Published:17 Jan, 2012


By Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

I have one request to make and Allah is my helper. Any attack on Nasir el Rufai or on Nuhu Ribadu is an attack on me. Nasir is to my mind is one of the greatest and most patriotic Nigerians to have served in public office and he is by far the best FCT minister we have ever had. Like all of us he is not perfect.

In my AIT interview I said I agreed with 90% of what he said a day before our interview and the two bits I didn’t agree with I stated: I don’t agree that there is no subsidy and I believe Nasir was quoting contributions from trusted experts which have been flying around recently including Prof Tam David West.

And we have debated this issue of accounting and economic concepts in this forum. I also do not agree that it is easy in the short-term to have massive fiscal retrenchment without a huge political backlash-indeed the fuel subsidy is one such case and retrenchment for instance would also bring people out.

But Nasir is one person for whom I have always had the highest level of personal respect. His integrity is beyond reproach-of course, people will say anything but after years of trying no one is yet able to show any evidence backing up allegations. Intellectually, I am yet to know anyone who can match him and this has been the case since the 1970s. Femi Fani-Kayode has written in Nasir’s defence but these are not Nasir’s words and if you knew Femi well you would not be surprised or bothered by his peculiar choice of language. I have seen Femi transit from a rabid ethnic chauvinist and christian fanatic who thought Obasanjo was a stooge of the backward Muslim north, to a minister in Obasanjo’s cabinet preaching national unity, and now to some freelance activist and public commentator.

This is just a stage he is going through but I like to think he means well. When AIT requested me to speak they never said it was to respond to Nasir and when we started and they played their clip we told them we didn’t want to personalise this. Nasir and I were friends and brothers as teenagers. We have remained friends and brothers and will remain
friends after office.

We don’t have to agree 100%. He also understands that so long as I am in government I have 100% loyalty to the president. If I feel I cannot be loyal I should step down. This does not mean supporting every policy but it means standing up to play my part in doing what is good for the economy.
I, therefore, request please that no one defending me should attack his person. And only those who don’t know Nasir will even think I am his intellectual match- he is just exceptional in his brilliance.

PS: Femi Fani-Kayode’s response to this piece is here




  • Kabolobari

    Whao, for real?
    Humbling and encouraging!

  • okubanjo oluseun olaoluwa

    el-rufai and sanusi! world & opposite

  • Sokoh Great Kesiena


  • Elexharry

    This is just brillant and exceptional. I don’t need to read this to know they’re brothers and like minds. I just love SLS’s humility in accepting certain facts. I just love this. I don’t care about what others may think.

  • oriyomi

    This is so deep,I appreciate ur courage
    “Friends after office” gud one

  • Ola

    I don’t knw how much I love dis man but I know I love him and as for FFK, he is looking for a cheap Fame once againg.

  • Isimemen

    I have developed a new level of respect for SLS, his submission(write-up) is exemplary and highly remarkable. My only disagreement is the 100%-loyalty-to-the-president bit, his loyalty must first be to the Nigerian nation and its people. **

  • Ejiro

    This is ??how intellectuals should react to issues.

  • umma danja

    This is a wise saying b SUNUSI u should remember u are there to serve as a brother,uncle, father and also a friend! So we expect you to think about the masses when ever you are making such decision again!

  • s. surajo

    If Ngozi was half as humble, we won’t have gotten into this messy situation, but because she works with the World Bank she believe she has all the answeres to Nigeria’s problem.

  • Abdul

    Lamido you are indeed a muslim and a true leader. May Allah guide you in your further undertakings. Every body is entitled to his opinions!

  • Akatu

    Sanusi, this one gesture has heightened my respect for you infinitely. There might not be many Nigerians like you. You are well bred. Your children have a good father. Thanks.

  • Kabolobari

    I’m still reading this piece and wondering what would be going through SLS’s mind while writing this.

    In saying, “I don’t agree that
    there is no subsidy,” is SLS saying he is sure there’s been and that there is subsidy; or, is he merely accepting the accounting of Mr. President to whom he ought to be 100% loyal?

    And, if so, is he able to factually discredit the accounts of Tam David-West and others who have been and are in government and claim there really is no subsidy; or, that there really shouldn’t be such?

    Again, “in doing what is good for the economy,” and therefore supporting a massive fiscal retrenchment of possible budget funds for fuel subsidy, is SLS acting with sufficient reasonableness, honor, and sensitivity to the transformation agenda of the present government and the people who (poor as they are) installed the government?

    That is, does not SLS sense a responsibility deficit between one appropriate set of actions that should precede another where the latter is forced in long ahead of the feasibility of the former?

    Or, is it simply enough for a concerned and loyal SLS to go about business as usual, looking only at the effects of figures and monetary policies on the economy, get his salaries and allowances, and live the rest of his days, and end his tenure and go home, honored very much, while Nigeria remains bushleagued with tons of intellectuals and resources?

    These questions apply across the board really to any Nigerian currently walking the corridors of power and folding their arms in the name of loyalty, watching all sorts of uncooked policies detain us in the gutters.

    It is unfortunate.

  • Nasir Tahir

    El-Rufa remains exceptional in his dealing. I love him.

  • Akwa Ibom Man

    This would have been a great write up if it wasnt as patronizing to el Rufai its almost sickening. SLS should realize that everyone of us also suspect that el Rufai will make a run for the President in 2015, and given the vacuum of power in the North and the tendency of a shift in that direction, el Rufai may actually win or have a huge say in who occupies Aso Rock for the Northerners. SLS needs to find a more subtle way of sucking up to el Rufai. Or take it off the public domain, please!!!

  • donald

    Kwah! Nasir wan run in 2015, Sanusi wan be running mate. #gaskiya

  • Musa Girei

    Both lamido and Elrufai are correct and honest in what they said but I appeal to Lamido to make further research to find out the landing cost per litre of PMS and all additional cost build up that make the subsidy, that is what no one has explain to us yet

  • Hanafi A shehu

    Thats quite impressive, no matter the hidden intended objective of sanusi, at less one thing is clear: elrufai is too good to be underrated by even the president.

  • Ahmed Isah Loguma

    @ Sanusi-you’r 1 in a million!!!

  • Dr Elimihele Tom

    My respect for these men (elRufai & Sanusi) has no limit, each time they comment on national issue; my hope for this nation will be great is only but rekindled. I just hope people stop trying to set them against one another

  • hamisu babashani

    Robbing peter to pay paul ….sls is a rare gem and so is Mal El Rufai….may we
    Nigerians have more of them!!!!

  • waleflame

    Their ????§ a lesson to be learnt. I got mine anyway

  • olugbemi

    Am fascinated by mallam sanusi’s letter dis shows if we can all be humble and respect others pple’s opinions Nigeria would become better some day. I’ll only disagree wiv fact that u sold ur loyalty to d president rather than the masses. It pays for u to be rejected for what is good than to be accepted for wrong doings. Even if the president sacks u, dats not the end of the world for u. this ma opinion. Thanks

  • Victor

    Good guy SLS, intelligent guys are not difficult in accepting fact.

  • Jigga

    He obviously has a way with words..

  • Ayodeji DCFR


  • ele

    He is the man, i am him he is me these are pple talking we shld learn 4rm them o.

  • umar Bashir

    One day Nasir elrufai will be our president bcoz he meant well 4 our nation.

  • Femi Animashaun

    My regards to both compatriots. El Rufai, Nuhu Ribadu and SLS are truly the pride of the North. While they all come from prominent families, they should strive to promote proper education in the North to enhance recognition for excellence in their area. It is very unfortunate that there are Demi-Gods and poverty stricken masses.

    I will suggest that these 3 Brothers begin a drive and a foundation to promote education in the North. Otherwise, my kudos to all three of you. The rest of Nigeria finds you rightfully credible and proven leaders with integrity.

  • Usifo

    I respect SLS’s personality a lot,for accepting the fact which we all know abt this subsidy removal as anoda chance by the government to enrich their Cabals,but one thing is this,I think ur being in office at this particular point in time goes beyond Ur 100% loyality to the president,U should also have a feel of pity for we the masses out there,and try to support transperency of govt. Policies,not only to suit some strata in d country,but the whole popultion at large,if subsidies were to be removed,what are those facilities put in place so that Masses don’t hav to pay derely? Its more than TV broadcast of announcing removal of Subsidy which was never even ment to be there initially,Certain infrastrutural facilities have to be in place..We need intellectuals like U sir to help get the nation to that place we all desire(I.e that better place for living).Thank U so much for this brave declaration.

  • Olawuyi Amaechi

    Preparing for 2015?…Nigerians are waiting and are definately more intelligent than before. The battle is not about write ups but on who we feel can deliver when the time comes.

  • Malam Zarami

    Sanusi my brother, you have every right to be 100% royal to the government you are serving.

  • aminu hafiz wali

    vive la mal.sunusi lamido I have always trusted he will never let us down ever, Allah Ya kiyaye, ya Kara maka daraja jinin asali’

  • I Danhalilu

    U have finally earned my greatest respect for accepting that my bro and mentor El-Rufai is better than all of u guys. Kudos


    I’ really respects both sunusi and el rufai

  • Ugo

    This is a good piece. But i think “this does not mean supporting every policy…” is weighty too.

  • zuwaira yusuf

    Confidence comes naturally with success. But,success comes only to those,who are confident. So,hold ur days with great confidence,Sanusi keep it up.U and El_Rufa’I don’t allow d world to interfere between u guys.

  • idris masaga

    El-Rufai you are my hero olredy Lamido you are my man of the year god bless you all.


    The truth is bitter but must be told. SLS is cunny in admitting d facts. Loyalty should be to the country 1st before d president

  • samuel apewalen

    You are a rare gem, its only one percent of Nigerians given the immunity that will positively speak of a strong opposition of a sitting govt which they are part of. I am really re-energized by your comments that we still stand for something irrespective of the position we are occupying, hope the likes of Abati will learn a note from SLS. Conscience is an open wound only truth can heal it.

  • Kashere2011

    I total know u’re a humble man b4,nd u disgrace my believe,i read an article in one of leading national papers.I ponder if we have leaders that prefare to serves the nations against the will of the masses.we now know that we get wolves in lamb a common man ,Allah can safe us from such leadership.

  • Idris Namalle

    I respect respect both Sanusi & Elrufai, they are intellectuals to the core, Allah su6ang on khayru e juutal balde, ameen

  • salihu Abubakar

    Well, his new found humility is refreshing but y has he been cocky before now? He was carrying on as if there was no alternative to his economic prescriptions,until Nasir started to dismantle them with facts and we realised the emperor actually wore no cloths. Now we know that his loyalty to the GEJ’s government determines his support for any policy not conviction or any higher values. We won’t forget!

  • D. Centurion

    We indeed have very exceptional minds in Nigeria and I feel very proud of Nasir ElRufai and Sanusi Lamido. This is the kind of examples that set the standards for national discuss. I love Nigeria!

  • baffa

    Don’t be deceived by his word that seems humble, for him and his economic team to decide on a policy that knowing fully would lead to loss of lives where it could have other wise been avoidable

  • joe

    Oga kabol…. This isn’t ur blog, ur tory too much! *yawns*

  • Bolaji Abu

    Hhm. Am speechless, so speechless. As for loyalty and other issues raised, I ll leave them for another day to discuss. But here, right now, is humility. Pure humility!

  • sulaiman ahmed

    Indeed ?????o????? a?????ré? also a patroitic nigerian, since ?????o????? to build better nigeria. Nasiru is more confidence than any other person in this forUm. I remain loyal sir

  • fatihu

    SLS you have just restored my confidence in you!

  • Hauwa saidu

    Woww a very beautiful article,Sanusi lamido Sanusi u r one in a million,u r too brilliant i trust u.Allah ya ja zamani.

