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A cross section of the Lagos protests' crowd


• It is a moral question:
– The government has spent N9.55 trillion ($63.7billion) since 2010 and nothing is on ground to show for that splurge safe for presidential private jets and fat accounts of public office holders.

– This government said it spent N1.3 trillion on subsidy while the same subsidy cost the Obasanjo government an average of N300 billion. Where really did this figure come from? Someone is lying.

– If we cannot trust the government to keep to a simple date, how can we trust them with our money? They said subsidy would remain till at least April and they were still engaging only to remove same two days later.

– The government is yet to come out to refute the believable claims that petrol based on production cost should actually sell at N39.

– How can a president who feeds on N1billion tell Nigerians to endure the pains of subsidy removal?

– Each lawmaker will cost Nigerians (N320million) $2.1million in 2012. How can this be when the same government claims it is broke?

– They increased recurrent expenditure by another N92billion ($575million). Considering that this monies essentially goes for the public officers upkeep, how can we justify government’s claims to reduce same only last year?

– The Subsidy Re-investment document (SURE) is filled with lies and fraud. Some of the projects that they claim would be carried out with funds from subsidy have actually been taken care of by the budget.

– If Nigerians are on minimum wage, politicians must be on maximum wage. How do we justify the fact that our minimum wage is only 0.003 per cent of the pay of some of our Senate president when in France the same is 26.73 per cent? Why should our Senate president earn so much as to be able to pay the salary of an American president for almost 8 years?

– The cabal will become the burden of Nigerians. The government cannot take care of the cabal so it essentially passed the burden directly to Nigerians.

– Even as we speak, there has been no salaries and allowances cut by the president and his cohorts. Instead the president and his vice still found an extra N600 million for their “welfare.” They have become moral hazards.

• It is an Economic Question:
– Already all the prices of goods and services have at least doubled. This means that people’s real incomes have at least been halved. Whoever was earning N18,000 before January 1st when the fuel tax was announced is now really earning virtually less than N9,000.

– In a country without social welfare, social amenities and infrastructure, this is an attack on the very nature of human existence. Many will not survive.

– The cost of governance and the size of government is the real burden that will crash the economy. At over 50, we have one minister too many.

– Stop the reform by addition – selective reform – pass the original PIB and let the industry have a life of its own.

– The government’s spending pattern indicates that the fuel taxes were raised to further expend same on recurrent expenditure and the waste that has characterised the Jonathan administration.

– Importing 1600 buses as a palliative for 167 million people is at best a joke. Importing same is an economic crime. This government cannot do anything right.

– The claim that the petrol sector will be like the telecom sector after deregulation is a big lie. They are totally different. One was done under a transparent government for a start while this government is shrouded in secrecy.

• Against the values of Democracy

– Democracy is essentially about people. Nigerians have said they are not in support of the new petrol taes and have voiced the angst against same. If the people still matter, the government will adjust to the status quo.

– This is a democracy. At least we pretend it is. In a democracy, the voice of the is everything. When the voice of the people ceases to matter to those who govern them, the legitimacy of those who govern them ceases to matter to the people. It means they have attained illegality.


• Return petrol prices to pre-January 1, 2012 status quo as we return to the dialogue table

• Cut the pay of public officers especially law makers, ministers and Governors by 70 per cent

• Every police man or security agent involved in the killing of protesters must be brought to book

• If all the above fail, walk the path of honour, resign enmasse

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  • olasunkanmi

    Not too much a demand for this surrogates in agbada to do,only that their paymasters have pointed guns at their heads.however,we await judgement for all of them soon and see who laughs last.

  • sarumi abayomi

    Mr omojuwa, i say kudos to u. You were on point yesterday when you and loomiedee were on TVC….pls let us take advantage of d cohesion nigeria youths av found now to demand for better governance nd accountability. Not just the retention of subsidy….@imperfetYTE on twitter

  • Faronbi Gbemi

    Omojuwa has been an inspiration to a better Nigeria.I’m always hopeful of a free corrupt state with the like of Omojuwa.This article is an eye-opener for every patrotic Nigerian.We must fight this injustice to a reasonable conclusion in order to save the future of the unborn generation.


