Fani-Kayode’s take on Sanusi Lamido’s recent piece on Elrufai

I read Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s article about of my friend Mallam Nasir El-Rufai with amusement (”Sanusi Lamido On El Rufai” on this same site @ and I have to say that I was pleased with the fact that he wrote it. I am glad that he has reiterated his love for Nasir and expressed his tremendous respect for him. He has also spoken very well about Mallam Nuhu Ribadu who is also a good friend of mine and he has said that anyone that is their enemy is his enemy too. I am happy for him and when it comes to both Nasir and Nuhu most people know that these are precisely my sentiments as well. As I have always said these are the two people that gave me hope that we could have a united Nigeria again where northerners and southerners could live and work together.

I cannot say the same about Sanusi Lamido Sanusi whom I have always found a little bit more complicated ever since I have known him in the days of the Progressive Acion Movement in 2001. We were both members of that vibrant political association and we often clashed in terms of our world viiew and our vision of what Nigeria should be. I remember those days with fondness and we have both come a long way since then. At that time,as he quite rightly said in his essay, I was a a regionalist and Yoruba nationalist who did not believe in a united Nigeria anymore simply due to what the Abacha administration had put our people through and due to the June 12th annulment.

I was also a hardline foot soldier of NADECO and I reflected the thinking of every self-respecting yoruba man at that time. I believed then, and I still belive today, that if we cannot have a Nigeria where all people are treated as equals regardless of tribe or faith then we should not have a Nigeria at all. People like Sanusi opposed that view and they believed, and possibly still do, that some Nigerians were born to rule and that some faiths are greater than others. And yes, at that time, my views about President Olusegun Obasanjo were precisely what Sanusi said. I, together with virtually every other self-respecting yoruba man at the time, regarded him as a tool of the north and that he was brought in to serve their interests in 1999 and as a pawn to stop the yorubas from breaking away. That is what we all believed and that is why Obasanjo was overwhelmingly rejected by his people in the 1999 Presidential election.

It was after my brother Chief Akin Osuntokun took me for a series of meetings with Obasanjo and after Uncle Bola Ige, his Attorney General and my mentor and leader, encouraged me to get closer to him that I knew that Obasanjo had changed and that his intention was to serve all Nigerians and not just the north. This was precisely why I joined his government and after serving him for three years as his spokesman he, thankfully, promoted me to the position of a Federal Minister in two separate Ministries which is a position that Sanusi is yet to achieve.

Now to the point of this contribution. What I find curious about Sanusi’s article is the following. He expresses so much love for El-Rufai and Ribadu yet he so gladly served a government that tried to kill and discredit them both and that drove them into exile and yet he said nothing in their defence publicly at that time. I see that as a contradiction but then that may just be his way.


People have different ways of manifesting their loyalty to their friends so let me give Sanusi the benefit of the doubt here and assume that he was not playing a double game of deceit and subterfuge. My own style and approach to friendship is very different. When I give my friendship or enmity I give it totally but I am always uncomfortable with those that swim with the tide. And I am loyal to a fault to my friends, followers and leaders unless and until they give me a cause not to be.

More importantly I could not for the life of me understand why Sanusi felt the need to bring me into his love letter to Nasir El-Rufai. What the relevance of my name was in what was an otherwise brilliant article is something that is beyond me. Clearly he brought me into it in bad faith and with malicious intent and I suppose he has every reason to do so given the role that I played in the oil subsidy debate and because I referred to his boss, the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as an agent of the IMF and the World Bank.

There is also another reason which has to do with the various intellectual clashes that we have had over the years. I thought that he had gotten over the series of heated debates that we used to have in the newspapers when he was a public commentator and when I was a NADECO footsoldier 10 to 15 years ago but evidently I was wrong. On his part the bitterness is still very much there.

Yet despite that what I found curious about him was the fact that in his celebrated contribution on El-Rufai he boastfully asserted that I had written ”in defence of Nasir” and that the words used were mine and ”not El-Rufai’s”. Where on earth he got the idea that I was seeking to represent Nasir’s views or speak for him on this matter I don’t know. I challenge him to produce the article in which I wrote in defence of El-Rufai on the oil subsidy issue.


