That the strike has been called off is no longer news. What is important is that we have all learnt lessons from it and that the President was compelled to make some concessions. In other words he bowed to the will of the people even though he may not have gone as far as some of us wanted. That is the beauty of democracy.

It is time for us to build bridges, to come back together as a nation, to heal the wounds of the last few weeks and to collectively face the challenge of Boko Haram and all those who seek to divide our nation on religious and ethnic lines.

I commend the members of Occupy Nigeria, the NLC and the people of Nigeria for a fight well fought and I commend the President and the government for getting off their high horse and pulling us back from the brink. That is what we expect from them. I do however regret and condemn the killings and the deployment of troops in Lagos, Abuja and some other parts of the country.

My conclusion and my position is this- it is time for us to drop the anger and the hurt, to sheath our swords and to try to move on and forge ahead as a nation. Let us join hands with one another, come together and do precisely that. As long as we have a government that is sensitive to what people want, think or say and that respect the rights of the people there is still hope for tomorrow. God bless Nigeria.

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