    I think this is the time Nigerian need to figth for there rigth we are tired of injustice in Nigeria,if our government even want to go ahead and remove fuels subsidy there some things need to put inplace befor they go ahead and do so they need to educate our people to know how the pain is goig to be.they need to be proactive in risk management that what lead to crisis, and I continue to wonder is our goverement have information minister or public relations officer who can advise them on when to take disition becouse timing in disition taking is crusual.

  • Omz

    We need. To get Mr President and his aides to read this. His moral compass dosnt exactly point due north, so he has no right to talk about deregulation when he cannot deregulate his own cabinet’s expenses



  • Now, iKnow the nation we are in…a very corrupt one indeed.! We breathe, eat, and drink corruption.. SMH

  • ilham Yaqub

    Brilliant piece. My prayer is simple, may we as a nation continue to demand for a better govornance till the very last breath of our individual lifes. Nigeria will survive this unhumane face of leaders.

  • cynthia

    Good decisions

  • Jonnyfins

    We should beyond the fuel subsidy retention fight for a better Governance, this issue has indeed brought to light a lot of decay going under. Nigerians should know that this fight has gone beyond NLC & TUC, it is a fight by NIGERIANS. God be praised.

  • Shonde wasiu

    Message well stated Omojuwa, we shall continue to demand all these until our demands are made. We have kept quiet for too long it is high time we compel them to do what we want or they leave the govt afterall we put them there. We are tired of running this govt of cabalnocracy.

  • #OccupyNigeria is the sanest voice in Nigeria for now. I believe in this struggle so much and I strongly urge that we all keep the dream alive. And remember, whatever you do, OccupyNigeria in peace.

  • Philip

    Mr Omojuwa, this is a wonderful piece! Kudos!! (Please check for some missing words in your write-up.) Thanks a lot!

  • Jumbo udodiri c.

    This is mans inhumanity to man, that a man who told us few months ago that he has no shoes, is now making it so impossible for other children of this great country not to wear shoes. For me i want a total revolution like it happene in ghana, so that non of the law makers will escape including the stupid and useless president and the FEC. They need to be killed. They all are evil and wicked people who thinks they can play with our emotions. We have opene our eyes they should read this things very well.

  • Shatuyi Abiola

    Its a good conclusion bro…let’s do all we can to send these thieves ??? armed robbers outta dere…they will neva know peace unless they do d right thing…wat time will U?????! Be on AIT today.

  • Ayo (@prowzac)

    Omojuwa just about sums up everything in this excellent piece. The basics have been neglected and our sham of a government are trying to build a house from the roof to the foundation, instead of the other way round. The time for us to stand up against injustice was yesterday. This is our country, if we don’t defend her against those who seek to destroy her, no one will! Thank you Omojuwa

  • tade

    This is really what everyone wants and is talking about! Hope they do the right thing

  • nayna esione

    Mehn dis statistics and figures av just gone a long way to show us dat someone is lying…but d cabal stands to gain more if subsidy is not removed…we re torn btw d devil and deep blue sea…May God save nigeria from chaos anarchy and doom

  • Azu Myke

    My only fear is that the NLC does not compromise on the long run, For Nigerians we are solidly behind them.

  • Switch

    Word! I love dis. We hav to show dis government dat we ar not mentally deranged. We hv to show dem dat we have been aware of all dat is goin on in dis country dat started since way back. Unfortunately for Jonathan, its in his administration dat d revolution wuld start. A new Nigeria MUST be born in dis era. A Nigeria dat I can live in peace nd enjoy d luxuries nd benefits my Nation was blessed with.

  • Comrade Oyelude Solomon

    I’m really in support of all of these and these battle/struggles should not go in vain but goes down in history of a new/better beginning for every faithful Nigerian citizens.

  • Comrade Oyelude Solomon

    I’m really in support of all of these and these battle/struggles should not go in vain but goes down in history of a new/better beginning for every faithful Nigerian citizens.

    Aluta Continual!!! Vitory Ascertain.

  • Dee Dee

    If we the youth do not fight this corruption now, it will be getting worst more and more. After graduating from University with good grades, many of us are jobless and most of the youths turn to crimes all the name of survival. Our so called leaders syphon our wealth abroad, lives like kings on stolen money. Yet the so call foreign banks they keep the loots, use that money to develop their countries. For how long will we be in slavery? Lets take back our country from them. Enough is Enough. How can u be allowing foreigners to be taking up the jobs we have qualified and competent graduates for here in Nigeria? Bec of the hidden agenda of the minister of Works and Industries, getting kicks backs.