Nasir is a respected friend but I am not his spokesman. I have spoken up for him on various occassions when lies are told about him just as he has done for me but on this occassion the issue was ”oil subsidy” and not El Rufai. What I wrote about the removal of the oil subsidy was my own contribution to the raging debate and I believe that as someone that has been in active politics for 21 years and that was part and parcel of those that brought the Goodluck Jonathan and Yar’adua administration into power, I have a right and duty to do so. Whenever and if ever he becomes a Federal Minister or even works at the very highest level of government and not just at Central Bank he will appreciate the burning desire one has to contribute to national discourse whenever one sees fit.

My contributions to the oil subsidy debate, which were encapsulated in just two articles titled ”Who Will Deliver Us From This Goodluck” and ”The Problem Is Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala” respectively were both directed at his two bosses, namely Mr. President and the Minister of Finance whom he reports to, and they did not have anything to do with El-Rufai. Nasir’s views and mine on the removal of the oil subsidy just happen to be the same but my write-ups had already been published in various newspapers before he publicly expressed his views on the matter in his brilliant interview on AIT.

Sanusi also criticised my words and writing style in a subliminal manner which is certainly his right and perogative. But frankly as regards my style and the words I used in this matter I have no apology and it is clear that I reflected the sheer disgust and anger that most Nigerians had about the removal of the oil subsidy. And that disgust was directed more at the hardliners in the Jonathan administration like him and Ngozi than anyone else because the removal of the oil subsidy was their brain-child and they sought to justify it.

Sanusi spent many hours on television trying to pontificate to the Nigerian people about the ”blessings” and ”beauty” of having our pump price at 145 naira per litre but unfortunately for them they failed to convince anyone but themselves. Frankly they should both resign now and they would have done so if people placed any stock or value on honour and decency in this country.

Let us not forget that many people were killed over this issue and there was much brutality displayed in the streets by the government’s security agents. As we speak there are still soldiers deployed on the streets of Lagos. And some of us feel bad about this series of events and we blame people like Sanusi for misleading our President.

People like him are completely detached and they simply have no empathy with or compassion for the ordinary people and neither can they identify with their hardship and suffering. That is the difference between a technocrat from the strange world of international high finance like Sanusi and a politician, lawyer, ”freelance contributor” and ”public commentator” like me. We have a feel of what the people are going through and what they will or will not take but they do not.

I congratulate him on whatever feelings and affection he may have suddenly re-cultivated and rediscovered for Nasir but frankly this has nothing to do with me and he should leave me out of it. Regardless of all I still wish my banker friend well and I will certainly lose no sleep over what he thinks or writes about me.

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  • Aliu Dare

    WOW ! “Too many muslims,too many christians,too many yorubas,too many hausas,too many Ibos. Not enough Nigerians.”


  • Hassan

    You are a good history teacher

  • mcsexy

    Dreeee!!! What’s up homs! You are so right!!! But we need to incinerate all these nikkles. And start a new world order. They tooo old to be running this. Although I’m happy that FFK has exposed SLS’s ways and by doing so exposed himself too though. Hope the KGB are treating you right?


  • teemahbal

    That was totally uncalled for! Grow up people, GROW UP!!

  • Ugo

    Na wa o. Na only one thing Sanusi talk na. Why this white-washing?

  • tunde

    i totally agree with his srumissions of noble birth and upbringing i even read that he attended eton and cambridge both ivy league establishments but i am sorry this is not reflected in his writing style.
    the article has no structure,no syntax and some colloquial use of some words this is a poor attempt by a cambridge university graduate

  • edincot

    @Tunde whaaaatt?

  • Jamilu isa

    What bothers bout these set of intellectuals (fani, elrufai, sanusi etc) when they are serving a govt they can almost convince u bout dere policies n everytin, but when not, they can write it off n convince u aswel. I m sure if Fani and elrufai have been retained as ministas, they would not be writin those articles bout subsidy but its vise-versa. As a young graduate who is jst startin his career, i have ben convinced dat no matter what, u can never speak against ur bos, as evident in these promising elits, cos uptil now since return to democracy no minista has even threatened to resign cos of his bos policies. From what i ve learnt so far and deduced, when you get to that lucrative seat, guard it with ur intellect, power, o watever means possible!

