Of problems and solutions…

There are two kinds of people in our lives. There are two kinds of people in our country. There are two kinds of people in the world. You belong to one side. It matters not whether you are a Nigerian or a Chinese, it matters not whether you are an atheist or a polytheist, it is not a question of your religion. It boils down only to one thing: YOU ARE EITHER THE PROBLEM OR THE SOLUTION?

We want to say a big thank you to all of you who have been solutions or part of the solutions to the problems I cared about in 2011. I want to thank especially those people who came all out to voice their beliefs in the quest to make our country and our world a better place.

Special thanks to all the solutions to our national problems. I want to thank especially everyone who made our voice count. All we achieved this year would never have been possible without your support. We are indebted to you and we will do our best not to let you down. This has been a most rewarding year for the blog. Our Angry Nigerian Children article alone had almost 2 million hits! That is a testament to the fact that Nigerians no matter where they are, rich or poor, old or young want the same thing: we want a well governed country. We do not ask for more and of course anything less will be considered an abysmal failure.

This has never been about individuals. This is about our country. There are two sides to this; the problems and the solutions. We will celebrate the solutions and we will not fail to give the needed flaks to the problems. Each man or woman would be considered in this dichotomy in the next year. Of course, the dynamism of life means problems can become solutions and solutions can become problems. All we expect is that you more often than not be on the part of our national solutions.

There is a nation to build, there is our unity to mend and our people have waited too long to enjoy the fruits of good governance. While the present government has shown it is incapable of doing that, we will in our own little estate do our bit to make our nation a better place. We will not hesitate to join hands with all the solutions and potential solutions to our national challenges. Our quest is simple enough: good governance for our people. Democracy, liberty, opportunity and prosperity should cease to be mere words in our national experience but our common reality. No one is more Nigerian than the other. We share an equal stake in this nation. In 2012, politicians must give what belongs to the people back to the people. It is criminal for a few to amass the wealth of the majority under the guise of serving same. This cannot stand and this is a quest we
will not relent at correcting in the coming months. Let us do it together. Our children will at least be proud we stood up for them.

Thank you friends. You made our year. You are the ones that make doing what we do worth the while. always remember that, our enemies are poverty, insecurity, unemployment, corruption and all their agents. That a man does not share your religious beliefs or come from your state cannot be reason for enmity.

We need ourselves more than ever before to make Nigeria a desirable land for people of the world and of course for ourselves. Have a great 2012, have the best year of your life yet in 2012. We love you! Thank you for making our year.


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