  • Vajose

    These are pol?t?cal glad?ators, throw?ng up the?r cand?dacy for the next pres?dent?al elect?on. We know your ant?cs. Sweet tongues w?th hearts’ full of venom. Oh Lord, please reveal the?r hearts’ ?n the sun, and let the world see them for who they are.

  • lawal

    This is a fabulous submission by SLS and ur loyalty should be to people of nigeria. Not the president alone

  • Olayemi


  • Sulaiman Danwawu


  • pressmayowa

    we are not morons Mr Lagido Rakunmi

  • martynez fernandez

    I think SLS over-idolised El-Rufai. Besides, i think he’s more brilliant and God fearing (i think) much more than El-Rufai

  • Olalekan Muideen Oyebamiji Kobiowu

    “Life after office” dis d level undstand in CBN gvnr. Bt i dnt accept d fact dat dia’s subsidy. Y has Dr. Ngozi okonjo Ewiala nt tender her resignation letter

  • Dapo

    SLS knows what he’s talking about. A very intelligent man, I must say. And he really has a responsibility to be loyal to his president, otherwise like he said he should step down, unless he honestly feels he can still make a difference even in this hopeless govt. Of course we can’t always have the same opinions but SLS is the one person that has made the most intelligent arguments in favour of subsidy removal in this present govt.

  • Fred

    At least we can agree that el Rufai is not infallable. And its just possible that like Fani Kayode did, that el Rufai can transit frm one attitude to another. It all makes us human anyway but I wonder if Lamido really owed this apology

  • zainab

    And so what if SLS is saying all these things cos he thinks Elrufai is going to run for president in 2015? Does that negate any of the things he said? Isn’t it known to all of us commenting here that Elrufai is the best fct minister ever produced? Isn’t it true that he has a mind sharper than a knife? Isn’t it also true that even his most hated enemies tried in vain to pin any corrupt deal on him? Pls if the man decides to run for presidency, I will vote with all my fingers and toes if I have to.

  • miemie

    I think SLS should be more loyal to the 150m ppl,than to just a single Man&i think the masses should be Your priority&what&where they il find their selves,because ther is no arrangement made 4 the poor ppl to get a better life in nigeria!So better be loyal to the masses&you il acheive your Goal,if not,am Sorry!

  • Abdullahi magaji muhammed

    I have a lot of respect for my intellegent brothers,just that Sanusi is presently in government and El rufai also played his part when he was in office.The difference goes nothing beyond that,the most important is sincerity of purpose.They are models worthy of emulation

  • Umar Salisu Alhaji

    U said d truth abt Elrufai bt withdraw ur 100% loyalty 2 Gej its only Allah dt ur expected to pay such loyal take note

  • Corzeem

    Anyway, no one is perfect. But to be 100% loyal to the president is not enough, rather it is self-defeiting to gullibly loyal when critical direction, suggestion or idea is imperative, and in which one have the intellectual capacity to provide. No help is rendered at all and as a matter of fact an image which has taking one a good number of years to build could be left with regrettable and unforgettable scars.

  • Jibril khalil

    I have watched Nasir el-rufai since when he was at spit privatisation before he became minister, when he talks u know an intellectual is speaking, though SLS is also exceptional.

  • Abubakar B.Ruwandoruwa

    SLS loyalty does not mean putting the masses in to hardship knowingly.Though you have tried by agreeing with facts even when you’re in mix of bad people that have no pity for Nigerians.GOD DEY!

  • Abubakar B.Ruwandoruwa

    SLS,Loyalty does not mean putting the masses in to hardship knowingly.Though you have tried by agreeing with facts even when you’re in mix of bad people that have no pity for Nigerians.You are a H?R?. GOD DEY by your side!

  • Sir Dion

    Wat all d fuzz about? A man makes a very cunny & funny submission, making sure dat all parties concerned get to see dis write-up, makes all of them happy & hopping mad wit joy, then he slicks home, collects his pay & a pat on d back from all concerned & then lives happily ever after. Wat do we all do? We still praise & clap for him, forgetting all the parts he has played in the past in ‘killing’ us. The man is sure wiser than all of you put together. Mtcheeew.

  • jimmynorth

    So patronising, so irritating, so false.
    Pride is merely inverted humility, and ds write-up reeks of pride. Most of us can see through ds melodrama, and discern it is just another scene in ur well scripted dance of shame.
    It wud take more than an attempt at humility for us to forget your betrayal,the lost lives, the pains, it sure would take far more!

  • aminu tukur

    Lamido or nasiru, when all is said and done, posterity will judge you based on the side of issues you pitched your position with. And all of us should be mindful of this when we fulfill or fail in our responsibility to each other’s well-being.

  • Jibril khalil

    I have watched Nasir el-rufai since when he was at privatisation before he became minister, when he talks u know an intellectual is speaking, though SLS is also exceptional.

  • Abdullahi S. Suraj student

    SLS u disappoint us as we are focusing ur credibility, we will not 4get and 4give what u hv done, u and jega. jewish agent in 9ja.

  • Sani Mohammed

    I think SLS is honest and ready to fight for what he believe no matter what.The subsidy issue is a blessing ,it opens our eyes to a lot of issues.The whole thing is about conflicting opinion not something to cause conflict because our goal is to see Nigeria becoming a great nation.

  • ibrahim abawa

    Both gentleme ar intellectuals. Dey hv attributes of humility nd dexterity.

  • ahmad umar

    U re not e 1st 2b e CBN governor, u re nothing but a nincampoop. And are’t u ashamed of saying ur loyalty goes hundred percent 2 GEJ? I love ma death better than u asshole,go 2 hellfire!

  • hadiza

    With more guys like mallam elrufai, nuhu ribadu and de prince from kano,there will be hope for nigeria. Carry on my president in waiting el rufai. God bless yu

  • Shonde wasiu

    Kudos to u SLS, i really appreciate ur sense of humility but your loyalty shd hav been to the mases.

  • Bashir Maru

    I never doubt your integrity for one second but my anger with you was as a result of your newly developed blind political loyalty. You contribution to the entrenchment of our democracy is second to none. May Allah (SWT) bless you more with wisdom and life longevity. I’m humble by your humility

  • Luna Bawa

    Some asked that the true landing price per litre be investigated..this price is usually affecting by foreign exchange. The truth is that the marketers with their allies in NNPC temper with vouchers showing discrepancies with between the day a vessel leaves a source port and arrives in Nigeria. They choose to ignore because of their conniving and self consuming greed. The government is not sincere coz if they were. This things need no special financial forensic analyst to dictate inflated prices with related altered dates. Sanusi and elrufai my respect for you both!

  • Abimbola Smoothgenius

    Great job SLS, that was beautifully crafted piece however masked
    enshrined with some elements of sycrophantic tone.
    No doubt the duo are men of honour but great people of
    Nigeria don’t be bewitched and hypnotised with
    sugar coated political melo-drama. Long live Nigeria.

  • abdul sambo

    Well sed SLS…I don’t wanna bliv dat u strongly feel ds subsidy removal is a lasting solution 2 d corruption surrounding d entire govt u claimed 2 be loyal to.

  • YkWealthy

    Birds of d same feather, everyone of u guys dat av been mismanaging N stealing wot belong to Us all rather dan serving ur I place right now curse of ” No FUture for ur lineage” . Plz stop ds bla bla praising for urseves, ”
    U no wr u meet n plan so many bad things for urseves rather dan 9ja”

  • mohammed jibril abdulrazaq

    What else can I say as a young economist I thought all hope is lost but with these two gentle men I have found a new hope for our generation in terms of intellectualism God bless Nigeria

  • doren

    I wish our politicians cud b lik dis…it’s all about issues and not attacking persons.
    I read through some of the comments and was disappointed as usual.must everything be attributed to region…North,South.We should emphatically see ourselves as Nigerians,good and people are found in all regions.God keep Nigeria!

  • michael

    Nice words, Sanusi. I’m concerned though about dismissal of Fani-Kayode. He is definitely not a man after my-you would say-taste. Buit he is a man who has held public office. You definitely didn’t show respect for his person. Why? Could it be because he didn’t grow up with you? Or is not as intelligent as you would prefer? Or, and this is stretching it, he is of a diferrent religious persuasion as you and El Rufai? You see, humility is not subjective and not worn as a jacket whenever the wearer wishes. And as a public officer, particularly at this time of national worry, you would do better to build than to tear. You see, you may be tearing down a house you would come to need. Ask Reuben Abati and Labaran Maku

  • Maryam Jumare

    SLS has spoken his mind.. But all the things he mentioned about Mallam Nasir El-Rufa’I are nothing but solid facts! El-Rufa’I is exceptionally intelligent, brutally blunt, confident and above all, he is the ‘Last Man standing’ in the whole of the North, others can only follow. Alhamdulillah for Mallam! SLS,you owe Nigerians a duty of protecting their interests when it comes to policy making and implementation. Subsidy Removal was impromptu and too harsh on the citizenry, and we all feel our interest wasn’t well protected in this regard… God dey sha (Poor Man’s Prayer)

  • Abdulaziz Kugu

    Imagine Sanusi L saying he’s being 100% loyal to the president. That is why your present decisions are clueless… GEJ is a leader in democratic government not a “ruler”, he said the removal of fuel subsidy is in favor of the masses, but it is clear that the effect(short term) is negative not to even talk of the impact(long term). Because all your expenses is from the government, is obvious you can’t think about how the masses will feel. Loyalty to a clueless president has turned you clueless too. Great one there.

  • benson

    I laugh at people who call this man loyal,humble and all that.dnt get me wrong,he’s a very brilliant economist,but dat’s all he is,an economist,all he sees are figures,he doesn’t care about the woman who has no job and now has 2 look 4 N200 4 each of her 4 children 2 transport 2 school now…and how good an economist is he when our naira keeps slumping?…there’s one word SLS loves,and that is CUT…or of creating jobs,we’ll be loosing it,

  • ZaZi

    Mallam Sanusi, everyone around me knows I love you. This endearing piece you’ve written about El Rufai is humbly. Now unto other matters; how could you??? I noticed that Ngozi evaded a question during your interview with her on AIT. When asked what the FG did with the money gotten from the subsidy on diesel, she flat out changed the topic. You’re here and you’ve written this beautiful piece. Surely you can answer that???

  • philip

    I have always had the believe that Nigeria needs a leader like El-rufai. I sincerely hopes he runs for the presidency come 2015…

  • muhammad T sani

    SLS, I respect you to the extent ,you became my role-model,when ever u’re making presentations i must listen attentively ‘coz i must achieve something but by evolution of fuel subsidy you also performed better you forgot about the huge no/ of nigerians who are surviving below the poverty line.pls rethink over it.

  • http://Gmail Umar farouq

    Kodus 2 dem!


    Mallam sanusi u have make a great mistake,u knw is nt everybody understand economic term,whn u re explain how subsidy is u could have learn man explainiton to make uneducate once undstand what subsidy is all about and how it going to work in the community.with due respect sir

  • Lizzy Asheazi

    El-Rufai in his interview sound confident so also SLS. Who den do wi beliv? Nigerians nid d trust abt subsidy.

  • Umar Bello

    Sanusi shame on you. We respected you before, but no more. You decived us, you not as you seems to be. We comend your efforts for the good you have done and we must say no to this mesy work you has done

  • yakubu adamu bajoga


  • yakubu adamu bajoga


  • opeyemi

    Until you stop seeing yourselves that’s SLS, ribadu and el rufai as demi gods of the North and carry your people out of the darkness of illiteracy all ure saying is balls

  • Haruna Gadam

    The duo of Sanusi L. Sanusi and El-Rufai address national issues point blank adequately backed with facts and figures. Let those in the corridor of power emulate them so Nigeria can move forward as one solid nation.

