, artisans and traders coming out to join the protest. Afterwards the movement went to Dugbe for more sensitization of people on the ills of fuel subsidy removal. At Mokola there were bonfires; amazingly peaceful bonfires.
Friday, 6th January, 2012: This was historic as we had planned to rename Iwo-road and change the name to Liberation Square. Oyo Sate Police Command got to know about our plans and made efforts to stop us. We mobilized the masses, occupied Iwo-Road and Renamed It Liberation Square. We had the masses appended their signatures in agreement with the decision. For the next 5 hours, the Liberation Square was still occupied; we locked down Lagos-Ibadan expressway, New Ife Road and Bank Road. Over 1, 000 youths and citizens came out in solidarity with us.
Saturday, 7th January, 2012: This was a sensitisation movement at Mokola round-about. The movement moved to Mokola, venue of Hon. Awoleye’s Town Hall Meeting. We used the opportunity to 3occupy the venue, make our demands know and send a letter to the National Assembly. We must say that we do not expect Hon Awoleye and all other federal representatives in Oyo State until the removal of fuel subsidy is reverted.
Finally, we have declared a compulsory shutdown of commercial activities in the state with effect from Monday, 9th January, 2012. We shall not wait for NLC. The youths of Oyo State have declared indefinite strike till Federal Government revert removal of fuel subsidy. All public and private enterprise should comply or we #occupy their premises. Together we must reject all acts of cruelty been unleashed on the masses by the government. No more shall the masses suffer to keep public office holders in luxury.
On Sunday, 8th January, 2012, we shall continue the movement, sensitizing the citizens and mobilizing ahead of Monday (mother of all protests).
On Monday, 9th January, 2012, we shall return Liberation Square (Gbogan Ominira) to kick start 24 hours #occupyIbadan.
Our Demands are as follows:
1. Fuel Subsidy Removal must be reverted
2. Salaries of all public office holders (including the president, governors, senators, honourables and ministers) must be reduced. Expenditures for all the three tiers Government (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) must be less than 25% of the budget for 2012.
3. Reduction of school fees in tertiary institutions owned by either state or federal government.
4. Prosecution of former and present public office holders who have been accused/suspected of corrupt practices.
5. Recovery of loots from corrupt public office holders.
6. Rejuvenation of the three moribund refineries and construction of six(6) more refineries.
7. Establishment of federal vocational centres in the thirty-six (36) states of the country. This would help in engaging youths and give access to opportunities.
8. Declaration of war on Boko Haram and deployment of hi-tech detectives, state-of-the-art equipments and security information platforms to fish out the sponsors, collaborators and members of Boko Haram terrorists.
9. A long-lasting agreement with all labour unions in order to ensure stability in the tertiary institutions, civil service, hospitals and the business environment.
10. Declaration of assets of all public office holders elected in April 2011 Elections; and such should be published in the dailies.

We shall be dogged, resilient and persistent in seeking that our government come into alignment with the wish of the populace. We shall claim back our Nigerians from the cabals of shenanigans, opportunists, saboteurs and political god-fathers.

Students Leaders For Change
Wits’ Forum Initiative
Coalition of Youths Against Fuel Subsidy Removal, Oyo State

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