  • Maiye Samuel

    I see a possibility that both parties can sheath their swords and look beyond now but future that present a lot of opportunities for both to still come together in d interest of our dear country. Resolve!

  • muyiwa

    I love dis part..”like
    him, I was born into and blessed with a good education, nobility, wealth and power yet, unlike him, such vanities mean absolutely nothing to me.”…me still feels FFK’s jst tryin to make himself relevant in d anticorruption campaign and he aint convincingly relevant yet…sowwie!
    .In all sha,dis na white washin toooo bad!

  • funmi

    I always said FFK had no moral rights whatsoever (except those granted him for being a nigerian)to write/speak against the government of the day, I get the feeling that given the chance, he’d perpetrate worse anti-people policies… From where comes the affluence he brags so much upon? Besides we are more concerned about the unity and progress of our country and its people than the score he has to settle from a friendship gone sour!
    He even used the word ‘enjoy’ regarding his spell as a minister, I guess he doesn’t see it as service.

  • olawalejuve

    I just smell arrogance all over…it’s all good though..all na for nigeria to better

  • samuel

    I had expected this 150%, that FK in his usual manner would respond to this “debate” but my question is must there be an answer to every question? Just thinking aloud, I may be wrong

  • DEJI

    So watery and word wasting epistle.

  • I still see the possibility of these people (elrufai,Sls,ffk,nuhu ribadu etc) coming together to use their burning anger to restructure our beloved country. We need a shadow government with People’s shadow head of state, deputy, secretary,ministers and other key posts. Let them begin to constructively tackle the policies of the present government while we kick off the 2015 electioneering campaign, this I believe will not allow PDP or Money politics derail our collective future once again. Thnx

  • Omoadam

    You said within the contex that you hate core north muslim at the same time you advocates equal right to all nigerian how can you linkup?

  • m used to you speaking from both sides of the mouth. please get a life

    FFK, tribalism, envy, inferiority complex, bigotry, what more are you going to entertain us with. i a

  • Meg

    FFK, tribalism, envy, inferiority complex, bigotry, what more are you going to entertain us with? You always speak from both sides of your mouth. Please get a life.

  • smith adekunle

    i ve learnt from dis diss on the two sides that our politicians fight 4 pockets,if they r part of d govt,the govt is d best if they r nt it is evil simple.we must neva align wit dem bt let dem unearth their secrets we r watchn learning and laughn

  • FFK i pray SLS would not response to u cos it’s going 2 b an untold story.

  • Peter Power

    Well spoken and very well written article. FFK stood with the people and dealt with Sanusi during the oil subsidy removal debate. Sanusi was just trying to get his own back and I am glad that FFK has responded forcefully. Sanusi is a man with blood on his hands who encouraged GEJ to remove thye oil subsidy. People have such short memories in Nigeria.I am glad that FFK has put Sanusi the pretender in his place now.

  • No man knows everythings hence no man can plan for everybody in a political state. I am so much disappointed in them all for their short-sightedness and deployable state of minds towards govt. Policies and planning. I will advice them to go back to liberty class for proper tutelage on the variables of liberation of mankinds. To start with read “Mathematical modelling of the Nigeria state through the spec of political economy” by olawole moses

  • julie Cole

    All the way for FFK. I love this. Sanusi deserves worse. Let him respond and see what FFK will dish out to him. Sanusi started the whole thing. FFK must defend himself and he has done so beautifully.

  • Dayo Ibikunle

    The God of the universe will always fight for FFK. Sanusi is playing with fire.

  • No man knows everythings hence no man can plan for everybody in a political state. I am so much disappointed in them all for their short-sightedness and deployable state of minds towards govt. Policies and planning. I will advice them to go back to liberty class for proper tutelage on the variables of liberation of mankinds. To start with read “Mathematical modelling of the Nigeria state through the spec of political economy” and “Tragedy of power sale in Nigeria” by olawole moses

  • Dayo Ibikunle

    During the Occupy Nigeria atruggle Sanusi stood agaionst the people and FFK stood for the people and Occupy Nigeria. Look at how some idiots on this thread are now repaying him by supporting this arrogant northern hegemonist called Sanusi. No wonder no-one comes to your rewscue when they turn on you. The few that do you just want to kill. I am very proud of FFK article and I believe that he has given Sanusi a bloody nose. This is just the beginning. I know FFK…he will come out with more. Sanusi is an idiot and he is trying to ride on El Rufai’s favour. During the struggle he was supporting GEJ whilst our people were being killed for protesting. I will never forgive hiom for that. FFK is one hundred times the man and intellect that he is.