  • This article has just pin pointed the heart of the Occupy Nigeria protests, last night I shed tears reading the tweets from @eLDeeTheDon breaking down the proposed Presidential/VP budget for 2012. I favourited these tweets as reference points for anyone who is in doubt about the ineptitude of our govt. Please read @eLDeeTheDon ‘s time line on or check @MinisterOFdLeft ‘s faavourite tweets to have a scope of the large scale waste of public funds that characterizes our govt.

  • Sunday

    @Omojuwa, this is a very indepth analysis of a corrupt and insensitive government. More ink to your pen.

  • emma coker

    Yes o. In full support

  • chukky101 okorie

    Nigerians are very much aware and enlightened.we will stand for good governance and effective implementation of policies.our so called servants (“”called to serve”” ) have 4gotten how they begged for our votes.we need to call them to attention but peacefully.we can’t be loosing innocent nigerians everyday.

  • omoba

    Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala threatens to resign from cabinet if President Goodluck Jonathan bows to pressure on fuel subsidy.

    Silly IMF/World Bank errand girl with over-sized ego.

    She also make noisy noise why OBJ was going to collect Late
    Abacha loot from swiss bank.

    When it was evident that the money was not going to be release to nigeria government except the government should be able to convince them that the money will be judiciously used for the betterment of the nigerian people.

    The nigeria government where asked to draw a blue print for the looted money. It was same Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and her cohort in government that submitted a blue print but today can nigerians boast of any tangible gains of the looted abacha funds? This is a question nigerians are asking, now we are talking of trust again from same Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.


    We are looking for a final day about a midnight on a dark night for a new nation (Nigeria) will come into being.

    Where our problems as a nation will be discuss and finally resolve to do away with corruption, ethnicity and religion bigotry for a new nigeria. I think this is our time and the struggle continue…..

  • Anonymous

    I support you all the way. The Government tell us 2 sacrifice and he wants to spend #1 billon on feeding!!! That’s callous.

  • @opeakintunde

    Woe betide all usurpers of power .
    Okonji Iweala
    Sanusi Lamido
    Jonathan & family
    fire burn ur houses

  • ademola onigbinde

    This isn’t democracy any longer it’s a mere autocratic setup. It’s high time all tiers of government heeds to the voice of the people lest anarchy beckons on this poverty stricken society.

  • kK

    The FGN and so called ministers and to
    be specific Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
    have taken decisions in a world of their
    own and not that of the Ordinary man.We
    have better brains in our Great Country.
    Let them resign if they cant take the
    bold STEP.

  • kamaluddeen kibiya

    I totally agree with you. Please ?????? fellow nigerian let’s shun our differences away and join hand to fight for our right. Kudos to you all.

  • kamaluddeen kibiya

    I totally agree with you mister. Please ?????? fellow nigerian let’s shun our differences away and join hand to fight for our right. Kudos to you all.

  • Ken

    Pls read dis article

  • Emmanuel

    Thank most sincerely. This is the same issues all of us has be groping in the dark about. Sometime i weep whenever i see those lawmakers on TV because i can see clearly that they are not there for us, they’re just serving themselves! This is the beginning of the end of all enemies of Nigeria!

  • Abdul

    The lies of GEJ and his cohorts also exposed;

    If a barrel of crude oil is refined, 200litres is obtainable.

    According to NNPC, the combined full capacity of our 4 refineries is 445,000 barels per day.

    But the current carrying capacity due to wear and tear of the machineries is not more than 30% i.e 133,500 barrel per day, equivalent to 26.7mil litres of PMS.

    And the average daily consumption is 35mil litres.

    This shows that even our incapacitated refineries can give significant quantities that will meet up our daily demand.

    We therefore urge the carbals to stop lavishing our money in the name of oil importation; it is a fraud which must be stopped.

  • Comrade M.K Ologundudu

    I strongly support this Agitation/Agenda for A Better Future….The government position is Injustice and Unacceptable, believe me fellow compatriot;” In an environment where there is INJUSTICE, Silence is A Crime” God bless NIGERIA!!!!

