Nigeria’s insecurity is a growing concern for investors

Governor of Bayelsa State Timipre Sylva

Bayelsa is the home state of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

The explosions occurred on Friday night. Details of the blasts are still sketchy but sources in Bayelsa said that one bomb was detonated on the Tombia Bridge, while a wired car exploded very close to Government House. There were however no caualties at the explosions that occurred at about 11. 30pm.

No group has claimed responsibility for the bombings.

However, the Bayesla State Governor, Chief Timipre Sylva has condemned the blasts.

In a statement Saturday he said, “The Government of Bayelsa State condemns in the strongest possible terms any attempt to return the state to the dark days of insecurity. The administration places high premium on peace and security and has invested so much to attain the peace and quiet that currently pervade the state. If there is anything that both friends and foes of the current administration agree on, it is the clear fact that Bayelsa State has since the inception of the Sylva-led government emerged from the darkness of insecurity into the marvelous light of peace and stability. It will be most callous of anyone to try to shatter this peace.

But it is most curious and in fact unfortunate that this new spectre of bombing is happening on the eve of a so-called campaign flag-off by persons who want to be entrusted with the welfare and security of Bayelsa people.

The whole world watched in awe and utmost disgust the wanton militarisation of Bayelsa State towards the end of last year, against the consent of the governor and chief security officer, at a time of peace, when residents were going about their legitimate businesses. A virtual occupation force was brought in to militarise the state on purpose to force a controversial party primary on Bayelsa people. After the accomplishment of that immoral intent, we have strong reasons to believe that those who had militarised the state without cause are now seeking to give themselves some satanic predicate for yet another round of militarisation to accomplish the next phase of their ungodly political enterprise.

It is worrisome that these things are happening in the home state of the Mr. President at a time the nation is faced with a critical security challenges.

We advise the peaceful populace of Yenagoa to remain calm, but strong and vigilant as we work together to overcome these challenges.”

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