  • Godson Effiong

    I just love this brilliant and well written piece. The time of the arrogance of the caliphate boys is over and people like Sanusi should go and sit down. It is bad belle that is worrying him. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is evil and Femi Fani-Kayode has exposed him for what he is in this rejoinder. You don’t go and wake up a sleeping lion for fun. That is what SLS has done. When FFK starts he is like a lion and an uncontrollable hurricane. Nothing can stop him Just watch what will happen.

  • Duro Emmanuel

    During the Occupy Nigeria atruggle Sanusi stood against the people and FFK stood for the people and Occupy Nigeria. Look at how some idiots on this thread are now repaying him by supporting this arrogant northern hegemonist called Sanusi. No wonder no-one comes to your rewscue when they turn on you. The few that do you just want to kill. I am very proud of FFK article and I believe that he has given Sanusi a bloody nose. This is just the beginning. I know FFK…he will come out with more. Sanusi is an idiot and he is trying to ride on El Rufai’s favour. During the struggle he was supporting GEJ whilst our people were being killed for protesting. I will never forgive him for that. FFK is one hundred times the man and intellect that he is.

  • Damojeje

    I dnt agree with FFK on most issues bcos he appears an arrogant bastard but on SLS I am with him and ll be ready to defend him. FFK like d present SLS was a gong of anti people policies for OBJ bt he handles his office and politicss with finese, speaks wth one voice and always consistent unlike SLS who is neither here nor there, a double speaks, intellectual bt slave of illiterates. He is a buttered fool that glories in his lineage niche.
    SLS is so devious wth his smooth slim eloquency that people overlook his mallady in CBN. He introduces religion to all he does and brags in ethno-sentiments wwhether he presents himself. A deepp luk into his deeds and undoings in CBN ll testify to this.

  • sobiye yomi

    FFK was once a mouth-piece that promoted d deregulation policy of Obasanjo’s regime wonder where d sudden change of heart might have emanated from! People don’t change on condition ??and circumstance change ??and people juz fit into d new roles. SMH for Nigeria!

  • ope

    if u ask me , this is uncalled for. The tone of this letter is as if it is a reply to some harsh criticism. The previous letter seems to me an attempt to end a fight and not start another? This is uncalled for

  • Seye

    I used to think the office of the Governor of CBN meant you keeping ALL about urself in the background whilst handling the economy! Felt so shocked n taken aback when I read SLS’s article on elrufai….at som pt in dt article he tried so sound lyk a helpless public officer who must support the views of the Govt he serves which at the very least i consider most disgraceful considerin the way he had to support the fuel price increase.
    Bringing FFK into it looked like a deliberate distraction n I hope FFK did not fall for it, also do hope ppl re-read SLS article again, this time, between the lines!!
    My two cents………….

  • musa

    @ sobiye yomi ‘i dont always want to be a commentator bt a reader n observer but mind your words. i dont support both,but calling 1 bastart aint intellectually aceptable… show some morals !!

  • Suleimangaminu

    Your article only went as far as vindicating SLS. Whenever u speak, it is not devoid of some arrogance. The fact that u were born into a noble and powerful family has gotten into ur head and make u feel so superior. U still have’nt said enof to convince us that u r a true nationalist who believe in one Nigeria.

  • aminu sani

    Mr Fani that was a nice article, but I’ve been wondering if it worth all the drama, what happen in vegas should stay in vegas. I’ve notice you have more value to a minister than CBN governor, but I don’t think is a good thought. CBN governor plays a vital role in a nations economy.

  • Ayodeji Alade

    Enough of these political deceits. Although,it’s obvious that Sanusi and Iweala has shown there kind of beings,I only sympathise with the failed president we have. Talk of Fani kayode,though he has spoken well especially his contribution during the oil subsidy removal debate but I only believe that he wouldn’t have said all these if he too is in the current Goodluck Jonathan’s government. Let’s not be deceived. GEJ,Okonjo-Iweala,SLS,FFK,NEL are all birds of the same feathers. They don’t deserve any favour from Nigerians if they have any political plans in the future.