  • Sada

    There r two sides to a coin, only time shall tell!!! On the other hand SLS’s pronouncement of El-Rufai as an exceptional character is the honest truth!!!

  • Sarki,M.

    Malam Nasiru kenan!Mai ilmi ya huta.May Allahu(swt)continue to bless n protect you here n hereafter are a role model thumb up.

  • kabir Adamu

    Its not surprising on LSL’s truthful comment on el-Rufa’i. Doing otherwise would have been most disappointing not only to us but his forefathers of blessed memory. Ameen.

  • nice one.u are a man of cönscience u just won my adimiration.ur words were too thoughtful

    powerful thought

  • Umar Bello

    Sanusi shame on you. We respected you before, but no more. You decived us, you are not as you seems to be. We comend your efforts for the good you have done and we must say no to this mesy work you has done. You are now disappointment to the poor people of this nation. We can never forgiv you. May God punish (within the shortest posible time) who so ever contributed to our suffering. B. B. Umar

  • usman yerima (Hodi)

    welldone Lamido

  • Sirajo Vono

    The best of both worlds!! Keep it up!! Hope to have more of them in Naija.

  • Mustapha Boyi Ringim

    SLS, u’ve done well in exposing d evil called subsidy, bcs if not 4 ur patroitic intervension d country will collapsed in near future, u re far far better than el rufai bcs he is part of monster govt under obasanjo that kills our econamy thru thier policy

  • Abubakar

    It is said that those who are humble are usually exalted” Sanusi is being humble by accepting d facts but where I don’t agree with him is d 100% loyalty to d president. Haba prince, I tot u re one that can drop his resignation anytime u feel a policy is against the masses. Pls don’t be follow follow!!!

  • Auwal Ibrahim Azare

    This true love and sincere devotion. May Allah guide and protect you from the evill of your enemies.

  • usman yerima (Hodi)

    Lamido u try

  • mukhtar

    Exquisite and intellectual!!! Bt I also agreed on previous write up by Ejiro abt d 100percent royalty to d Government.

  • Oyedun Mutiu

    SLS is a man i respect so much 4 his duggedness & voracity in tackling issues wit an unbiased n analytical mind. One tin I disagree wit is ur binding loyalty to Mr President. Even if d president’s policy is wrong and anti masses, does that mean he will go along with it unchecked? I love ur oratorial skill but detest ur cunningness in inciting d masses to reason with d govt even when they’re oppressed. I salute ur courage in respecting d views n opinion of others even wen they contradict urs.
    It’s a known fact that to lead u’ve got to take difficult decisions, n dat u’ve been doing since u became CBN gov. but get ur facts right n make d masses ur no 1 constituency, that way we shall all respect U even after office.

  • yusuf Jidda

    I admire ur courage 4 admitting that, Mal El Rufai is better than u Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. It takes only a distinguished intellectual 2 appreciate constructive criticism n appraise d author! Mal. El Rufa’I more grease 2 ur elbows, we d masses r with u. Nigerians have now come of age, come 2015 we will not only b voting based on premodial sentiments or party affiliations. But, only on credibility, leadership ability n intellectual soundness. Thank u

  • ogunmekan abiodun

    Mallam sanisi,,if u are for real on ds 1, and i guess you are, then am impressed, and my rating of mallam El-rufai.just climed up the ladder. Long live Nigeria.

  • anonymous

    This is bullshit lamido! nigerians are ashamed of you sanusi we expected you to support the poor. And you well know that they are not going to work with the subsidy money.they put it all in their. Bank accounts!nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    El-Rufai once said Abuja is not for the Poor! When did he transform to a friend of the masses?
    We are collectively short sighted,tribalistic,Religious Bigots with little or no memory and that’s why our leaders would continue to ride us like horses and screw us like whores! As for the CBN governor…..I’m sure he has been told to render apologies by the Chief imam! My take is, anyone who watched all these while how the political class raped us and chooses to use a public uprising to stand with the masses,is part of our problem and should please keep silent!

  • Rano

    Shut up.. We hate u Sanusi kuma Allah ya isa.

  • tfish

    d duo are authorities in dea proffesions, so mr gov i expectd u 2 think deep 2 undastnd d pains d masses wil pass tru without subsidy, so supportin bad policies in d name of loyalty am disapointd in u SLS

  • Mitity Onye Okoh

    Abi them wan jons me…smart ass.already campaining 4 2015???

  • lade

    Am quite impressed cos I attacked
    SLS in an email I sent to elrufai and
    He used same words SLS used to
    Describe him.Sanusi just earned my

  • Abel

    This is what I expect of ppl with honour, SLS has my respect for this; it’s my opinion that as a nation we need to continue these discussions in every sphere of our country an demystify all the issues that bedevil us. Pls can we have another town hall meeting with the likes of Prof Tam D. West, the morons in NNPC and the Venezulean Ambassador. We can leave out the minister of Petroleum as she has nothing to offer us in terms of knowledge.

  • Ahmad

    I personally admire both El- Rufai and SLS for what they stand for, but SLS should pls stop supporting 100% the bad policies of GEJ who came to power not because he had anything to offer but because he came from the other part of the country. SLS should remember that he has a sole responsibility to defend the background as well as the society he represents.the article however sounds rather sarcastic than sincere. SLS should also bear in mind that life continues after retirement.

  • Marwan BB

    Sanusi u have done wel,Allah yasa kagaji gidanku ameen.

  • mikail

    GOD is seeying us allllllllll.

  • Odiba

    Lamido, El-Rufai & Ribadu are some of the finest crop of leaders we have ever had in this country. I have the greatest degree of respect for these men, and hope that they will someday be given the opportunity to lead this country. God Bless you SLS for your humility in this instance!

  • Elicana

    This is splendid! Both Sanusi and El-Rufai are great men, you should not allow journalist to curse problem between the 2 of U.

  • Shehu

    Much as I’d love to say much. The events of the last two weeks or so have prompted me to start re-adjusting my thought process especially on issues concerning GEJ& his employees. And so I’d just sum my analysis up based on d new lessons learnt. More than anything we have learn that deception and greed are d motivations behind every action of govt. That beyond the eloquent sweet talking, unassuming facade is the real person. The dictator with a venomous heart. Who will force a policy on a people, and subjugate them to all sorts of torture. SLS as said: he’s loyal to his Pay cheque. And obviously, this is so Patronising to be of true intent. Like every other thing in GEJ’s govt, this is scripted. He obviously is saving himself a space in d 2015 Pres. Election. And if I may add, SLS disagrees wiv just 10% of the arguments Nasir made against subsidy, is it not disturbing to know that barely 2 days after d subsidy saga, Sanusi and allies are beginning to sound unsure about their subsidy arguments, facts and figures, sorry, speculation.

  • Japh

    We just trashed a comment by a certain Tsonyi. We don’t entertain bigots here

  • Engr nasiru umar

    Exactly we need more of you in the naija.

  • Sadiq HAmza Danpullo

    May God see us through and provide good leadership to this great nation. SLS you really impress me for your simplicity and the way you handle your issues. In as much as we treat issues with intellectually honesty without attacking personality and expressing our views sincerely then we can hope for a sincere change and also appreciate forums like this. In life we can either be sincerely right or sincerely wrong and things are always relative but harmonization of relative opinions is equally important towards sustainable development. God save NIgeria.

    Sadiq H A Danpullo

  • Abdulrazak Garba Ringim

    Sunusi Lamido Sunusi don‘t fear anybody tell them the truth you know,God is with you.

  • titiahmed

    Only ALLAH(SWT) knws ur true intention for this write up and all the part you ‘ve taken regarding subsidy removal .He can see right through U and other & May you be judged according to that intention

  • Sam Temitope

    I am of the strong opinion both persons in question are of good character. But SLS must not be part of policies that will not do us good. As the CEO of government’s bank, he must say nothing, but the gospel truth for the betterment of the populace

  • Musbahu Mukhtar Daura

    Haba sls! Do you think that, the removal of subsidy will increase the standard of living of Nigerians or move the economy forward, think wisely b/4 supporting the policies of this most corrupt government we have ever seen.

  • Abdulazeez Suleiman

    I advise you not to be loyal to GEJ alone, but to yourself(personally) to your office(professionally) to your nation(patriotically) and by doing, your concience would be satisfied and you would never need to publish any similar articles ever again! Just my taught, if you like continue like this, which am pretty sure by the time you would be thinking of comming home (kano) your own home would reject you talkless of seeking for any further ranking there. You use to be popupular positively to nigerians, I advise you to amend that, then keep your positive hardwork up and keep any other negative acts further away! By that you might gain your popularity back! This just my taught but hey! No 1 is 100 perscent right just like you said!

  • Isah Abba Rimi

    Yes, as a CBN governor you have to be 100% loyal to Mr President (its the office not the person that occupy the office),and there’s nothing wrong about that. Anybody that know you as Sanusi Lamido Sanusi not as CBN governor will not be surprise with this write up..ONE NIGERIA,ONE NATION.

  • idy

    Sanusi is a very intelligent man,He just sat down and strategized on d words to use,as usual Nigerians get carried away by big grammar,u r suffering to pay rent,el rufai has an estate,sls lives very comfortably,He is using format here,nd u pple r clapping for him,is it by big words,@rano thank u for dat jor nd other wise people that saw thru this sham,sanusi humble ko,humble ni,I feel so sorry,ignorance is terrible,

  • Angela

    @Tsonyi,I couldn’t have put it better!

  • Mikail El-yakub

    I will like to make a few people understand that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai’s position is not in anyway the question, Sanusi L Sanusi has only expressed his high regards for Mallam Nasir El-Rufai.SLS also said he agrees only 80% to Mallam Nasir leaving only 20% in agreement to the government, in this case it points to make a good note that he totally agrees with Mallam Nasir but not with the government,this is just a play of words.
    If you are a frustrated fool go on believing that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai’s statement as to Abuja being for the poor is a slight on your personality…Quick question…..? Is abuja not for the rich? where else do you pay N1.5m for a 2bedroom flat in a place that will normally go for 5times less in other states with choicy areas? He only helps you to understand that Abuja is a place of contest for the wealthy and influential, please read between the lines and do not be deceived if you are complexed inferiorly. You have a problem with spellings please check yourself before you wreck yourself, no one here has insulted your tribe, person or religion so, please go back to school and learn some grammatical ethics. i wonder what your present forefathers are doing with all the money they get from the oil companies right now…matter of facts what is GEJ doing for you right now? i guess you are clueless, wake up! Our forefathers are not the ones speaking here….so do not compare things of the old and things of the new. Be sensible enough to know when not to speak.

  • mohammed

    Sanusi lamido sanusi was once a great man I use 2 respect but now ?? more” now sanusi is one of does corrupt people in nigeria wata pity he’s going 2 hell fire because or worldly things ….and 4 him 2 respon 2 El-rufai interview wit AIT show that one makes me 2 even h8 him more…..lemme tell ??u readers MALLAM NASIR EL-RUFAI remains my role model I always look up to *Haters* ??u burn into ashes to hell with SLS…………………

  • Ali Kutigi

    These people can be realy funny..
    They just feed us every gabbage they can nd expect us to swllow dem obediently..
    Well, we aint fools neither r we ignorant!