  • Ade

    FG & its officials r so dumb dat they cannot even plan a well co-ordinated & consistent chunk of lies 4 us.Dieziani said at d Subsidy Removal Townhall Meeting dat govt has no biz building/running refineries cos of inefficiency but only 2 provide conducive environment 4 investors.Hwever, Sanusi(who was present @ dat Townhall meeting),min.of works,Mike Olomemen & others r now sayin dat FG will build 3 new refineries.A quick glance @ all they av promised 2 do shows dat these projects cannot b achieved even in d next 10 yrs as there won’t b enuf funds but they said all will b ready in 3 yrs…what a stupid bunch!

  • lanre bucknor

    Its simple enuff, jst use ma simple analogy: I want 2 do u a favour n u refuse ma favour, wat am I supposed 2 do?………if I rily wanna do u a favour n I sincerely knw its a favour, y must I impose d favour on u?……..can sombodi ask okonjo-iweala, sanusi n wueva finks dey r d only sane human beings in ds country!

  • olakanmi

    First: deregulate the government; executive, legislature and judiciary at all levels, then we know how serious and morally concern our leaders her. He who comes to equity must do so with clean hands.

  • AY Space

    Undoubtedly speaking, we are intellectually sound in Nigeria but it is not usually channeled towards public good…Hegel pinpointed 3 moments in a social existence….family, civil society and the State…..according to him…they are characterized by “particular altruism”, universal egoism” and “universal altruism respectively…..state should aim at the highest good of the entire populace….but Nigeria as a state is always aiming towards universal egoism through the selfish mechanism of the so called mumu that call their self leaders…
    therefore, sequel to the analysis of Omojuwa,it is glaring that Jonathan lead administration does not lead a kind of state that serves its purposes of creation….instead of interest of all….all we have is interest of few bloody political office holders who hide under the umbrella of ill implemented Federal Character to perpetuate social menace in our political system….Jonathan and his Cohorts has given Nigeria as a state a status of civil society than any other administration I have witnessed or read about in the entire global system…

    Public opinion is the core of democracy because the civil society is the sovereign….opinion polls ought to be erected at every local council….people should reflect on any policy about to be formulated by the government so that the consensus can determine the policy channel….but instead Nigeria leaders detest criticism of the public that are they pretend to have brought them into their offices….I don’t blame them anyway…..the policies that affect the whole Nigeria are firstly discussed and concluded within the assembly of few occult brotherhood and there decision will be final as they are the one that will do the pretentious debates in the house thinking that they are fooling Nigeria….

    I wanna believe that these so called glorified cabals were not turning petroleum products to pencil at night and disappear with them from our oil reserve….there were procedures the followed…which means they are known by the goverments….these cabals are undoubtedly are those people in government and their relatives…therefore the state is too soft to apprehend the cabals but she is too strong to yield to the interest of all…..the populace has to suffer for the sin of the few cabals that are stronger than the law….who is decieving who.

    Nigeria practices enterprise capitalism coined in the US…Adam smith believed that the market will be regulated by invincible hands….this stipulates selfishness that has eaten so deep into the heart of every Nigeria….I tell you my brothers….collectivized economy is the cure to our economic selfishness and poverty….government has no business in doing business…the job of the government will be how to protect the business of the groups in business…..the asian tiger(eg Japan, singapore, China etc) the most reliable economy in the world whereas enterprise capitalism as failed America many times….the job of the govt in China is to make sure that there are no individual businesses….govt make sure thst likely minds pool resources together under the strict supervision of govt….and invest in large scale…..there allowances and subsidies for workers courtesy of the companies…workers are paid in time…Pensions aint epileptin like we have it here….all it requires is hardwork on the side of the workers, infant businesses are protected because there should be no one….govt taxes the group companies and provide basic amenities with it under the milieu of transparency….such economy can face any hullabaloo and survive it….china remains strong over the years….

    Federal character, over duplication of duties…and over lucrativeness of political offices is another canker worm in the system…if a man is a PA to the president he will also appoint or employ up to 5 personnel in his office whose salaries are paid from government coffer….and they will come out and tell us there is no money….the civil society is starved but political offices are over attractive….a man can butcher his brother to get there if he is found contradictive…things should be structure in a way that anybody that wants to employ aids should employ them from his own purse…govt will save more….salaries are too attractive…let the Mr president be collecting 400,000naira monthly….those that will serve will contest and there will be minimal bloodshed. our financial crime commision should be borne out of the civil society and not coined by a group of political leaders….EFCC has been a tool of oppression in the hand of polital leaders…

    Marx advocates revolution in this kind of situation but its a pity that’s no gonna be effective in Nigeria because the military is not neutral…….and they’ve got the monopoly of state force….