  • Prince Nwuju

    okay, several arrows and mentions of Ngozi in this response. I hope she responds too. Obviously, FFK has issues with NOI. these public fights and discussions should lead to a better Nigeria.

  • Wao when elephants fights……..!

  • emperor

    FFK claims to be man of the people but He supported his master’s evil plan(3rd term). Shame on you !

  • OluyisolaFunmilola.


  • jide

    All na wash. These are mere distractions from the burning issues of subsidy removal.
    Don’t be suprised tomorrow u see SLS and FFK wining and dining together. SLS wants to justify his stance and FFK is seeking political relevance. But frankly speaking SLS is at fault here cos he shldnt have mentioned FFK’s name in his love letter to NER in the first place. And mind you the role of a CBN gov is not political so he has no business with what politics. Finally I wish to advice all of dem to grow up and stop acting like kids

  • d priest

    All these are what I see as personal grandstands! Self righteousness et al… We talk so much but do so very little to show example. Do as I say not as I do group of companies! Who has resigned in 9ja when he/she needed to in all of our history if not Okonji Iweala? Even Nuhu Ribadu who we expected to follow suit did not do it, he (would rather he) was disgraced. El Rufai asked us rhetorically ‘who would he rather allocate lands to if not his friends and family? Lamido is equally fallible, but do you know the difference between him and all the other three, FFK inclusive that is? He stuck to his discipline with positive results so far! He seperates political decisions from economical ones and make his clear point. FFK has no basis to pride about some ministerial appointments with no tangible impact on the masses while it lasted! If you are a sectionist (and you have the right to be) you can not change over night over a pot of porridge. Oops I remember, ‘Self preservation remains the first law of nature’


    I will rather support subsidy than to listen to face mending antics of FFK. he lacks moral justification to speak because his role in the aborted 3rd term agenda of Gen. Obasanjo is still fresh in our memory.. he should go and clear his aviation mess as a minister.. opportunist!!!

  • yusuf

    With all sincerity i still have more respect for sanusi than fani,sanusi have distinguished himself thruout his career and have earn both local and international recongnition,he becomes one of the most respected banker in the world.Sanusi support for subsidy removal is a sign of a good leader how takes a decision he is convinced about not because the majority agrees,he takes decisions based on sound judgement,highly scientific,judgement that reflect his understanding and conviction.fani is a politician and his perfomance has a minister is nothing to write home about,his appointment by obj was just out of political patronage not based on any proffesional excellence.without sanusi nigeria would have been in one of the biggest finacial crisis which is better imagined.the regime which fani was part of was one of the biggest fraud in nigerian history,we banks were making bogus claim,stock market became so speculative,with bankers and stock brokers undercutting nigerians,it was simply kalokalo market.Lot nigerians were defrauded,decived in buying stokes based on false claim,today sanusi was so couragious to have sanitise the banking sector.fani kayode and his friends Nasir,ribadu are only politicians that are trying to position themselves for political appointment.sanusi has a sound leader is a team player,he is part of jonathan team and therefore good leaders are always team player,u cant criticize your team publicly both fani,ribadu and elrufai never criticize obj regime during their tim.

  • Yemi

    @ Tunde,your comment on this piece’s asinine & ludicrous.
    Eton College & Cambridge University are UK,not US based.Hence,
    are not Ivy League Institutions (not establishments,choose your
    words wisely).
    Rather, Cambridge belongs to Russell & Coimbra groups,amongst other
    So,before you criticise FFK’s writing skills I sincerely think you
    should achieve his esteemed type/level of education which you
    clearly haven’t (’cause if you had, differentiating this
    institutions would not have been much of a rocket science to you)
    Cheers mate.