  • mohammed

    Sanusi disappointed Nigerians & the Muslims entirely how can he follow does fools & join heads 2geda 2 hurts poor Nigerians…Sanusi was born n brought up in a rich royal family he ddnt ?? anything abt poverty that’s why I sees him as a monster or a vampire tryn 2 bit,and 4 his response 2 my humble EL-RUFAI a dnt like it el rufai ddnt talk abt so why should talk abt some1 who ddnt talk2 ? ……Or is the useless GEJ??? El-rufai is talkn directly 2 the Idiot so if he’s not one1 then he should keep his dirty mouth sh*t
    Now I dnt av any respect 4 sanusi lamido his knowledge is rubish..
    How can he gang up with that hole,bitch called ngozi Iweala ikonjo 2 cheat on poor Nigerians? Tell me how can do such Sanusi??????????????


    SLS ur loyality should not be 100 percent.As u said GOD is ur helper then why not remain some for ur helper so that HE will remain ur HELPER.

  • Ahmad

    Wel spoken SLS. Bt d damage is done. Subsidy removal isnt d issue. Its d curruption surounds d entire govt. Nigerians will never 4get/4giv ds. 100% loyalty is only & only for Allah.

  • http://yahoo Muammad Akoresu

    SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI, I have forgiven you for this BRAVE act. Its difficult to find your types in this country. I watch Nasir and your AIT and i know u were highly cautious and sellective in your choice of words.

  • Saeid Minjibir

    You a brave man SLS,humble.!

  • Umma Sudabua

    SLS, I hate you more everyday! I was so lost to make u my role model earlier!! You are a disappointment as far as am concern. We only remain 100% loyal to Almighty and not mankind. U shall account for every single decision you make on the day of all (judgment day). Shame on you!!!


    100% LOYALTY to the government and what is GOOD for the economic , is easy to say, just. Because u don’t feel d pain the masses r going thru now. But remember this, 100% LOYALTY to the masses and better alternative to ease this pain would have made the masses wrote ur name in their heart till d end of time… I hope SOMEONE ELSE will have that OPPORTUNITY.

  • Bashir

    Why don’t we take people for their words, instead we weave meanings(coloured by our circumstances or emotions) that have nothing to do with what is said. Some even go so low as to heap abuses. Very un-Nigerian if I may say. We need to show good faith and good manners in intellectual discourse, else stick to sideline gutter websites where anything goes.

    EL-RUFAI and SLS are both great Nigerians by many but varied individual yardstick s. Period. Let’s agree to disagree, somewhere in-between we shall find a solution.

  • Eyitayo

    Sanusi, and what is the meaning of this…avnt u got better things to do than winning the people you and your cohorts inflicted pains on or do u think we av forgotten so soon.stop demonstrating your stupidity publicly thinking you ar making an outstanding speech. leave El Rufai alone and let him defend himselff.ITS NONE OF YOUR BIZ…$%^&^%&^**&^&

  • http://yahoo Ibrahim

    Well said JAMES! I like dat

  • suleiman dantani

    Mal.Nasiru can behave thesame or worst than Mal.Sunusi under thesame condition.All have similar spirit of Putting much priority on governmental policy instead of people.To them,how Nigerians perceive their Dev.steps does not matter most wit them

  • Muazu B. Keana

    When LSL was giving details of what our reps and senate re collectin par month and yr we were thinking the BOLD messiah has come not knowin that a Nigerian man is never to be trusted. Now SLS has gone to any length hurting country men and I with the thought of 2nd term as CBN boss, I belief you know it better than I Mr. LSL that WAMAN KADARALLAHU HAKKAN KADARIHI. Whatever Allah will, it ll happen. Mr. CBN is not that most of us re afraid of subsidy but we know ourselves better and you know it too, what ur country men and women can do. So whatever we ll be crying on ur neg.

  • Mr SB

    =—>> Both the Mallam and the Bank Governor know what they’re doing. El-Rufa’i said the truth though personally, I’m still sitting on the fence as regards the ‘no subsidy in the first place’ issue. SLS kind of supported the policy, agreed BUT he only expressed himself on the future benefits of GEJ’s decision. He is very much aware of the negative implications attached to the fuel subsidy removal. That doesn’t mean he’s in support of the A-Z about the current government’s policies! As he said, no one defending me should attack his person (El-Rufa’i). Allah knows best!

  • Majiyagbe Kazeem

    Honestly, SLS truly disappointed millions of his admirers, with the way he passionately supported his Master‘s economic assassination of the poor masses. I think this is a step in right direction to pacify nigerians.

  • http://myusuf2000 Maryam Yagana

    Birds of da same pple do not b deceived wit dis..

  • kamal

    bullshit what are you telling me what fucking Nigerian economy who are the people that melt it down and one last question are the poor Nigerian citizen suppose to pay for the melt down or the people are your supporting. so i think you all don’t know what you are doing

  • Lawal Adeshina

    Sincerely, I do not need to read femi Fani-Kayode’s piece. It will be a waste of time ‘cos it will make no meaning to me.

  • Jones Goodwood

    This dirtyy animal called Sanusi who has blood on his hands because of the number of poeople that were killed during the protests over the removal of the oil subsidy that he wanted is talking now and looking for a way out. He is a bastard just trying to ride on El Rufai’s goodwill. Then he attacks Fani-Kayode who stood woth the people and Occupy Nigeria during the fuel subsiidy struggle and he thinks that people are fooled. I am glad that FFK replied him forcefully and will contunie to do so if necessary. Sanusi should just shut up and bury his head in shame. The role he played in this oil subsidy matte is despicable. Worst still he does not have the brains of FFK, Nuhu Ribadu or El Rufai. He is just another imperiaist agent wearing a bow tie. To hell with him.

  • Bakare Ismail

    The problem is this 100% loyalty to Mr.President rather than to Nigeria, when SLS leaves Govt that’s when he will be able to tell the truth like Rufai and Nuhu. Downsizing should be gradual and not full swoop like the subsidy removal which brought so much hardship or better still cut the total package by 50% to start with. SLS should respond to Bakare and West calculations now not when he might have left office. He can’t be sacked constitutionally.

  • Mallam Yaks

    I think being in govt especially the Nigerian one is a very difficult task. My admiration for SLS strted when he refused to apologise for exposing the cost of sustaining the law makers. To be in govt and speak the truth is a rare feat. I expected same in the subsidy issue. We needed someone who will unravel the mystery, intrigues and deciet therein but short of telling us the consequences of govt irresponsibility in the subsidy scam, he refused to tell us how we got there, he is in a good position to expose the rot in the subsidy issue but he chooses to be “loyal to the President” in covering up corruption and pursuing a policy that is ill-timed and insensitive. Your comments about El-Rufai are your personal opinion. God is the true judge on intents. Nigerians must learn to support good policies not just people. Idolise what is right not the people behind it, that way if a person changes to wron you are still for what is right.

  • bashir k.s.pawa

    Mal.Nasiru El-rufa’i u are a great man we continue 2honour u insha Allah.

  • Toju

    Sanusi,U just said ?a????? being in government makes u 100% loyal,?a????? makes u a zombie,u’ve sold urself out for ur position cos u no longer have the guts to tell them ?a????? what they are doing is wrong.I pray ?a????? I shud see a nigeria where tribe,religion and party politics don’t affect our thinking.Thank God Nigerians are begining to wake up to all the contradictions of Ur likes,the only Economist in d team ?a????? cud not make a difference

  • sanusi

    Sanusi Lamido, El rufai Nasiru and Buhari. you are my model and i believe, we human, we bound to make mistake. but my advice to you never trust our leaders n there co politiance because they wil damage your reputation, Sanusi L.S. iam not happy 4 you to have involved yourself in this oil susidy. iam muslim like i believe iam going to die so i believe our leaders on co northern whatever are inposter. they are only after their family and friend. Salam.

  • Ibrahim erena

    I have esteemed regards and respect for both.But the issue at stake is the present slogan Subsidy.Every Nigerian have the right to express his anger over what he feels isn’t right or certified with.You people brought an undiluted moves claiming that it will revamp our economy after squandering the economy with your stupid electioneering, and now,you want us to reap for what we have not sow?May the Almighty forgive you.

  • Ibrahim

    Saw and Watched the man-handing of Mallam El-Rufai by some security outfit, near Ascon Petrol in Wuse 2. He was pinned to the ground and there was some frisking to relieve him of his mobile phone etc. If they succeeded, I cannot tel, but it was a sight to behold. Things may have gone somewhat awry in Nigeria, but are such acts of violence really ok to carry out

  • Ojukwu Victor

    Sanisu Lamido Sanisu got right. I believe he point himself clear. For GEJ to be his president, he has every right to ve 100% loyal to him. He said that that doesn’t mean he will support Mr prsident when he introduces a bad policy. What else do u want him to say? That he is 50% loyal to Mr president and 100% to his country? No! I disagree with that. Concerning Nasir,Lamido u are right. My dear CBN boss, my problem with you is that u are so intelligent that u like talking touch much. Pls u are an important personality in Naija. U must not respond to every issue. Thanks!

  • sameer muhd naseer

    For sanusi and elrufai is only God knows who is wrong and who is right.Allah mana jagora!

  • apesinfafo

    There is always an appropriate word for every situation and truth is always truth

  • olugbenga

    I have never been let down by Sanusi and will never be. I’ve always been and will always be a firm supporter of SLS.U rock jare

  • Murtala I.Yari

    Well said SLS,more grease to your elbow!

  • Seun

    For me It is very wrong to claim you have 100percent loyalty to the President and not fail in ur delivery of services to the people who elected even the President,that means you would suffer your admirable integrity and Respect of the people you are Govnin to Policies people that elected even the President does not agree with.It would be in a simple term to say all his Personal pursuit of Islamic Banking are more attached with religion, and ethnical suspenses.It is easier to be 100percent loyal to inflicting more hardships on the Nigerian people you use to call ‘The Ordinary Nigeria’,If the President say Bokoharam are in is cabinet,wat is the meanin of that to the Notherners,If he the President claim to share The pains of the nigerian people,wher is Lamido to Protect his own integrity to make the President see why he needs to cut their Expenditures.Mr Loyal,shortchanging integrity for a Harsh policy would kill your profile o.k

  • Abdulkadir ismail

    Kudus 2 both of great future notherns elrufai nd sls but 2 u sls mind u we only b loyal to Allah 100percent nt to dt bad policy of GEJ if nt u will miss ur faith 2 Allah. Up our pride

  • Abdul

    Every action is judge according to intention. The wise, intelligent, deceit, foolish, righteous and the apathetetics. We all know ourselves! weather its good or bad, 100 or 50% loyalty. Thats your cup of tea. Therez a reckoning day in which everyone will account for his\her action. everybody express his opinion from the peak of his IQ. Enough for the wise!

  • Kolawole Salami

    One of the virtue(s) i like in a man is Consistency.The reverse is also the case(what i abhors strongly is inconsistency).I really like the high level of intelligence displayed so far by the Central Bank Governor.He is a straight man.He say the truth irrespective of whose ox is gored.
    Despite the fact he is still in Government he has been able to strike the balance between being in Government and identify with the people especially when it comes to Policies that makes the Masses to be hysterical.I like the way he handle the fuel subsidy brouhaha.
    For El-Rufai i also like the fact that he was highly cerebral in respect to the so-called Fuel subsidy debate.But am taking my time to research his utterances and attitudes while he was in and out of Government.
    For these two Distinguished personalities i will say Egg head meet Egg head.

  • Sanusi solomon


  • Mukaddas Muhammed

    Well said, Mal. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Hate or love Mal. Nasir El Rufai, nobody can change the simple fact that he is an exceptional brilliant technocrat of our time. Therefore, rather than attack him, the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan should leverage from his wealth of knowledge with a view to apply same to move Nigeria forward.

    Thank you.

  • sagir madu Abdullahi

    I personally became obsessed with the little comment coming from the two most intellectuals nothern class that is El rufa’I and Lamido Sunusi,both of them presented facts and figures but truth is one Nigerians are tired with these breakable promises of jonathan govt,nothing is moving fine in Nigeria.