    Thumbs up to you Omojuwa
    AY Space..

  • Tapere Olanrewaju

    We have many people like omojuwa which they don’t have opportunity to say out there mind.
    Nigeria is a country blessed with many thing but our problems are corruption, insincerity, indiscipline and lack of good leaders. Revolution is the answer to what is going on in the country now. Before Nigeria will have peace God and we have to eliminate those called cabal and Cartel then peace will reign. The solution for this immediate problem now is impeachment of Jona. Thank you very much for this opportunity

  • daniel

    Its a gud1,omojuwa U????? have done a gud job by xposin d evil deed of our corrupt leaders…._u ve ma full support….

  • suleiman ibrahim

    i urge with all nigerains to stay strong and pray had to see a change that will make positiv impact to our there nation Nigeria,this is an opportunity to let them know we understand them well.may God help us all.

  • Jerry Fadipe

    Conscientious Verdict!

  • If wat is here is true!then they are wicked!FG so call a meetin with the N.L.C and T.U.C and come to a dialoug to reversed and subzidized the fuel subside removal to 65naira per litre!OUR FG are thives! Thanks!

  • valerie

    I totally agree with you sir. If truly we practice democracy in this nation, then let us see it. Please Nigerians let us come out and make our voices heard. We cannot continue to be treated like shit. Long live Nigeria!!!!!!!!

  • ismail

    my advice goes to Dr. Christopher Kolade not to allow these cabals to soil the name he has laboured and built over the years.

  • segun david

    Our government are insensitive about the plight of the masses.They should look for alternative way to make money not from the masses.God bless nigeria

  • Olanrewaju

    The peaceful demostration & strike action is a fight 4 freedom!! Freedom frm dis selfish, self enriching no heart 4 pple & God govt. Kip up d gud work!! 100% in support!!!

  • Niyi-Leigh Olajide

    Great job japhet. You just spoke the mind of millions of nigerians. There’s never a time that I start a conversation centred on Nigeria without it leaving a sour taste in our mouths. Infacts it infuriates me discussing Nigeria.
    Could you believe that the money alloted for the senate president’s office annually can conveniently pay the minimum wage of 2777 nigerians annually salaries. This people that we elected to represents us and serve the nation end up serving themselves our treasury and selling us out for nickels and dimes. Its high time we stood up and held them accountable for the years of slavery and exploitation in the name of governance.
    Once again I say more ink to ur pen and more fire to ur spirit.

  • xtine

    We noe go gree Õoooº°? ?°º.. We noe go gree jonay must go we noe go gree,its high time nigerians open dere eyes and see dat U?????re all bin fooled by govt.Back to 65naira or notin.Ole govt,D???????????????? don chop al d money finish

  • muyideen ‘kunle

    @omojuwa, kudos. I watched u on AIT and am impressed. Let the struggle continue. God will see us thru

  • Edmond

    U’ve just said our mind, dis has gone beyond subsidy removal, its no to corruption & yes to good governance. The subsidy removal protest is just the catalyst we needed to stand-up to the government. I seriously pity other pro-subsidy removal nigerians.

  • Nedu McHills

    It is an unfortunate situation! Truth and lies have been concocted and fed to Nigerians so much so that we have become helpless. Unless public office is made unattractive in terms of finance, corruption will neva stop

  • @debo_steve

    I wish I could express the joy I feel when I see constructive analysis like this, it reminds me that we still have people to pass on the truth down to the next generation. So far so good, but I urge the NLC to please resist any form of bribes offers which I believe must have been made, and which they MUST have rejected becos they believe in the society. NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDRE! Even if it take weeks, we have to show them d true power of the masses!

  • Victor

    now it’s bcmin unbearable 4 Nigerians my qestion is when will it end!

  • may u omiyi

    Godbless you and the many others informing Nigerians about how wasteful and insensitive our leaders are. Our people are more informed and wiser now. God will see us through victory is sure

  • Egi

    Jona, ngozi and allison(the evil trio). The Good Lord will expose u all. Omojuwa u have done well. I pray the likes of you keeps us posted with more news on what these thieves have turned this country into. Kudos to u.