  • Adetope Ademiluyi

    I find this write-up from Fani-Kayode quite interesting, albeit in a negative way. What exactly is Fani-Kayode trying to say? All I can deduce from the write-up is a vain attempt at making himself look important. So, he was Federal Minister twice? So the hell what? What does it take to be a Federal Minister? Nothing outstanding I dare to say. You just need an old recyclable name like his, a bit of education, and with d right cords, you are home safe and dry. Of what benefit was his tenure as Minister to the Yoruba nation he is now claiming tochampion her interest? What/where is his foot print? Where was the honour he is now bitching about when he was a Minister? Why did he not resign when OBJ was increasing fuel prices? Or he did not know then, because government was fueling his car? These guys are not fighting the government of the day because it is bad, but rather because they are piqued that the goverment could have the effontery to exclude them -annointed successors as it were- from government. That is the real grouse and the rest of us are not so foolish as not to know. I believe it is more dignifying and fulfilling to be the governor of the Central Bank and sign the Nigerian currency than be a Minister. While you need a certain degree of education and expertise to be the former all the time, you only need to be a good bootlicker sometimes to be the latter.

  • Aliyu

    Both FFK and SLS are arrogant bunch of ‘ajebos’. They are not as intelligent as they claim, that s y they are shameless and spit at each other at the slightest provocation. KYS

  • I Danhalilu

    FFK I frankly appreciated you explaining things the way they should be for those that don’t yet understand the person SLS, but for some of us that in one way or the other have had an encounter with him knew that he can go to any extent in achieving whatever we wants not minding the consequencies or how many people may be affected, ask the UBA’s, the FBN,s and co.

  • bee

    Screw ’em all….

  • Ifeelyou

    @ yemi and tunde- i noticed what Tunde said in both SLS and FFK’s articles. The two articles are below standard. I have read some of their articles before and the style is superior to this latest one. No reputable media site has also reported these “articles”. These things lead me to doubt their authenticity.

  • Dapo

    I’m not interested in whatever transpired in a relationship that went sour. I need meaningful contribution and efforts in taking Nigeria to the next level and out of this quagmire. How many public serving officers, ministers and appointees can boastfully say they never benefitted from proceeds of a corrupt practice. You guys should stop all these white washing and do something better

  • I’m saynn this while shieldn tear,GOD save Nigeria.
    They are the birds of the same feather

  • Amadee

    In my opinion… Excellent or not, this response to SLS earlier article is not out of place. We (commentators) have the right to express our opinions and views but slandering each other is just crossing several moral lines.

    We should all remember that ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. NER and FFK are soldiers with a personal vendetta against the government and they have decided to pitch their tents with the “little people”. So be it. Rather than slander them it is my opinion that we encourage them to use their voices which carries further and has more staying power than the voice of most of us here.

    Ask yourselves this simple question: “Are we using NER and FFK or are they using us???”

    Question your faith, question ur belief, see things from various vantage points leaving all bias aside. When you do this and come to a final and definite conclusion move on to the next step and find out HOW u can make things better then start implementing

    God bless us all

  • Ibiyemi Adeleye

    Bravo…ole ole…he seems to think nigerians hav all of ? sudden forgotten how he single-handedly destroyed †?? avaiation sector…he seems to always have something to say..this to me is ? clear case of guilty conscience @ play..if he has changed,good for him..but let not forget ??????????? when time comes for him to answer for his roles in †?? crippling of †?? aviation sector..den we will gladly appreciate his contribution…

  • Alex Baron

    That is just de bark of a drowning man. Fani Kayode has no shame 2 come 2 de media and be disgracing him self wot self praise and acholades. Dis is de same man dat used his office as de presidential spokeman 2 insult elder statemen. Did he forget he’s standing trial 4 misappropriating over 6billion Naira while a minister? He’s just stupidly tryng 2 force himself 2 relevance in national issues.

  • omoyele

    I think this is uncalled for and a mere distraction from the issue at hand. It’s high time we channeled our intellectual skills into re generating Nigeria and not trashing out personal issues. I think both should shealt their sword and get to work.

  • omoyele

    *sheath your sword.

  • you read articles as this and wonder what is wrong with Nigeria?? Immature adults have been in charge of affairs. FFK should bid governance bye bye if ever it is by the people.

  • FFK is quite right in wondering why SLS dragged his name into an El-Rufai eulogy. However, FFK has only succeeded in lowering his self-claimed high standards of birth, education, intellect and people-concern. These exchanges are demeaning. I would advice the three gentlemen, whom this country still needs very much, to sheath their swords. SLS, El-Rufai, pls don’t respond to FFK and Ribadu should not even think of a rejoinder to all these articles.

