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A conversation with President Jonathan

We elected a government. It is not the duty of the Nigeria people to go after the beneficiaries of the subsidy loot, it is the duty of the government elected by Nigerians. I stumbled upon and was asked to sit in a meeting of elders from Rivers and Bayelsa, some own oil wells and have 24hr unimpeded access to President Jonathan. All 12 of them expressed disappointments at the way and manner he has carried on since Nigerians elected him. They said that they are a brave and a hard-working people and that Jonathan has given them a bad name. They asked me what he could have done and I said a few things.

After the meeting one of them took me to a private room where a call was placed to Mr President. The elder did not mince words in telling him how disappointed they and Nigerians were. He introduced me and put me on the line to speak to Mr. President. I spoke the mind of Nigerians as he listened patiently. In the end he said it was more complicated than most Nigerians imagined. I told him he was elected with full powers to deal with such complications and that Nigerians have lost confidence in him. He sounded subdued. Jonathan is in trouble and he cannot cope with Nigeria. He is afraid of those around him. The South-South must realise that their son is in trouble with the cult PDP. These protests can actually help to embolden him to act and warm himself back into the hearts of Nigerians. Join Nigerians to set Jonathan and Nigeria free.

PS: One of my trusted allies sent this to me after we discussed her telephone conversation with the president. Make of it what you will

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