  • Teemoney

    No doubt u r one of my mentor n u will always b.nice article,but pls make sure u do ur best to make this country better again,i luv nig

  • yunusade

    It is better that SLS acknowledge that elrufai has a brilliant ideas on how to move this nation forward it is left to GEJ to be wise and listen to intelectual advice from people like rufai,david west and others that are criticising his govt. These people have practical experience on how to move the nations forward, GEJ economic teams is full of theorists that can not put food on Nigerians table. Enough of theory Nigerian are interested in feasible development not just drawing graphics.

  • rasheed abolomope

    I still believe we are not seizing the opportinity well enough. By personalizing these discussions, we run the risk of throwing away the baby with the bath water. It is one thing to be 100per cent loyal to the President and another thing to be loyal to one’s conscience, the Nation and ultimately to Allah. And this is why those that know should tell the President the truth. What we did last week may seem like seeking a regime change but those that are smart and have not been benefiting from the subsidy network should have sober reflection and tell the President the truth. And it is that we love him but we love Nigeria more. Like Rufai, Sanusi may be forced in future to defend this Government and the roles he played and did not play. And why he kept quiet when things were going wrong. Is it true that we are consuming 35 million littres of fuel per day? Did we truly incur over N1.4t on subsidy payment when only N245b was appropriated by the National Assembly? Is it not better to have the regulatory framework in place before removing the subsidy when this was done in the case of diesel and no single investor set up a diesel refinery plant? By playing to the gallery and publishing our credentials, we are trivializimg these issues and playing games when our Country bleeds and yet we blame Nero’s tantrums in the days of Rome. Well may be our brother Sanusi does not have political ambitions.

  • Nura B. Galadima


  • OmegaX

    Well, Bros Lamido, if as you say you are not his intellectual match, then maybe you should listen to him.
    It’s good that at least you have finally come clean. We understand that a dog must obey his master which you have said as much (and nothing wrong in that) when you declared you have to be loyal to the president in all things. So, at least we know that whatever the president says or does, we should not expect you to see reason and take a reasonable position.

  • sanusi Nasru Abiodun

    Both of you are ??? brother in respect the difference in tribe but islam bring us together Alhamdulilah both of you pride to islam, obviously Allah bless both of you with all it takes to be a compete human being, but for purpose, i want to seize this opportunity to remind both of you that what ever we are doing Allah has knowledge about it both in public and private and one day we shall stand before Allah for accountability, may Allah forgive our short comings

  • adams G

    there was subsidy removal, or call it increase in price of petroleum products, El-Rufai was in government, what did he do? is it because he has lost out that he is now on the side of the masses? is it not the very same masses he was demolishing their houses because of state policy? lets not be decived, i hate emergency “activists”

  • Jamil Kutama

    I wish to hav talent,courage and personality that both SLS and El-Rufa’i has. But they are my role model

  • byemmy

    You can not really blame SLS cos of his position in Govt, cos they wine and dine 2geda, but posterity will judge, where are the Awolowos Azikwe nd the rest bt what u do will speak 4 U. Kudo to Gani nd Fela may ur gentle souls rest in good to people when going up u might need them on ur way back. Shalom.

  • Twins Helen

    Nigeria is stained and expenses already, and our government fond their hands and looking at him tarnishing the image of Nigeria. if fuel prize could get to 45.00 or 55.00 per litre, thief’s, kidnapers, ritualism, Child abuse will reduce in Nigeria.

  • sallah

    welldone to both its good to appreciate others point view that why its call democrazy

  • ‘Lewa ‘Dele Williams

    This xchage of intellectual display is very intrestng n I must say am so much emotionally glue to those ideology they both represents. They re both xpose n got a grt poise for modern governance n understand our views n aspirations as youths; though they may ve their shortcumngs but beta off dan d locomotive n analog leaders governin us; who 2 a grt xtent rely on our academic n xpository acume to functn. Their divergent opinion on polical n socio-economic issue is healthy 4 our democrazy dan those animosities 4rm leaders I ‘ll refers to as beneficiary of crisis. My candid advice is SLS n FFK shld find a way 2 reconcile or amonise their difference n not constraint demself 2 d calamity of d failed generatnal leaders.

  • Maharazu

    A sincere comment of a Prince who never shy away from taking a stand.

  • Alpha

    God knows best. By my parochial understanding of governance, There is no significant difference between OBJ and GEJ administration. I see GEJ as OBJ administration by extension, except fall-outs.

  • giddy

    Truth be told, we have this class of intellectuals from the north that seem to tickle my fancy each time I interact with them thru their writings, interviews or personally. And certainly SLS is one of them. I appreciate also, his composure under pressure and at ease. I fail to see here why the veil pun intended against the person of FFK. Not necessary I think. Be friends with whoever you want to be friends with, respect whomever you wish to, but leave the others to themselves. No need to draw the first blood!

  • charles momo

    Prince Nasir lamido sanusi & brother mr sanusi nasiru elrufai,sanusi elrufai U r an odinary nigerian like any & dont have the right as on who u are to tell pple of our great nation wat to think of anybody cuz u are not GOD ownestly to tell or try to erased things in our memory 4 u to protect the most corrupt,brutalic ungodly FCT minister in our history who held d holy Quran d holy BOOK of islamic faith,swear wt it in d senate hearing & continue to lie wt no fear of ALLAH in a sitting that proves his extremely corrupt,0% intelligent a man who saw many pple go mad,die etc in his brutallic rule under d despot OBJ in d lust of power dat he thought is going to last 4ever now he has lost out & bk 2 d oppositon a man who evicted d late stateman of great serenity justice bashir sambo of blessed memory a great son of your region & Nigerian who serve this Nation for 55yrs with great dedication 1951-2006 six months after retirement upon his right to buy d house he reside in wt a subsisting court order retraining the govt wt d blessing of despot obj age 78yrs he was thrown out dat truma lead to his death in april 2007 & many citizens who lost their lives,now its bn reverse dat the late stateman is right bought his house lawfully dat elrufai is wrong by d senate of our Nigeria dat is the minister dat actually bought an essential(security) house a lessor/lesse in the transaction upon dis illigality & so many u r protecting dis evil man.young man u r nt GOD i believe u r nt as pple c u cuz dy say if u want to know somebody look at his friends time will show u wat will become of him soon,for ribadu anti corruption lead by corrupt leader a smart guy dats why his quiet cuz of his crimes bt GOD has nt forgortten him he will reap wat he sow for u do your job under d most corrupt cabal of the PDP & shut off cuz your grandfather & father will not condone this kind of injustice, unfortunate,degrading remarks from anyone related to them may GOD help you AMEEN..

  • Ali Jamilu Alhassan

    Mr. Governor, you complete loyalty is to the President not the Nation that’s why you support him in all misconceived and ill-advised policies irrespective of the plight of the common Nigerian. That’s how you grew up in a Monarchical manner and attitude, always seeing the common man as a slave. But be wary, as the tide is changing.

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The police yesterday arraigned three farmers in a senior magistrates’ court in Katsina for raping a 10-year-old girl. The accused are Yahuza Musa, 20; Tasiu Abubakar, 20; and Sadiq Isyaku, 20. The trio, who reside at Dakiya village in Safana Local Government Area of Katsina State, appeared before Senior Magistrate Nafisa Bagiwa on one-count charge of rape. The prosecutor, Insp. Hashimu Musa, told the court that the accused committed the offence on June 11...

18+: Rihanna’s ‘#BBHMM’ Video Is Brilliant, Terrifying, Complicated; Judge For Yourselves

The new, highly anticipated video for Rihanna’s “#BBHMM” is an epic, 7-minute visual kaleidoscope of style and excess and, as was clearly intended, it’s generated a lot of buzz since debuting online at midnight today. In the video, we watch Rih, accompanied by two silent minions, kidnap the modelesque wife of an accountant (surprise! Mads Mikkelsen) who owes her some serious coin. The sexualized violence in the video is graphic and disturbing (we'll get to...

JAMB To Determine Admissions Cut-Off Marks July 14

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) says it will hold its 2015 Policy meeting on July 14 to determine cut-off marks for admission of candidates into tertiary institutions. The board said it has concluded all arrangements to commence the process of the 2015 admissions. Speaking to journalists Thursday, JAMB’s spokesperson, Benjamin Fabian, said the 2015 Policy Meeting, where the cut-off points for admissions are usually decided at, has been fixed for 14th July, 2015.

I Was Not Invited To Buhari’s Meeting– Dogara

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has denied reports that he was invited for a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari. There had been media reports that Buhari would hold a meeting with Dogara and Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila who was the choice of the All Progressives Congress (APC) leadership for the speakership position. Dogara in a statement signed his Special Adviser Media and Public Affairs; Mr. Turaki Adamu Hassan said “Attention of the...

President Buhari To Accomodate Investors From Japan, Others To Revitalize Economy

President Buhari said his government will welcome greater investment in-flows from Japan and other developed countries to revitalize the Nigeria’s economy and create more jobs. Buhari said this yesterday while receiving the new Japanese ambassador to Nigeria, Sadanobu Kusaoke who was at the State House to present his letters of credence. He said his government would take all necessary steps to significantly improve the operating environment for domestic and international companies in Nigeria. The...

APC Crisis: Buhari, Saraki, Dogara, Others To Assemble Today For NEC Meeting

The All Progressives Congress (APC) vowed yesterday to emerge strong from its first National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting after its post-election crisis. The crisis, which has split the party’s leaders, erupted after the June 9 election of principal officers at the National Assembly. Senate President Bukola Saraki and House of Representatives Speaker Yakubu Dogara emerged against the party’s wish. The party endorsed Senator Ahmed Lawan for Senate and Femi Gbajabiamila for Speaker. “We...

Arase Deploys New Commissioners Of Police In Lagos, Rivers, Ogun

Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Solomon Arase has deployed new Commissioners of Police in Lagos, Rivers and Ogun states. According to him, the move is to inject fresh ideas in the security architecture of the states, and some other Force Headquarters Formations. A statement signed by the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, Abayomi Shogunle said the postings are with immediate effect. In the deployment chat, Ajani Fatai Owoseni was posted...

NASS: Tension In PDP Over Principal Officers

Indications emerged yesterday that the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) may be heading for a deep crisis over the choice of its principal officers at the National Assembly. The choice of who gets what in the Assembly among PDP lawmakers, it was gathered has pitched many party stalwarts against one another as they differ on who should get what in the National Assembly. It was gathered that while former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife,...

President Buhari Set To Release Ministerial List Soon- APC

All Progressives Congress(APC) has commended Nigerians for their patience and perseverance over the delay in the appointments of ministers,saying that the list would be released soon. National publicity secretary of the party, Alh Lai Mohammed speaking with journalists at Oro, in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State, Thursday at the 9th annual Ramadan lecture also admitted that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari would have fared better had the ministerial appointments been made before now.

Tragic Secrets Whitney Houston’s Daughter Has Been Hiding

Three weeks before she was found unconscious in the bath, Bobbi Kristina Brown phoned one of her best friends, Alex Reid. She was distraught and scared, and was hiding from her live-in boyfriend, Nick Gordon. Her refuge of choice—inside her deceased mother's closet. "She was sobbing. Nick had hit her and she was scared," explains Alex, recalling the conversation with Krissi in an exclusive interview with E! News. "She was very upset. She didn't know what...

Some Governors Yet To Declare Assets- CCB

The Code of Conduct Bureau has expressed worry over the delay by some state governors to declare their assets, one month after assuming office. “The people we are having problem with now are some governors, but I cannot be categorical in terms of statistics except I confirm.” Chairman of CCB, Mr. Sam Saba, said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria. He said, “The governors are not even supposed to start work as...

