Nigeria is governed by a cabal not a president

President Jonathan according to Google is the world's most cursed president

Nigeria’s president Jonathan has in the past 8 days addressed the nation. In both speeches the last one coming just minutes ago, he hasn’t made as much meaning as even a clown would make. He spoke about cutting waste in governance without stating how or even when. He never spoke in terms numbers or figures that these cuts will help the country realise from waste. It is noteworthy that the same president presented a budget of profligacy and waste to the National Assembly just weeks ago.

Take it or leave it, our president is nothing but a joke and at best a clown. What kind of president tells you to go to work while leaving military men on your path? He speaks endlessly about fighting corruption yet remains consumed in same. He speaks about cleaning the petroleum sector when people that have been fingered in corrupt practices remain his bed fellows. He tries so hard at politicising the quest by Nigerians to fight for their rights.

The president is playing out a script that will end in nothing but anarchy if not checked. It is hightime his godfathers called him to order because as it is even he is lost in his own delusion and ignorance. When it comes to doing the wrong thing he does same with immediate vigour and alacrity, when it comes to doing the right things he never does same. The closest he has come to doing the right thing is to say same. He never does anything right. He is the reason we are in the mess we are in. if we had a thinking president, these issues are as simple as ABC especially for anyone who truly went to school through the front gate.

This is not a president, this is a joke!

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