  • Good thing FFK responded, SLS didn’t have to drag him into the “love letter”. I sincerely didn’t see the need.
    That’s not to forget the fact that FFK’s stance on FSR would definitely have been different were he a part of the present govt. That’s d trend in Nigeria, bootlickers.
    SLS is no saint. I refuse to be carried away by his eloquence and “toosh” manners. Abeg.

    So who’s responding next? They should publish their essays n title it Book of Beefs probably, no?

  • Sapheeya

    Overgrown babies!

  • Abosede

    Fuel subsidy season series is gone ????? ????????w W?????e????? have SLS ????? FFK trashing series… ?ou ????????????? both birds of a feather… Stop acting Å?? this irrelevant drama ????? act as adults ….Politricktians!!!

  • Mukaddas Muhammed

    I read through Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s article and didn’t see the negativities that Femi Fani Kayode referred to in his response that may have called for this seemingly loyal tussle. This is certainly not the way to resolve difference especially as the younger generation seeks to emulate the duo.

  • People Like Fani are merely trying to come into relevance after being ignored for years.He must be confined into total ignominy. Sanusi has and is paying his dues for this country. What can Fani show except his uncouthed language?

  • Quad

    that’s FFk for you, he never lets go of a good fight when it is a good fight

  • emir

    I will rather be a cb governor than be a minister in nigeria. As a cbn gov my signiture is on all bills which make it very influential @FFK that is the position you have not attained even in your wildest dreams.

  • AKS

    Is this really necessary! I’ve read that people said SLS is a tool! Was he a tool when he went against the banks and bankers? I watched the coverage on AIT and other Channels and if I can remember correctly he said the same thing as everyone which is Nigeria cannot afford the Subsity as the money was wasted! He also highlighted that many of the so called Marketers did not sell their PMP or AGO within Nigeria as they took it to Chad, Niger and other countries! No other Minister within Mr President inner circle made such revelation! Sanusi Lamido Sanusi also made a good point which most of you are taking out of content, he gave an exaple that Senior Civil Servant in this country are not in tune with the real issue bother the people and his example was as CBN Government he does not know how or when his cars are filled with petrol. He also went on to state that in another country that would not have happened as most CBN Governors did not need escort of any sort to do their job! Now how many Minister would admit this on live tv when the people in the country were protesting! Please people be careful how you treat man that have do so much so far for our country!!!
    And regarding Fani Kayode, you might have be within Government for 21yrs or so but have you made a real impact like SLS? You should have never have written this reply if you can call it a reply as it makes you look bitter and desperate!!!
    People of Nigeria, its not be bother on the removal of the fuel subsidy and forcaste on the main issue of the people of Nigeria being bullied by the FG by their failure over the last 12 yrs of democracy! The main issue is the lack of FG to do what is right for the people which is to sort out his house before they ask the people to sacrifice anything! We as a people have shown we are strong together and that the FG are scared if and when we unite under one flag, the Nigerian Flag! Let’s is as a country fight corruption in FG, State Government and Civil Servant! If the current system is not working then lest change it instead of fighting with one another! FG should lead by example not dictate, FG should be accountable to the people and set a good example!!
    Fani Kayode and Sanusi Lamido Sanusi are good Civil Servant and let’s leave it at that!


  • Tayo

    Its just a pity that in nigeria our leaders play politics with every situation around them.

    Why should we divert our attention from the current economy situation and start reading love letters from Uncle Femi and uncle Sanusi.

    Its rather very unfortunate that its only in Nigeria we permit such, please spare us further details of your past beefs with each other.

    I know with God on our side Nigeria shall be great again.

    Uncle femi and Uncle Sanusi please read Exodus 14 vs 14.

    I have great respect for both of you.

  • ji

    Wow. They’re both big babies.

  • Christian

    @Zainab. WHo told U that FFK lost ? Which court do U preside over ? Great talk by FFK. Thumbs up

  • Bolaji Abu

    Well, neither FKK nor SLS would read this comment. So, I won’t b stretching grammar. Major pity is is those poor folks holding imaginary fort either of them. By the way sha, I have learnt that humility is not something that is taught/learnt in Cambridge or Oxford.

  • bossman

    to every1 who made comments on SLS VS FFK. Plz always think real deep b4 u ever come out 2make comments on any issue. it appears most guys here including FFK need further education.