President Buhari Set To Sack Service Chiefs

President Buhari is set to relieve all the service chiefs of their appointments before the end of the month, according to sources from the Presidency.   The service chiefs involved are the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh; Chief of Army Staff, Major General Kenneth Minimah; Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin; and Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshall Adesola Amosu.   According to Punch, the President is considering leaving out the Inspector General of...

13 Political Parties Blast PDP, Support Buhari On New INEC Boss’ Appointment

The Coalition of Progressive Political Parties, an umbrella organisation for 13 registered political parties in Nigeria, has condemned the statement issued by the Peoples Democratic Party on the appointment of the acting chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, President Muhammadu Buhari had appointed Amina Zakari, acting chairman of INEC, hours after the outgoing chairman, Attahiru Jega, had handed over to Ahmad Wali. The PDP condemned Mr. Buhari’s action and demanded its reversal. In...

Huge Foreign Currencies Smuggled Out Through Borders- CBN

Following the restrictions placed on importers of rice and other non-essential items from accessing foreign exchange at the nation’s foreign exchange market, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has revealed an on-going massive smuggling of foreign currencies out of the country through her borders. The apex bank which made the revelation of the unwholesome practice to frustrate the latest policy to conserve foreign exchange in the country, said it has taken steps, working with other agencies...

Buhari Sacks DG Department Of State Service

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday sacked the Director General of the Department of State Service, Mr. Ita Ekpenyong.   According to an announcement made by Alhaji Haruna Imrana, the Director of Communications, Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation,  Mr. Lawal Musa Daura has been appointed as the Acting DG of the DSS.   The new Acting DG of DSS, Daura was born in Daura on August 5,1953, he attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, from 1977 to 1980, started his...

Nearly 150 Killed In Suspected Boko Haram Attacks In Borno Village

Suspected Boko Haram militants have killed nearly 150 people in northeastern Nigerian villages, mowing down men and children while they prayed in mosques and shooting women preparing food at home, witnesses said Thursday. Dozens of militants stormed three remote villages in the flashpoint Borno state on Wednesday evening, setting houses ablaze in the bloodiest day of attacks by the extremist group since President Muhammadu Buhari came to power in May. Gunmen killed...

NASS: Crisis In PDP Over Principal Officers’ election

Crisis is brewing in the Peoples Democratic Party over the election of principal officers' elections in the National Assembly among its senators.   One of the senators, who spoke with journalists on condition of anonymity in Abuja on Thursday, said powerful forces in the party were planning to install their cronies as principal officers of the party in the National Assembly.   It will be recalled that the party, through its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, had on Wednesday announced the zoning...

Sai Gobe! Buhari Fires DG DSS Ita Ekpeyong, Replacement Announced

President Buhari has sacked the Director General of the Department of State Security Service, Ita Ekpeyong. He has been replaced with Lawal Daura.

Wike To Use 30Bn Loan To Develop Rivers

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the Governor of Rivers, Mr Opunabo Inko-Tariah, has said that the state government’s N30 billion loan will be used to develop the state. Inko-Tariah told newsmen in Port Harcourt on Thursday that insinuations by the state chapter of All Progressives Congress that Gov. Nyesom Wike intends to borrow N100 billion were untrue. He said there were compelling needs to...

External Interferences Caused NASS Crisis – David Umaru

The Senator Representing Niger- East , David Umaru has said that the crisis rocking the National Assembly is due to undue external influence on the National Assembly. The senator who spoke to Journalists in Minna yesterday, stated that the election of Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki and that of Speaker of House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara is not negotiable at his party’s ( APC) National Executive Council (NEC) meeting scheduled for weekend. Umaru stated that interference from outside...

“Even Satan Wasn’t Gay” – President Mugabe Allegedly Says

Following the legalization of gay marriage across America by the Supreme Court last week, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, who is known for his extreme anti-gay views has been making headlines. Earlier this week was a marriage proposal to president Obama and yesterday, he allegedly said what you see below during another interview; "Even satan wasn't Gay, he chose to approach naked Eve instead of naked Adam." - President, Mugabe on homo sexuality.

Man Commits Suicide in Abuja Over Failed Marriage

A father of four, who lived at Jiwa in the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), last Saturday, committed suicide. He allegedly drank a dangerous substance, suspected to be an insecticide after several attempts to bring back his wife, who left her matrimonial home along with their children. Family sources, who spoke to City News on condition of anonymity, informed that the late Sunday Ogul, who hailed from Kogi State, parted ways with his...

Episcopal Church To Allow Same-Sex Marriages

The Episcopal Church says it will permit weddings for same-sex couples after members approved the change at a meeting of its governing body. The decision by the church, which has about 1.9 million members in the United States, follows the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark decision last week to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. The Episcopal Church has taken steps toward greater inclusiveness for same-sex couples in the past. In 2012,...

Man Suffers Burns To His Face After His Phone Explodes

The rate at which phones and chargers are exploding in people's faces is a cause for concern... Bhavesh Thummer, a professional diamond polisher, was left with burns to his face and chest, after his mobile phone blew up in his face when he tried making a quick phone call.Mr Thummer's left eye and ear were burnt in the incident, leaving him wearing a heavy bandage across the whole of his left eye. The device exploded whilst Mr Thummer...

Anambra Indigenes Suffer Over Closure Of Filling Stations, As Petrol Sells For N500 Per Litre

Anambra people are currently not in a happy mood as fuel now sells for N500 per litre in the state. This is due to the closure of most filling stations in protest over what they described as high levies imposed on them by the state government. In order to protest the high levies, most filling Stations shut down leading into fuel scarcity in the state. Black market sellers however resulted in selling theirs at N500 per...

London’s Heathrow Airport To Be Expanded, 800 Houses To Go

Heathrow airport is said to undergo a £19b expansion plan. This is needed for a 3rd runway at one of the busiest airports in Europe, a total of about 800 homes would also be demolished . the runway is the first new runway to be built in the South-East of England since the 1940s. Notable ministers have concluded that the expansion is needed to keep London in connection to the rest of the world and keep...

Saraki Condemns Recent Boko Haram Attacks, Expresses Sadness Over Lagos Boat Mishap

The president of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, on Thursday condemned in strong terms what he described as renewed onslaught against innocent Nigerians by the Boko Haram sect especially during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Mr. Saraki also expressed pain over the death of six school children in Lagos following a boat mishap that involved 14 school children who were being conveyed across Ojo to Irewe jetty. A statement released by the senate president’s spokesperson, Yusuph...

Suspected PDP Thugs Batters APC Witnesses In Court

Thugs suspected to be loyal to the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State on Tuesday beat up witnesses who testified for the All Progressives Congress before the National Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal. The tribunal is hearing a petition filed by the APC senatorial candidate for Ekiti Central, Gbenga Olofin, against the return of Senator Fatimat Rasaki of the PDP. Olofin on Tuesday closed his case at the tribunal after calling eight witnesses while his opponent,...

Buhari Has No Personal Relationship With New INEC Boss, Presidency Tells PDP

The Presidency yesterday said that due process was followed in the appointment of Mrs. Amina Zakari as the Acting Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. Her appointment has generated concerns and reactions from many quarters. One of such quarters is the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP which accused the President of naming an ally of his to pave way for the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC reclaim the PDP controlled States at the election...

Fuel Scarcity Returns in Nigeria, As Marketers Ration Products

After a brief respite, fuel queues have returned at the filling stations across the country just as some filling stations in Lagos and Ogun states, as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, have started indiscriminate hike of pump price while a few others have locked their premises. However, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) said the queues resulted from panic buying, urging consumers to ignore the baseless rumours spurring the action. It noted that some filling...

UN Urges FG To Relax Abortion Laws For Boko Haram Victims

UN Human Rights Chief, Zeid Al-Hussein, has appealed to Nigerian authorities to ease abortion restrictions for women and girls who had been sexually enslaved, raped and forced into so-called “marriages” by Boko Haram fighters. He said this on Thursday in New York while discussing with the Human Rights Council on Boko Haram’s rights violations and abuses, the findings of a 12-member team to Cameroon, southern Niger and the north-eastern regions of Nigeria on Boko Haram.

Pay Back! ISIS Militants Executed By Rival Rebel Group Called ‘The Mother State’

In a chilling case of an eye for an eye,a rebel group in Syria has responded to ISIS by beheading ISIS terrorists .. Hours after ISIS released a video where they beheaded 12 of their fighters, Jaysh al-Islam also released videos of their fighters capturing Islamic State fighters and slaughtering them. In the video, the Jaysh Al-Islam soldiers,are dressed in the orange jump suits that are normally worn by prisoners of ISIS...The Islamic State's captured soldiers, dressed in...

EFCC To Challenge Fani-Kayode’s Acquittal

As Fani Kayode celebrates his court victory today, the EFCC has said it will challenge his acquittal  by a federal high court..The former aviation minister was discharged and acquitted of laundering  almost N100 million while he was the minister of aviation in 2006.The EFCC had filed the suit against him in 2013..Discharging Kayode,Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia said ”It is apparent that the prosecution’s case is feeble and has failed to establish that the accused person paid or accepted...

Finally! Benue Govt Begins Payment of Salary Arrears

There was jubilation in all nooks and crannies of Benue State yesterday as the state government commenced payment of salary arrears of civil servants. The former Governor Gabriel Suswam administration had owed salaries of workers for several months. The former administration said it lacked adequate finances to offset the backlog of salaries due to the dwindling federal allocation. However, Governor Samuel Ortom had on assumption of office about a month ago, told the state workers...

El-Rufai Sues Over False Assets Report

After a busy few weeks as governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai is dismayed by the blatant falsehood being practised as journalism by The Union newspapers. He has consequently directed his legal team to vigorously enforce his rights to protect his reputation from the vandalism of irresponsible hacks. The Union chose to write a spurious story alleging N90b as his assets declaration without seeing the declaration made by Malam El Rufai. The circle of blackmail that did the story claimed...

Fani-Kayode’s Acquittal a Shock, Says EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said it was shocked by Wednesday’s acquittal of former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode. A Federal High Court in Lagos acquitted Mr. Fani-Kayode of corruption charges, saying the EFCC failed to prove its “feeble case” against Mr. Fani-Kayode beyond reasonable doubt. The spokesperson for the commission, Wilson Uwujaren, in a statement, said the ruling by the judge, Rita Ofili- Ajumogobia, was shocking. Mr. Uwujaren said, “The Commission...

VIDEO: American Tele- Evangelist Blasts US Supreme Court Ruling On Same Sex Marriage

Popular American preacher and Tele- Evangelist, John Hagee, responds to U.S Supreme Court Marriage Ruling. Watch video below Credit: YouTube/ John Hagee Ministries

PDP Demands Removal Of New Acting INEC Boss

Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has demanded the removal of the newly appointed acting chairperson of the Independent national Electoral Commission, INEC, Amina Zakari. Ms. Zakari was appointed as head of INEC by President Muhammadu Buhari hours after its former chairman, Attahiru Jega, handed over to Ahmed Wali, a national commissioner there. Addressing a press conference in his office Wednesday, PDP’s publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh, said the party was disturbed by the development in INEC where...

FG To Introduce Fund For Road Repair

A fund to cater for the construction and maintenance of roads in the country is in the works, the Federal Ministry of Works has said. The Director, Federal Highway Services in the ministry, Alhaji Shehu Dankano, said this at the inauguration of the headquarters of the National Association of Road Transport Owners in Abuja on Tuesday. Dankano said the National Roads Fund Bill was already in the National Assembly and expressed confidence that the 8th...

