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Souvenirs not for sale

It has come to our notice that people are looking to cash in on the struggle of the Nigerian people for change. This is about our people and our quest to finally make our voice count in the struggle for a better country. Nobody has a right to make money out of this quest. Whoever has sold anything to you in the name of #OccupyNigeria is doing it on his on her personal whim.People have been making sacrifices for this moment in our history to happen, others should not see it as another opportunity to make ends meet. Let us all join hands together to do the right thing

Whoever cares about the Nigerian people will not use this struggle as a means of personal enrichment. It is a Nigerian quest for change.
We want the petrol taxes removed and prices returned to pre-January 1st date and a real cost in the salaries and especially the allowances of public office holders. The 25 per cent announcement the president made about reductions in their basic salaries is a charade. Their basic salaries are just about 10 per cent of the total take home. Essentially, the president only took off 2.5 per cent from the salaries of members of the Executive. As you can see, the president is hearing us but he is not listening yet.

Again, avoid cashing in on the people’s quest for change. Let us together contribute to make our nation better.
My self and other young Nigerians will be on Nigerian Info radio station at 8am tomorrow. We will break down these issues once more.

Fear died yesterday. We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail!


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