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MY LESSONS FROM #OccupyNigeria

Lessons from the trenches


Nigerians are peace loving people #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

The journey to liberty cannot be achieved in 2 weeks #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

There’s a new awakening, Nigerians now care to know #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

We are on the path to redemption #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

When u occupy, never go to sleep. “for When men sleep, the enemy comes to plant weeds ” #bible #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

We now have our own young heroes, there’s hope in 2015 #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

We now know our friends, and our enemies too #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

“Help our youths the truth to know” … our youths now know the truth. #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

Nigerians in diaspora are still in touch with home. #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

We are not cowards because we did not protest today, they are d cowards for bringing guns to a battle of words #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

January 2012 will remain in our memories just like 1993 #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

Beyond SUBs & twitfights on twitter and poking on fb,Nigerians have learnt how to put social media to use #Whatilearntfromoccupynigeria

By Oluyomi Ojo, Lagos Nigeria

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