Two Suicide Bombers Attack Village During Osinbajo’s Maiduguri Visit

Two suicide bombers, male and female, today blew themselves up outside a village in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, at the time the vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbanjo, was visiting the city, witnesses and security sources said. VP Osibanjo arrived Maiduguri at about 10:45 am. He was in to assess the security situation in the state capital, to visit the Internally Displaced Persons camps, before proceeding to Yola, another northeast Nigerian city plagued by...

Six Children Drown As Boat Capsize In Lagos

A canoe conveying fourteen school children capsized. Six of them reportedly drowned, while eight of them including the driver were rescued. The incident occurred after a fibre canoe reportedly ran into the passenger boat at about 9am. As at time of writing this report, the rescued children , some of whom were said to be primary school pupils and secondary school students who were on their way to school, were responding to treatment at the...

Photos From Osinbajo’s Visit To Borno

VP Yemi Osinbajo visited an IDP camp today in Maiduguri. He shared these very heart touching photos of a victim and her daughter, who has been badly affected by the insurgency. See his Facebook post below: On the instructions of President Buhari, VP Yemi Osinbajo visited an IDP camp in Maiduguri today conveying the concern of the President and bringing hope to the victims of terrorism and the entire Borno State. He met a number of the victims at...

It’s Don Jazzy Again! Di’Ja, Korede Bello & Reekado Banks Become Glo Ambassadors

Don Jazzy has a knack for making stars and you'd agree great people help to nurture stars but how often does one man make three stars in one fell swoop? That's exactly what Don Jazzy has done with Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Di'Ja. He has moved them from one of Nigeria's numerous upcoming artists to genuine super stars. Each of them has had at least one hit song in the last year and have troubled the...

New Name Alert: Fani-Kayode Changes Name After Court Victory | Read Full Statement

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has changed his name and he wants you to know why. Read his full statement below. Press Statement by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode on the Occasion of his Victory at the Federal High Court on 1st July 2015 Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted, humbled and relieved by this verdict. In the last seven years, I have been subjected to the most malicious, vicious, sinister, well-orchestrated, insidious and devastating form of political persecution...

I Did Not Inherit An Empty Treasury- C’River Governor

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State yesterday said that he did not inherit empty treasury from the immediate past administration in the state as is being speculated in some quarters. Ayade said this in Calabar while briefing stakeholders, including the media, on his development agenda for the state. “I did not inherit empty treasury but a great potential from my predecessor,” he said. The governor said that as part of efforts to tap the abundant resources in...

Corruption Charges: ‘Nightmare Has Finally Ended’ – Fani-Kayode

A former Minister of Aviation in Nigeria, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, says the dismissal of a case filed against him on money laundering charges was the “doing of the lord” and an end to a nightmare. A Federal High Court in Lagos on Wednesday morning dismissed the case against Mr Fani-Kayode, saying the prosecution’s case was “feeble” and failed to provide “copious evidence” linking...

Rings In Burgers, Getting Down On One knee In Public Toilets: The Worst Proposals Of All Time Revealed

It's a moment in your life that theoretically should only happen once - the marriage proposal. But while some men (and women) go all out when asking for their beloved's hand in marriage, others take the laissez faire approach. For every boat trip down the Seine or fireworks display, there is a ring nestled in a takeaway burger or a proposal hastily scrawled on the lid of a fast food container.

Oshiomhole Blames Ministry Of Petroleum And Finance For Owed Salaries

The Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole has blamed the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and Ministry of Finance for workers salaries owed by different states. He said both Ministries “refused to transfer into the Federation Account. Governor Oshiomhole said: “the NNLG had every year made payments of about $1.5 billion to 2 billion Naira which ought to go the Federation Account but was expended by the Federal Government”. Governor Oshiomhole also stated that the...

Bashir Akanbi: Attacks By The Nation Newspaper and Sahara Reporters On Saraki and Aisha Buhari: An Impediment To Democratic Norms

In various attempts to impede the norms of democracy in the country, for which gigantic sacrifices were made by millions of Nigerians in the last general elections, The Nation daily newspaper and Sahara Reporters online have jointly started an astonishing display of mendacity and subjectivity giving up their conventional wisdom. This recent subversive practices of the popular media have attracted widespread criticism. These unripe antics however by far, unclothed the purposes for which the media house, The...

Syrian Rebel Group Executes 18 ISIS Fighters In New Video

A Syrian rebel group operating around Damascus has executed 18 alleged members of the Islamic State group in a video mimicking the extremist organisation's own productions. The video, which emerged overnight, shows fighters from Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) wearing the orange prison clothes that ISIS victims often sport. The ISIS prisoners however are wearing black clothes and chained together wearing ankle and hand shackles with metal balls attached. The nearly 20-minute production...

ISIS Beheads Two Women In Syria For Witchcraft

Islamic State beheaded two women over the weekend accused of witchcraft and working with elves in eastern Syria The 2 women have become the first to be beheaded by Isis after being accused of witchcraft, sorcery and working with elves by the Islamic extremist group, according to reports emerging from eastern Syria. The executions, for a supposed breach of sharia law, were carried out on Sunday and...

President Buhari Assures Victims Of Insurgency Govt Support

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday commended the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) and other government agencies on measures taken to rehabilitate victims of terrorism and violent extremism in Nigeria. Receiving officials of the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Department of ONSA, Buhari said the Federal Government would provide necessary assistance to victims of Boko Haram insurgency. The president also reiterated the determination of his administration to rid the country of terrorism and insurgency. "One of...

CBN Adjusts Forex Peg As Naira Hits N228 Per Dollar

The Central Bank of Nigeria on Tuesday lowered the naira peg to 196.95 against the dollar from 196.90 it set last week. This made it the fourth time the CBN had adjusted the peg since it was introduced in February, Reuters reported. This happened just as the naira tumbled further to 228 against the dollar at the parallel market on Tuesday from 265 on Monday. Reuters reported that the yield on the Federal Government’s...

Kate Henshaw Loses Everything In House Fire

While Kate Henshaw was on location shooting the 'Do-Good' TV series, she was called by her neighbours to inform her that her house was on fire. Reports are saying that Kate Henshaw quickly went home after the phone call and called fire fighters, but at that point, the damage had already been done as the twin duplex was burnt.  According to witnesses at the scene, Kate Henshaw was said to have lost all the...

EFCC Arrests 2 Tourism Travel Agents Over Alleged N70 Million Fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested two officials of a travel agency for allegedly swindling and defrauding several Nigerians to the tune of N70 million. This is contained in a statement issued by Mr Wilson Uwujaren, the Head, Media and Publicity of EFCC and made available to newsmen on Tuesday in Abuja. It stated that the two officials, Mr Banabas Magi, an accountant and Mr Owoseli Samuel, General Manager of the agency were arrested...

I Have Gotten A Lot Of My Confidence From Kanye – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian  was at the prestigious San Francisco Commonwealth Club to talk about her famous family, her new book Selfie and the objectification of women in media. Kim talked about Kanye and how most of her recent ventures which rake in big bucks were created by him. On Kanye, she said: "I love the way he creates, thinks, stands up for what he believes in whole-heartedly. He is such a good person."I have gotten a lot...

10 Tips For Choosing The Right Partner

1. Don't make choices out of fear: So many times people either choose a partner or stay with someone in an unhappy relationship predominantly out of some kind of fear. Usually that fear is being alone but fears can vary widely from person to person. It's often better to be alone and wait for the right person than to make a decision out of fear. Making decisions out of fear leads to confusion, anxiety and a general...

Gov. Ambode Set to Launch People Friendly Traffic Regime

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode is set to drastically change the face of Lagos traffic by  introducing a world class traffic information and management system. The globally tested traffic system which has worked for many cities similar to Lagos is set to have caught the eye of Governor Ambode who wants to see Lagosians spend less hours in traffic and more in their offices and at work. Our investigations reveal that in the next few weeks, the...

One Minute With Jess : Why Do You Earn a Living #Vlog

Why wake up so early to resume at work, why do you do the business you do? why do you earn a living: family, children, society, why? On this episode I seek to know why we earn a living. Please leave a comment below of why you earn a living as it will enlighten other viewers of the Vlog in getting their thought pattern right towards why they earn a living too.

President Buhari To Meet With #BringBackOurGirls Group

The #BringBackOurGirls campaigners on Tuesday secured a meeting with Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, a month since his assumption of duty on May 29. The convener of the group, Obiageli Ezekwesili, via twitter, said a presidential confirmation of the meeting had been received by the group. She said, “WE @BBOG_Nigeria have received confirmation of schedule of OUR MEETING with @MBuhari & FG on our #ChibokGirls for July 8th 2015 @ 12 noon.” On assumption of...

Breaking News !!! Court Dismisses Agbaje’s Petition Against Ambode

The Lagos state governorship election tribunal sitting in Ikeja, on Wednesday dismissed the petition filed by Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate, Jimi Agbaje, against Akinwunmi Ambode of the All Progressives Congress, APC. Agbaje had petitioned the tribunal challenging the declaration of Ambode as the winner of the April 11, 2015 governorship election in the state. But the three-man tribunal led by...

Ambode Seeks Navy’s Support To Tackle Robberies

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State says the Nigerian Navy, like other stakeholders, should be part of the efforts to rid the state of crime. The governor, according to a statement on Tuesday, spoke during a courtesy visit to the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Usman Jibrin, at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja. Ambode stated that the call became imperative due to the spate of robbery attacks in Lagos State, which started a week into his...

ISIS Threatens Hamas In Video Message On Failure To Implement Rigid Laws

ISIS has threatened the Palestinian armed group Hamas, vowing to end the faction's rule in the territory. In a 16-minute long video shared by social media accounts sympathetic to ISIS on Wednesday, fighters based in Syria's Aleppo province condemned Hamas for its crackdown on Salafist groups in the Gaza Strip, and its failure to implement a rigid enough interpretation of Islamic law. "The point of jihad is not to liberate land ... but jihad as...

Breaking News!!! Court Acquits Femi Fani-Kayode Of Money Laundering Charges

Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia of the Federal High Court on Wednesday July 1, 2015, acquitted former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, of money laundering charges. Fani-Kayode, who was spokesperson for the President Goodluck Jonathan’s Campaign Committee, has been facing trial for alleged criminal acts committed during his time as minister. The judge described the case brought by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as “feeble” and duly discharged Fani-Kayode in the absence of “copious evidence.”

The Buhari Shocker By Tony Ademiluyi

It is now no news that twenty-two governors owe outstanding salary arrears. Ever since Buhari upset the apple cart by winning the Presidential elections on March 28, they have all hoped that he would bail them out of their respective mess when he got sworn in. In his speech on the inauguration of the National Economic Council, he categorically told the beggar governors to source for funds to offset their gargantuan debts through the growth of their internally...

Man Linked To Chibok Girls’ Abduction Arrested

Nigerian troops have arrested a businessman accused of "participating actively" in Boko Haram's mass abduction of nearly 300 schoolgirls from the northeastern town of Chibok last year, Nigeria's Defense Ministry said Tuesday. Spokesman Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade said Babuji Ya'ari headed a "terrorists' intelligence cell" for the Islamic extremists while masquerading as a member of the self-defense Youth Vigilante Group. That news confirms suspicions that the vigilantes have been infiltrated by Boko...

Why CBN Extended BVN Registration Deadline

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN), yesterday extended the deadline for customers to enrol for the Bank Verification Number (BVN) by four months till October 31, 2015. Director, Banking and Payments System Department, CBN, Mr. Dipo Fatokun, announced the extension in a circular to the public. The circular stated:  “You would recall that as part of its effort in the implementation of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) project, the Central Bank of Nigeria issued circulars stipulating...

