The New Nigerian Deal

Nigeria has finally arrived! Beyond the protests, the extra-judicial killings, the cerebral and non-cerebral discussions, the farce called negotiations at Aso Rock, a bell is ringing for change and Nigerians have come to answer that call. The time to renegotiate the Nigerian project is here.

Nigerians toil while their rulers eat the fruits and harvests from their toiling. Nigerians work and never get reward for value created. Nigerians pay the highest prices to live the lowest living standard. Politicians have been gathering in years to talk about North and South, to discuss the way forward for East and West but that is the elite agenda. The Nigerian agenda, the neo-Nigerian quest has nothing to do with geographical definition; it has everything to do with two people – the ruler and the ruled! It is time to renegotiate governance and leadership. It is time to put every card on the table. It is time for our rulers who were voted to lead but have carried on like Emperors to come clean.

Nigerians now know all the numbers. They now know that the Senate President’s annual salary will cater for 34 thousand Nigerians even at the yet unpaid N18 thousand minimum wage. Nigerians now know that the gardens of the Presidency drink the value of water at the cost of 12 thousand people’s salary. They are all over the internet and digging for more revelations. The more they dig, the more they find, the angrier they become. For once, Nigerians are willing and ready to die to refresh the polity in terms of its essence and responsibility and usefulness to the average Nigerian.

As for those at the helm, they’d do well to heed this voice. No Nigerian can afford to bribe all these Nigerians protesting for change the world over. Is it the same man that bribed the man at Ojota that paid the man at Helsinki and ensured Nigerians from across the nation, the continent and the world speak the same language and with one voice? To say that is to be lost in delusion or to be dead to common sense. Enough of corruption and gross mismanagement, enough of mindless leadership and abysmal failures in governance, Nigerians want a new deal. They understand the politicians will not give it, so Nigerians are out to force their freedom. Nigerians are out for change. Nothing in the history of this nation has ever united our people as much as the current agitation for good governance. We are one people united against the forces against our common productivity and development. We now know it never had anything to do with religion. We have seen and proven beyond doubt that our different tongues though long divided by politicians have spoken the same language. We are sick and tired of Executive madness, we are fed up with ministerial idiocy, so we are desperate and ready to give all it takes to have our country back.

To stand in the way of this movement is to stand in the way of your destruction. To come against this movement is to shorten your reach from death. This is beyond N65, this is a quest for change, a common voice by Nigerians for a new order. This is our time for Independence and if it takes our sweat we will perspire, if it takes our blood we will keep breathing, if it takes our life we will die fighting.

Fear died yesterday! we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail! We will Occupy everywhere occupiable until we redefine the order of our leadership. We will all march and come against oppression, we will bear the pains of this struggle knowing that when tomorrow comes our children will not cry before they eat, they will not have to beg to drink a cup of water, they will not watch the children of the leaders of their time attend schools abroad while they sit at home wondering when the latest strike will be called off.

We are ready for this fight. We want a new order. It is time to talk! This is our time for liberty and prosperity, if it takes our sweat we will perspire, if it takes our blood we will keep breathing, if it takes our life we will die fighting.

Fear died yesterday! we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail! We will Occupy everywhere occupiable until the Oppressors yield to the force of our unity or give their own life for the sake of the interests they defend. We are supposed to have 36 States but instead we have just three: the state of fear, the state of hunger and the state of poverty. They all share the same capital called Injustice with their secretariat at Insecurity Crescent!

Nigerians all over the world will come out tomorrow Monday, 16th January, 2012 to march in peaceful protests in a common quest to redefine the order of our leadership and to renegotiate the contract of our country and its citizens. The days of the Monkey working hard and the Baboon just feeding fat on the toil of the Monkey are over. We know N1.6 trillion was not spent on subsidizing petrol last year because we know even at a period of generally high global oil prices between January 2007 and June 2010 we spent N1.6 trillion for the same product. We know the subsidy deductions increased six times in the months before and after the elections. We know everything. We now know enough to force a change. Dare us at your own peril!

Fear died yesterday! we will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail.

This is a message every Nigerian must know. Information has taken us thus far; it is information that will deliver the victory. We will win! Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint. God Bless Nigeria and may God bless every Nigerian that knows this is a fight we must fight because God will not come down to deliver men. Only men deliver men, only Nigerians will deliver themselves.

PS: If you are a public office holder reading this or you are close to one, it is time to call a press conference and announce your willingness to have your salaries, emoluments and other allowances cut by at least 70 per cent. This applies especially to those whose pay we know isn’t moral in a supposedly poor country as ours.

J Japheth.Omojuwa

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