  • Nomps

    SLS started it. Ffk answered. This exchange is good for us. Let’s get to know better those that steer our affairs. Instead of carrying a flawed esteemed impression in our heads. ..NER please respond make we hear more gist… A little break from subsidy talk. Maybe Ribadu can comment to let’s have a threesome abi quart**#%^^^^*£€*++££

  • follyjan

    Justified,SLS need not have mentioned FFK in his supposed ‘love letter’ to NER,but even @ dat,FFK’s unwarranted epistle just showed in essence d type of man he his. Why compare office,experience,wealth,lineage,loyalty and God knows what when u can’t meet up!! Opinions usually re not always the same but datz no reason to go ballistic!! Both of them re respected public figures and each knows to what extent. Y try to underplay d other’s relevance!.They should use or combine their much proclaimed intellect for d good of the nation and stop this drama!

  • Francis

    My comment goes to ALL those that have served in Govt. as Ministers including Femi Fani Kayode & Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, you people are no good. Fani Kayode is now telling stories & giving us gists. Which Nigerian Minister, ex or present has ever resigned that his/her boss is doing the wrong thing?? Even if Fani Kayode were to be a GEJ Minister he would have been “singing” thesame song like Sanusi in & out of that their FEC meetings. Fani Kayode would have been the 1st to run his mouth about how good the Removal of Fuel Subsidy would be to Nigerians. Abeg, save us those “good boy” posture. In as much as I criticise Sanusi’s comments, I don’t also agree with Fani Kayode that he would have been saying a different thing from what Sanusi had said about the Subsidy Removal. ALL of you (Ministers) are thesame. The ordinary Nigerian(s) is(are) now realising the true situations & speaking for themselves. Make Una go sleep.

  • Kafaru

    Fani Kayode should not be taken seriously,he is just a joker

  • Mohuru

    Yawn, Omojuwa focus!!! Seems you are now a medium for Apologists and Overnight Social crusaders to voice their tainted and Biased Opinions.
    Na the money whey I get I dey loan you oh.

  • giddy

    Methinks all these are lessons on how not be statesmen! Unfortunately, even pple who have occupied the highest seat in the land fell into same pit. No dignity in attacking persons or responding to jabs! Praise not yourself and let another acknowledge your relevance. There too many pressing issues that need your intellectual sagacity, stop desecrating the names bequeathed you.

  • Emeka

    It appears Jonathan’s supporters and sympathisers are trying to make their presence felt here…lol I am sure they need not tell Fani-Kayode and other people who won’t say to Jonathan that his shit tastes nice, how much they dislike them.

    I am not a fan of Fani-Kayode but his response is the kind that you would pay a QC or SAN $$$ to write for you. If I am to be objective, Sanusi Lamido, whom I respect very much, was extremely childish and his outburst has no purpose…a child having tantrums will make more sense. Perhaps, Sanusi wanted an opportunity to let out steam and also take a swipe at Fani-Kayode to give his bosses satisfaction but Fani-Kayode is not the type to turn the other cheek.

  • Jaja

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt.

  • Tim

    Guys, the problem with Nigerians is we forget so easily…FFK is a certified drug addict ! So most likely he has relapsed……….

  • frank aka “forthright”

    Nobody should be castigated for their opinions.
    FK though fetching and flashy is rather sardonic and a very mischievous person with his choice of words.
    Oga no vex oh! I like you very much. In this matter
    you are shooting from the hip. Sorry again I am just
    speaking my mind. Your criticisms should be limited.
    After all, you are also a charming politician.
    SLS has more clout and credibility given his robust
    and sterling contributions on the financial stage.
    The man is to be admired. He has had the guts to
    clean the “A* Stables” that have remained so dirty
    for years. Nigeria is a great nation that is bedeviled by too much of what it has – diversity. Too many star studded players on a small field.

  • Turk who says what happy Ayyildiz ssy They say the heavens …

  • Balderdash!!! Hogwash!!!

  • Ali Jamilu

    I have never thought Mr. Femi is this objective and has the interest of the common man at heart. With such people Nigeria is really bound to be great unlike Sanusi who said in his interview that his loyalty is 100% to the President.

  • Lauya Haruna

    Allah ya kyauta yakuma tsare NAJERIYA daga hannun azzalumai.

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