The KPMG report was to be kept a secret until the recent public uproar

Job well done President Jonathan seems to be telling Mrs. Alison Diezani

Following the removal of subsidies on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) commonly referred to as petrol, by the Federal Government on January 1, 2012 and the ensuing protests that followed the announcement, it is clear that the Nigerian people are demanding for better accountability and transparency in the oil industry. Consequently, in keeping with the transparency and accountability policies of theGoodluck Ebele Jonathan Administration, I have taken the following actions:

1) With Presidential approval, I have written to invite the EFCC to immediately review all payments made in respect of subsidies on PMS and kerosene and to take all necessary steps to prosecute any incidence of malfeasance, fraud, over-invoicing, and related illegalities in an open and transparent manner;

2) I have set up a unit within my office to be headed by an independent auditor to review the KPMG and other audit reports on NNPC and other Parastatals, and immediately begin implementation of their findings, ensuring, at all times, full probity and value for money;

3) I am en-paneling another unit in my office to begin a comprehensive review of the management and controls within all Parastatals in the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, including but not limited to NNPC, PPPRA, and DPR. Accordingly, I expect a report in 30 days to enable us take further action in reforming management, personnel, and other practices and procedures in Parastatals within the Ministry. It should be noted however that this process has already begun inPPPRA, and DPR where management changes and reform are beginning to yield desirable results; and

4) I will be meeting with the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the coming week to seek their co-operation and leadership in the quick passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill so that we can anchor the comprehensive reform of the oil industry.

I will like to assure the people of Nigeria that all hands are on deck to ensure full probity and accountability in the oil industry. Having spent the last few months painstakingly reviewing its operations and designing a vision for the future, it is now time to deliver.

Diezani Alison-Madueke (Mrs.) CON
Honorable Minister of Petroleum Resources

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  • Liberte’

    Mrs Diezani Goodluk this is too little too late….leadership is proactiveness n not fire fighting antics…firstly we demand that u resign ur appointment wt immediate effect as u have bn part n parcel of the subsidy payments n no investigation will be transparent wt u at helm of affairs of the industry. A new person should head the petroleum industry and oversee to the implementation of key reforms in d sector including the total reorganizatn n rationalization of the nigerian petroleum industry wc by design is overbloated wt duplicity of functions n mandates at all levels. Ur time is up n history beckons on u to bow out now. Remember ribadu, where is he now…I think smwr in kabul. Those who fail to learn frm history shud have dmslves to blame. Adieu madam dame diezani goodluk.



  • patriot

    Madam minister,start with yourself & step aside for a thorough independent investigation. we are not foreigners, we are all nigerians , so we understand your mode of operandi very well. No use am rub our face, we sabi chop am very well. Let me ask the madam minister one question. You put the committee in place, if they find anything incriminating you in their investigations, what should they do? The outcome of this is sure. Set you and those in your support system free, & expose and arrest those against you and your bosses. We, nigerians have passed this road many times, we know where it leads to.

  • Gani Ajayi

    Dear madam, if these will be fully treated as stated, transparent enough and religiously applied, then it is a good begining and we are heading somewhere. Keep it up Madam.