President Buhari And The Cost of Running This Government By Kofoworola Ayodeji

The highly industrious Baba Yemi wakes up every morning thinking how he will struggle to feed his wife and children to fulfill their usual 0-1-0 pattern of feeding (no breakfast, there might be lunch, no dinner). Meanwhile, the story is not different for the brilliant Chioma who is begging to have a better higher education so that her dreams of a great future could come true, but there are no funds and ‘connection’. What about the very resourceful...

President Muhammadu Buhari One Month Later: “Sai Change” Or “Sai Patience” By Omonile Olasunkanmi

President Muhammadu Buhari’s days in office so far has been everything short of the fanfare, glitz and glamour with which Nigerians welcomed his emergence as the new commander- in-chief. Buhari’s journey to Aso Rock broke many records which are not unknown to majority of the Nigerian populace. Worth mentioning amongst them are; first opposition candidate to gain more popularity and acceptance than the incumbent, he was the man that led an opposition party from a simple minority,...

Woman Gets $18 Million From Boss After Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

After a bombshell sexual harassment lawsuit that rocked the tabloids, a former Wall Street worker has won a whopping $18 million from her former boss. Hanna Bouveng, 25, from Sweden, sued Benjamin Wey, 43, owner of the New York Global Group, claiming he pressured her into a sexual relationship and retaliated by firing and harassing her after she broke it off. According to Bouveng, Wey, who is married, began pursuing her after...

Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR,  By Nigerian Volunteers To The West African Ebola (ASEOWA) Mission – Appeal for Intervention

Your Excellency, Congratulations on your victory in the March 28th 2015 Presidential Election. You indeed are a success model for every Nigerian or any human being for that matter, toiling everyday to get his due. Your victory proves that self-belief pays, that there is reward for consistency and faith in hard work and democracy. You confirm that once there is resolute commitment and persistence to strategic efforts, success will come. The massive votes you received from...

Buhari Promises Reforms, New Policies To Boost Oil, Gas Income

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday restated his administration’s promise to initiate appropriate reforms and implement policies to boost income from the oil and gas industry. Speaking at separate meetings with delegations from ExxonMobil and the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company, President Buhari listed the removal of bureaucratic bottlenecks created by multiple government agencies that currently impede the operations of companies in the oil and gas sector as one of the reforms to be undertaken by his...

Ahmad Salkida Disputes NSA’s Claim Of De-Radicalizing 22 Boko Haram Members

The office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) yesterday told President Muhammadu Buhari, that no fewer than 22 women and girls, recruited as suicide bombers by the Boko Haram sect and another 47 former sect members were now undergoing rehabilitation after voluntarily embracing a de-radicalization programme of the office under the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programme. But Ahmad Salkida with twitter Handle @contactsaldika disputes such claims saying you can only de radicalize people you understand their ideologies...

FG Rehabilitates 22 Female Bombers, 47 Dump Boko Haram

The Head of the Countering Violent Extremism Department in the Office of the National Security Adviser, Dr. Fatima Akilu, told President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday that no fewer than 22 women and girls recruited as suicide bombers by members of the Boko Haram sect are now undergoing rehabilitation under the programme. She said the female trained as suicide bombers by the sect were being rehabilitated after voluntarily embracing the agency’s de-radicalisation programme. A statement by...

Chad Military Arrests Top Boko Haram Leader

A Chadian Public Prosecutor, Alghassim Khamis, has said that one of the key Boko Haram leaders, Baana Fanay, who has been coordinating trafficking of weapons in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad was arrested on Sunday in N’Djamena. “Fanay, alias Mahamat Moustapha, was arrested by security forces after a fierce resistance,” Khamis said. He said Fanay, who was arrested with two other terrorists, was responsible for the purchase of weapons and recruitment of fighters for Boko Haram. The...

Queen Bey Dethroned As Forbes Highest Paid Celebrity, Who is Number 1?

Forbes has released their annual list of the highest paid celebrities - and Beyonce has been dethroned! Replacing her as the top earning celebrity for this fiscal year is Floyd Mayweather. The boxer, nicknamed 'Money', earned $300 million...

Terrorism: Court Grants Sen. Ndume Leave To Travel Abroad

An Abuja Federal High Court yesterday granted an application by Sen. Ali Ndume, who is charged with terrorism to enable him travel to Saudi Arabia for the lesser Hajj. Ndume was arraigned after he was implicated by a suspected member of the Boko Haram sect, Ali Konduga, who has since been convicted and sentenced for the offence.? Delivering a short ruling on the Senator’s application, the trial judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, ordered the court’s Deputy...

Need To Strengthen Regional Security Cooperation in West Africa: A Non-Negotiable Priority For The Incoming Administration By Fola Aina

The West African sub region has witnessed relative peace and stability over the years. This has also helped the economies within the region to consolidate economic growth and development. While the popular assumption has been that democracy has come to stay in Africa, the case has not necessarily been the same for all the countries in the West African region. Mali, Chad, Guinea Bissau and Niger for instance have been victims of the activities of Islamic extremists...

President Buhari Appoints New Official

Prof. Attahiru Jega on Tuesday bowed out of office as the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission. Consequently, President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Mrs. Amina Bala Zakari, as the acting chairman of INEC. Zakari, the first female to occupy the position albeit in an acting capacity, was until Tuesday, a National Electoral Commissioner at INEC. A statement issued by the Director Communications in the Office of Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Alhaji Haruna...

Osun Government Commences Payment Of Workers Salaries, Slashes Politicians’ Salaries By 50 Percent

Following series of criticism over prolonged non-payment of workers’ salaries in the state, the Osun State government on Tuesday announced that it has commenced payment of salaries, slashing politicians’ salaries by 50 percent. Confirming the news, the Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress in Osun state, Mr. Jacob Adekomi said that Governor Rauf Aregbesola has approved the payment of December, 2014 salaries of workers in the state. The Governor was also said to have approved the payment of 30% outstanding balance...

Senators Will Return From Break To Screen Ministers On One Condition- Saraki

President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, on Tuesda, has promised that senators presently on break would rush back from their homes to screen ministers any time President Muhammadu Buhari sends his ministerial list to the upper Legislative chambers. According to him, the 8th Senate was prepared to support President Buhari to effect the positive change expected from his administration by Nigerians, just as he also pledged the cooperation of the National Assembly with the executive...

Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Clinics to Stay Open

Today, the Supreme Court refused to let Texas enforce an abortion law so restrictive that it would have forced 10 clinics to close across the state. The law, House Bill 2, requires all abortion providers have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and holds clinics to the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers. These regulations, which supporters of the bill claim are for the safety of patients, are seen as unnecessarily stringent by many others...

Rihanna Has A Message For Young Guys

At Sunday night's BET Awards, an Armani-clad Rihanna offered some wisdom on the 10-year-old Black-ish cast member. According to Brown's "thank you" tweet, RiRi advised the young star to "be a man, not a heartbreaker!" Rihanna, keeping puppies safe and the young in line. Credit: racked

South Sudan Army Rape, Burn Girls Alive – UN

UN rights reports have said on Tuesday that South Sudan’s army raped then torched girls alive inside their homes during a recent campaign notable for its “new brutality and intensity”. A UN mission in South Sudan said some of the most disturbing allegations focused on the abduction and sexual abuse of women and girls, some of whom were reportedly burnt alive in their dwellings. The UN mission said they have interviewed 115 victims and...

Fresh case of Ebola recorded in Liberia

Liberia has been hit with a fresh case of Ebola. According to the Liberian Deputy Health Minister, Tolbert Nyensuah, a 19 year old man died of the deadly virus. And they are saying it's possible he infected close friends or relatives before he died. "A new case of Ebola has been reported in Margibi County. The person has died and was confirmed positive before death. He has been buried" Nyensuah said Family members of the deceased have been quarantined so...

Petr Cech Sent Death Threats And Labelled ‘A Snake’ By Angry Chelsea Fans Following Arsenal Move

New Arsenal signing Petr Cech may have left Chelsea with a heartfelt letter to the fans, but that has not stopped a small proportion of them sending the goalkeeper death threats and brandishing him a "snake". Cech completed a reported £11m transfer to the Gunners on Monday...

Breaking !!! CBN Extends BVN Registration Exercise

The Central Bank of Nigeria has extended the deadline for the ongoing registration for the Bank Verification number to 31st of October, 2015.

Merge Indebted Arik, Aero, Others To Form National Carrier; Joda Committee Tells Buhari

The Buhari administration may be considering merging all debtor airlines in the country into a national carrier, capable of serving the West and Central African regions, with Nigeria as the regional aviation hub. That is part of the recommendations by the Ahmed Joda transition committee, which submitted its report to President Muhammadu Buhari about two weeks ago. Six of Nigeria’s leading domestic airlines are currently bogged down by huge debts totalling almost N130 billion, forcing...

President Buhari Probes Military

There is tension in the Armed Forces as President Muhammadu Buhari may have ordered the military hierarchy to account for the number of weapons purchased to fight Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East. The President was also said to have ordered the Military High Command to make available records of total amount of money it received from the Federal Government to curb insurgency. Top military sources who spoke with Daily Sun, revealed that these and many...

Petr Cech Joins Arsenal: Key Dates For The Goalkeeper After Chelsea Move – Including Stamford Bridge Return On 19 September

Petr Cech has confirmed his move to Arsenal, moving for a reported £11m. The 33-year-old leaves the Blues after 11 trophy-laden years at the club. As a goodwill gesture, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich allowed Cech to decide his own destination when he left, with PSG also interested. Cech's preference was to stay in...

Lai Mohammed Defends Buhari’s Govt

Pres. Buhari: Tackling insecurity, corruption and restoring Nigeria’s respect Being the text of a media parley hosted by the National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in Lagos on Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 Good afternoon gentlemen. I have arranged this interaction to rub minds with you, as always, on the situation of things in our country, top of which are the efforts being made by President Muhammadu Buhari to chart a new path for...

El Rufai, Three Others To Probe How NNPC Blew N3.8tr

How did theNigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) spend  N3.8 trillion in three years? This is the puzzle a four-man committee has been asked to resolve. The four “wise men” are: Governors Adams Oshiomhole (Edo), Ibrahim Dankwambo (Gombe), Udom Emmanuel (Akwa Ibom) and Nasir El-Rufai (Kaduna). Oshiomhole yesterday broke the news to State House correspondents after the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting chaired by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Jega Bows Out, Hands Over To Ahmed Wali

The chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Atthairu Jega has handed over the reins of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to Ambassador Ahmed Wali as the Acting Chairman of the commission. Jega bowed out today after five years as the electoral body.

Gunmen Abducts Former Bayelsa Gov’s Wife

Unidentified gunmen have kidnapped Madam Martha Binabo, the wife of former Speaker of Bayelsa State House of Assembly and the state former Acting Governor, Rt. Hon Nestor Binabo. The incident, the latest in the series of high profile kidnaping in the state occurred at Agbura community in the outskirts of Yenagoa the state capital. The victim, aged 48, was abducted Monday at about 11.30am by five armed men clad in military camouflage in front of a company where she is also...

Sugary Drinks Kill 184,000 Adults Around The World Every Year, Says Study

Sugary drinks are killing 184,000 adults around the world every year, and should be eliminated from people’s diets, medical experts have warned. The global death toll from sugar-laden drinks – ranging from soft drinks to fruit smoothies – has been revealed in a new paper published in the American Heart Association’s Circulation journal. Most of the deaths are from people...

Teenager Commits Suicide In Imo

A 15-year-old senior secondary school student, identified as Paschal Egbosimba, committed suicide in  Imo State. Before his death the teenager was living with his mother and siblings, and was a senior secondary school student of Passion Model Secondary School, Egbu.  He used an electric extension cable to hang himself from a ceiling fan, when his mother was away for a night vigil. The late boy’s mother, who wept uncontrollably, was heard saying she never scolded the deceased, adding...