  • Tony

    Tanx Mr. Omojuwa, u really did a good job to inform Nigns abt d pitiable situatn of d natn. Honestly, I felt sad and depressed whenever I overviewed d myraid of problems militating d country. We are so unlucky to be blessed wt inept, ignoble, malignant, wicked, corrupt, devil incarnate, pen robbers, innane, insensitive, liers etc leaders at d helms of affairs in this nation. Fellow Nigns, it is time to free ourselves from d hands of oppressors, from d shackles of slavery, poverty and falsehood. Our desting is in our hands, we must not shy away, we must take collective action to flush out d bad governance in our country and foster true and better government in which d voice of d masses wl be supreme and to have a better living. No retreat! No surrender. We shall definately win.

  • toyin mudashiru

    Mr omojuwa, there is an adage; which says ” when a fish is rotten, it starts from the Head”. In Nigeria of today, the judiciary, which happens to be the hope of a common man is corrupt. The legislature has become a place where money must be shared before a bill could see the light of the day. And, the executive arm, who should manage our collective resource, are busy making frivolous expenditure at expence of the poor masses of this country. Where is the hope for the common man? The solution to our problem in this country has gone beyond spirtual cleansing. I will sugest, a total revolution.

  • ademola onigbinde

    Please broadcast – Petroleum Marketers are fighting back by exposing some of the subsidy deals.

    They say Nigeria must know that Haruna Momoh the MD of PPMC and Deziani Allison Madueke Minister for Petroleum has been demanding and pocketing N50 per litre of Kero and petrol produced by local Refineries since Jan 2011 till date. The reason they gave to marketers is that it was marketers contribution to Jonathan’s election, but it has continued even after the elections.

    That the govt should probe Nezor SA and Tridax SA two companies owned by the Peroleum Minister run by her junior brother. This two companies in the last 16 month of her tenure has from nowhere become one of the few companies lifting crude oil and one of the largest beneficiary of the subsidy.

    The marketers want Nigeria to probe the new list of briefcase companies now lifting crude oil because they paid minimum of $1 million to Momoh and Deziani.

    I think we hv started seeing the real faces of the cabals!

  • Dare

    Fellow Nigerians we need to move to the next level if they refuse to listen to us. We people are the true govt.and they are just agents, we should move up to recall everyone of them (All political appointees) but if they are holding to power then, we should possess all their possessions including their immediate residents and tell them we give them 2days to leave the country, if not they are not safe again. We need to occupy everything they have and let us see how many of they can be protected by the security.When new Nigeria emerge, then we will bring them back to account for everything they have done while in power.

  • Faisal Saddiq

    Kudos to you all.
    We are all at war with those devils upstairs. They do campaigns with our monies, they get to public offices to live in luxuries all at our expenses.
    The current gov’t inherited over $60b, yet every month they take debt in the name of Nigeria. A senator revealed.
    I cease this opportunity to advice the police to let us be, the fight we have taken is for the good of all. Join us to gain your dignity and save yourselves from N20+insults.

  • Oluwaseyi Adefioye Alabi

    If it were the likes of Chief Tinubu of NADECO(of blessed memory) backing this strike action,by giving the logistic or supplying food and money to the protesters,then I’ll doff my cap;but if it is former Governor Tinubu of Lagos(a.k.a.Governor JEUN S’APO) then I have no interest in this protest!One day,GOD’JUDGMENT will suddenly overtake all who have and are presently troubling Nigeria!Amazingly some of them are currently on the street protesting or behind the scene backing the protest for very selfish ends

  • Ogunyemi Luther Oluwaseyi

    Not until we started to deal with this people ony by one or nigeria should divide once and for all, i dont think selfish leader will dance to the tune of the whole Nigeria…..let nigeria be divided, we dont have qualities leader that can rule highly populated, let us open our eyes, no goverment in nigeria can meet the demand of the people not until we divide, they are all flattering us, nigeria go better since i was 5 years old, now i am 40year, yet still saying nigeria go better, tell me which day he go better now…in a nation where there is no secrity guarante, where there is no stability in economy, where there is religion crisis, where there is too much ethninicy and tribalisim, i think sure a nation is due for division……i call on the present governmenet to meet the demand of the masses or grant our division, do something now before the whole masses stated to demand it from you with whatever it takes, if you are wise, you understand what, then eniduro wo tan…..let us all stand up and fight for our right…my right is my right is my right.